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Archive for June 22nd, 2009

Lalgarh:Beneath sari, brutal scars

Posted by Admin on June 22, 2009


Kuldiha, June 21: Shame is abandoned with great effort. But the women of this village are willing to draw up their saris, just to show how brutalised they are.

At a relief camp in Pirakata, the crossroad that practically marks the end of the authority of the West Bengal government on the route to Lalgarh, they pulled up saris to reveal weals and scars to show how mercilessly they were beaten by the police. Read the rest of this entry »


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CPI Maoist Politburo member Koteshwar Rao had spent time in Nagpur

Posted by Admin on June 22, 2009

NAGPUR: Maoist master tactician Mullajola Koteshwar Rao, alias Kishanji, who spearheaded the Naxalite insurgency in Lalgarh throwing West Bengal

government off track, had spent several years working for the rebels in city and in Gadchiroli, sources here claimed.

Rao, along with Chhatradhar Mahato of People’s Committee Against Police Atrocities, had established a ‘liberated’ zone in Lalgarh until state police aided by central paramilitary forces reclaimed it. Rao, along with his wife Sujata, had created much impact in Vidarbha region in the late 80s and early 90s. Rao, a Brahmin scholar of philosophy, had a charismatic personality and could attract cadres into the movement. Read the rest of this entry »

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Cellphone turns weapon of mass resistance in cop-free zone

Posted by Admin on June 22, 2009


A member of the People’s Committee speaks to another activist on a journalist’s cellphone to get clearance for the scribe to proceed to a village in Lalgarh last week. AFP

Lalgarh, June 21: A young Lalgarh tribal flaunts his Nokia 1110 despite not knowing how to send a message or save numbers. But he knows how much it means to him and his movement.

“I got this cellphone from our leaders around five-six months ago. This helps me communicate with them and take their instructions,” said the man in his mid-twenties, a village committee member of the People’s Committee against Police Atrocities in Khasjangal, 9km from Lalgarh police station. He has a small notebook of numbers.

A telecom revolution has swept Lalgarh over the past few months, coinciding with the collapse of intelligence as the Maoists-backed people’s committee shut the cops out. Read the rest of this entry »

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Lalgarh:Govt desperate to woo back tribals

Posted by Admin on June 22, 2009

KOLKATA: In a desperate bid to win hearts in Lalgarh, the state government has decided to start Alchiki-medium schools and renew the cheques

issued to 11 women who were tortured by police during a raid in Chhotopelia village last year. The government also plans to go full steam ahead with a special drive to implement the recommendations of the report of backward classes welfare secretary R D Meena a report that was on the back-burner till now.

In January this year, Meena found that allegations of police atrocities in Chhotopelia village of Lalgarh on November 6, 2008 were true. Women had been brutally assaulted by police in the crackdown that followed the Maoist ambush of chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee’s convoy on November 2. This, and the arrest of school students, proved to be the trigger for the Lalgarh revolt. Read the rest of this entry »

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Tribals clash with cops

Posted by Admin on June 22, 2009

BELPAHARI (W MIDNAPORE): More and more cases of clashes between security forces and tribals — some reportedly sympathisers of Maoists and the rest innocents — are emerging as the battle of Lalgarh enters a crucial phase. On Sunday, when security forces arrested three rebel suspects — Lubu Tudu, Lodhu Singh and Dadan Hansda — they faced a hostile crowd baying for their blood.

Scores of men and women resisted the forces as they caught hold of the three. A woman, Rajari Tudu, led the village folk and attacked the BSF jawans with household knives, injuring a jawan. Read the rest of this entry »

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