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Sammakka Sarakka (2000) – Telugu Movie

Posted by Admin on October 10, 2007

Cast: Roja, Ramya Krishna, Dasari, Jaya Prada and Indraja
Music: Vandematharam
Story, Screenplay, Production & Direction: Dasari
Story Line:
There is a remote village in Telangana, where the feudalism and landlordship is at an alarming phase. A big baddie landlord (Narra) stays there. He got four sons, whose responsibility is to bed all the unmarried women in the village. In that process they happen to see the minor girls ‘Sammakka and Sarakka’. Both these girls are taken into the palace of landlord and were prepared to become matured so that they can be sexually exploited.Sammakka and Sarakka give a slip to the landlord and they go out of the village to their grand father’s place. Later on they grow up and marry the two servants of landlord. At the time of the marriage, Landlord happen to recognize the Sammakka and Sarakka. He kills the servants and gets Sammakka and Sarakka ready to deflower them. In that process Sammakka and sarakka kills the landlord. Sammakka escapes from the clutches of Landlord and joins the Naxalite movement headed by ‘Peddanna’. Sarakka is subjected to torture by the sons of landlord.Naxalites kidnap the daughter of the landlord and asks the Govt. to give Sarakka in exchange of Landlord’s daughter. In this process Sarakka was killed and was shown that she opted for suicide. Enraged Naxalites smash the palace of Landlord. But the kin’s of landlord are at large.Govt. sends a bunch of police headed by Bose (Prakash Raj) to capture Naxalites. Naxalites succeed in duping the police and captures them. As the ‘medaram jatara’ is nearing, the climax is set for the Sammakka to take revenge on the kins of Landlord. You have to watch this film if you want to know what climax has to offer.


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