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Narayanpatna:Chashi Mulia Adivasi Sangha Seized 2000 acres of land from the land lords

Posted by Admin on July 14, 2009

Narayanpatna is no longer under Orissa GovernmentReport by K. Sudhakar Patnaik, Narayanpatna: The tribals of Narayanpatna Seized 2000 acres of cultivatable land from the land lords under the banner of Chashi Mulia Adivasi Sangha known as SANGAM (C.M.A.S) are distributing the land by its Secretary Nachika Linga to the landless.
The sized cultivatable lands covered with Red Flags, Members of the observation committee led by the Koraput Bar Association President Nihar ranjan Pattnaik its Vice- President Krushna Sawn, Advocate Bibek Ranjan Sethi, Social Activist Manoranjan Routray, and senior Journalist K. Sudhakar Pattnaik met Nachika Linga who gave an exclusive interview to the members of the team on Saturday last. It appears the cultivatable land is distributing under the slogan “land to the tiller” Nachika Linga Explained. The next target of the SANGAM is to capture MALI PARBAT to prevent the bauxite mining activities by multi national companies Mr. Linga Conformed.

He wants to spread the agitational programmes not only confining to Narayanpatna but going to restore the lands to the tribals from the non tribals, liquor venders, money lenders and others those who are exploiting the tribals from the past 60 years. When the team explained the violation of communist party ethics by Mr. Linga who was instrumental for destroying the houses belonging to Dalit community, as tribals and Dalits are under the poverty line. And their class enemies are rich land lords but not Dalits as both the communities’ status is same in the society.
Mr. Linga accepted Dalits and Tribals are one but in case of Narayanpatna some individual Dalits Played a vital role joining their hands with non tribals particularly liquor vendors and rallied at Narayanpatna against the tribal community with the help of the police and damaged the houses belonging to their community which led the aggressive tribals to destroy the houses belonging to non tribals including Dalits and driven them out he said. He also further said that there is no compromise to get them back particularly in Narayanpatna Block. Mr. Nihar Ranjan Pattnaik Explained the legal complications in connection with grabbing the land and demolishing the houses, Mr. Nachika Linga said that “We have got no confidence in a present democratic system and do not believe the existing law which is continuously exploiting the landless and poor tribals of this district.”

The existing law is no good for them as it is proved. The law and the government offices are not for the tribals but for somebody else he said. He also categorically said office of the Tahasil, Tahasildar and police are organized Devils to eat away the live and property of the poor masses and explained the way the land lords exploited him with out providing even food. The food which he was getting was not meant for human consumption while he was working as a bonded labour Mr. Linga told the visiting team.

Mr. Linga confirmed that the Chashi Mulia Adivasi Sangha at Narayanpatna is the frontal organization of CPI (ML) led by Gananath Patra who was with naxal movement during the year 1969. But however Mr. Linga told that the SANGHA is having no connection with CPI (Maoist) party. Narayanpatna Block almost no longer with the state Government, No not even a single office except Hospital was seen functioning with doctors and staff. The police station was under the lock and key in the name of renovation, Tahasil office downed the shutters. The government seems declared to close all the Government offices. Implementation of anti poverty programs is practically nil, Schools remained closed, most of the people at Narayanpatna Block and adjourning Bandhugaon block spending sleepless nights and shifting their valuable belongings (Moveable properties) to neighboring state of Andhra Pradesh. The team had to face difficulties even to get vehicle on hire.
The team had to change one vehicle to the other to reach Mr. Linga’s residence at Bhaliaput which is about 8 kilometers from Narayanpatna Block headquarter. 200 Dalit families who left their birthplace are taking shelter at Koraput infront of the office of the collector, some of the displaced Dalits are taking shelter at Narayanpatna and some of them left to neighboring State when the team contacted the collector Mr. Gadadhar Parida assured to provide proper rehabilitation as desired by the families those who have been driven out from their villages of Narayanpatna Block.

Orissa Dairy

One Response to “Narayanpatna:Chashi Mulia Adivasi Sangha Seized 2000 acres of land from the land lords”

  1. Rajarshi Chaudhuri said

    This kind of land seizure is very much expected in consequence of the negligence and exploitation by the authorities. However, this alone can’t solve the infrastructural problems such as non-existing medical or educational facilities etc.

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