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Archive for July 13th, 2009

The unknown Binayak Sens of The House of Dreams

Posted by Admin on July 13, 2009

uly 10 2009. A part of the Lalgarh page of Sanhati

The aim was to kindle an interest in education amongst children in remote, left-behind corners of the Jangalmahal, West Bengal. The result was a boarding school with a difference.

Children studied there free of tuition, taken care of the entire day by a group of local youths. Driven by the belief that through education and awareness the plight of local people could be bettered, these young men named their tiny school Swapnapuri – The House of Dreams. The local administration too extended its hands in support of this venture.

The 28-year old youth at the forefront of this effort, Udaylal Mahato, organised locals to construct a small concrete bridge over a canal in the region. Through voluntary labour, the bridge was completed in a month, to the wonder of many. Finally, some money was allocated from the Block administration for this project. The BDO and other officials used the bridge to reach remote areas, guided by Udaylal.

On Monday, July 6 2009, Udaylal Mahato arrived as usual to the Block office with some appeals for local development. As he exited, police arrested him.

He had officially become a terrorist.

Five cases including plotting against the nation were brought against him at Jhargram court. The judge ordered him to be held in custody immediately.

Udyalal Mahato – of Belpahari Block, Banshpahari Panchayat, had also been arrested in 2004 on charges that he had Maoist links. He served time for a few months and got bail. This time around he was a part of the PCAPA and immediately targeted.

At the Jhargram ACJM court, lawyers say that for the last few days the people they have been seeing are all totally ordinary people. What they are seeing is essentially a revival of the practice of false cases, harassment, and torture that had ignited the revolt in the first place. They fear that if locals lose all faith in the administration and government, an escalation in lawlessness will occur.

After reestablishing their control over parts of the Jangalmahal, the police have gone on a campaign of arrests whose stated aim is a return to peace and normalcy. Common people have been assured of safety. Assurances were given that no torture would be meted out, no arrests would be made.

In practice, however, lawyers Tapan Sinha and Satyajit Sinha feel that the exact opposite is being achieved. Citing the example of Udaylal Mahato, they say that in many such cases, police hadn’t been able to produce a chargesheet in five years. Many people who had been arrested previously on trumped up charges are now picked up as “soft targets”.

On Monday yet another youth called Jugal Kishore Mahato was picked up in the Bhulabheda area of Belpahari. His wife Basanti Devi says “He was working in the fields. As he was coming back, he was arrested. The police rifled through our belongings.”

Basanti Devi is a helper in a small primary school. Her eyesight is dim.

On Tuesday she was crying inconsolably at the Jhargram Court. “My husband does Congress. He is the secretary of the Bhulabheda area Congress. He isn’t mixed up in anything. Five charges have been brought against him. How will we survive now?”

Udaylal Mahato too breaks down in tears inside the court lock-up. “What will I do?”

This report appeared in The Ananda Bazaar Patrika. It has been translated by Kuver Sinha, Sanhati

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Kolkatta Police drive against Ganapratirodh Mancha & RYL

Posted by Admin on July 13, 2009

Police have launched a drive to identify the members of the CPI (Maoist) active in the city.

Officers of the special branch, the intelligence wing of the city police, have identified some underdeveloped pockets where Maoists have struck roots. The branch has also been probing the activities of Gour Chakrabarty, the spokesperson for the banned outfit who was arrested last month.

“Maoists are exploiting the grievances of the residents of the underdeveloped pockets to spread their influence in the city. They followed the same tactic in West Midnapore, Bankura and Purulia,” said an officer.

Among the places where Maoists have been found to be active are the shanties of Maniktala, Ultadanga, Tangra, Kasba and Tiljala. Sleuths have also learnt that outfit members are trying to spread their network among the labourers of closed jute mills along the Hooghly.

Officers of all law enforcement agencies said they had been aware about the presence of Maoists in the city for some time. A number of posters bearing the name of the organisation were found pasted on the walls of Writers’ Buildings and Presidency College.

The police said Maoists in Calcutta had been working under the banner of “front organisations”, such as the Revolutionary Youth League and Ganapratirodh Mancha.

The members of these groups claim they are sympathisers of the CPI (Maoists) and have no direct link with the outfit. “But in the meetings they organise in various localities, they openly advocate the cause of the Maoists,” said a sleuth. “Some residents have joined the organisation. We will try to isolate them from the Maoists.”


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Open Letter to the Politbureau of Communist Party of India (maoist) from (N)PCI

Posted by Admin on July 13, 2009

10th July 2009

Open Letter to the Politbureau of Communist Party of India (maoist)from The Provisional Commission of Central Committee of (new)Italian Communist Party

Dear comrades,

On 20th May 2009 you sent an open letter to the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (maoist), {Visit the website Banned Thought to download  the CPI Maoist document, “Open Letter to CPN(Maoist)”, from the Politbureau, May 20, 2009}where you invited the Maoist revolutionaries on the international level to participate in the debate about the strategy and tactics they have to carry out today in the world.

Quite rightly, the CPI(m) has a high prestige in the international communist movement. Therefore, probably your invitation will be accepted by many parties, organizations and individuals, and this will produce a turning point in the communist movement.

Our Party wish it. That is why we accept your invitation and in our turn we send you this open letter. Read the rest of this entry »

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Chhattisgarh: 36 Securitymen killed in Maoist attack

Posted by Admin on July 13, 2009

July 13, 2009 by Ram D news under Breaking News

Raipur: A day after Maoists struck in Chhattisgarh thrice and killed at least 36 policemen including a district police chief, the state which has been battling Maoist militancy since the 1980s, has been put on high alert.

Police forces have been asked to be vigilant and cautious while rushing to forested areas for patrolling, as police have received fresh inputs that the banned terror outfit, Communist Party of India-Maoist’s (CPI-Maoist) military wing, People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA) fighters are itching for more deadly attacks.

“They are striking now as per their will and we have lost an SP (Superintendent of Police) rank officer in a Maoist attack for the first time,” a senior official at the state police headquarters here said.

He added: “If the intelligence inputs coming in from western and southern regions of the state are to be believed, the police are going to be under more attacks.”

Police claim that it was PLGA cadres that carried out meticulously planned attacks three times on Sunday, right from morning to evening, in the state’s remote western pockets in Rajnandgaon district, bordering Maharashtra, which left a minimum of 29 cops dead and about two dozen injured.

The deceased included Rajnandgaon district SP Vinod Kumar Choubey, 49. He was on top of a hit-list of insurgents for a long time for breaking up the rebels’ urban network in state capital Raipur and the industrial town of Bhilai.

Officials say that about 13 policemen are still missing after Sunday’s attacks that have shaken up the entire police set up as well as the state’s BJP government. The opposition Congress has sought urgent imposition of president’s rule to tame the insurgents.

Chief Minister Raman Singh said: “It’s not the time for the opposition to play politics but all political parties, intellectuals and people of the state should rally behind the police who have all the resources and strength to hit back.”

The Central government had banned the Communist Party of India (Maoist) last month after the ultras came to control Lalgarh area in West Bengal. (ANI)


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