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Peoples Democratic Front of India (PDFI) Report of Meeting of All India Co-ordination Committee

Posted by Admin on July 30, 2009

A cross-section of the participants of Mumbai Resistance-2004.Attached are the resolutions of AICC meeting of PDFI. Please translate it in your local language. Also please implement the action programmes decided in the meeting.
Please send the articles, rports of stuggles. poems, songs and stories for the PDFI bulletin as soon as possible.

Peoples Democratic Front of India (PDFI)

Meeting of All India Co-ordination Committee

11- 12 July 2009, Ambedkar Bhavan, Delhi.

Members present: Darshan Pal (Punjab), A.P.Singh(Delhi), Santosh Singh Chauhan(U.P),Ramchander Singh(Bihar), Rijita(U.P),N.T.Maske (Maharastra) Sachidanand Prabhat(Jharkhand), Amitabh(Bihar), AshokPrakash(U.P), B.D Sharma(Delhi), Uday Narayan (Delhi), Shashi Kant(Rajasthan), Narender (Delhi) and Shreekant sharma (Bihar).


1. Reports & Review.

2. Future Tasks:

A. Political: On Economic Depression & Prise Rise, On the issues of Agrarian Crisis and On State Repression.

B. Organisational: Consolidation and Formation of PDFI in States.

3. Publication of Bulletin No.4

4. Fund and Accounts

5. Miscellaneous

Decision-1: In the last meeting of AICC it was decided to launch exposure campaign in different states during Lok Sabha Election. We issued a central leaflet for this. But we were not able to organise the campaign in any state. And the leaflet was only published in Jharkhand. Some photocopies were distributed in Delhi, UP and Bihar.

It was also decided to organise programs on Economic Depression, exposing the failure and bankruptcy of Capitalism. A booklet on this subject was published for this purpose, focussing on the impact of Economic Depression upon the people of India. But we failed to organise any program on the issue.

Some of the constituents of PDFI organised programs on the issues related with agrarian crisis in states like Punjab, UP, Bihar and Jharkhand. But we were not able to involve other democratic peasant’s organisations in these programs.

Overall the implementation of the decisions regarding future political tasks isn’t satisfactory.

Decision-2: It is decided to organise programs on Economic Depression & Prise Rise in different states. A central leaflet on these two issues will be issued on 30th July 2009.

Decision-3: It is decided to organise programs on the issues related with Agrarian Crisis, such as Draught, Irrigation, Electricity, Agricultural Credit, Equitable Entitlement of Agriculture Community, Guarantee of Support Price of Agriculture Produces, Separate Budget for Agriculture etc. We should try our best to coordinate with other peasant’s organisations, so that to build coordinated movements on these issues. A central leaflet on these issues will be issued on 30th July 2009.

Decision-4: In recent months state repression on peoples’ movements has increased in different states to a large extent. The W.B. government under the direct guidance the central government is unleashing a reign of terror upon the movement of Lalgarh adivasies. It is decided to oppose such state repressions, going on different peoples’ movements in different parts of the country. PDFI will publish a central leaflet on the issue and organise programs under its own banner. It will also participate in joint programs organised on this issue. A central leaflet on this issue will also be issued on 30th July 2009.

Decision-5: Since we failed to fulfil our political tasks, we could not consolidate our organisational strength. Our Bihar, W.B. and Jharkhand unites are still defunct. Punjab unite has not been formed. It is decided to take all possible steps to build Punjab unit and make the existing unites functional as soon as possible.

Decision-6: BulletinNo.4 will be published in August 2009.All the members of AICC should send reports and articles to the Editorial Team so soon as possible.

Decision-7: Accounts of the publication of Booklet and Bulletin were submitted by the Editor. All the members of AICC were requested to send sale proceeds and their respective contributions to the address of Dr, Darshan Pal.

Decision-8: The next meeting of the AICC will be held at Ambedkar Bhavan, Delhi on 24-25 October 2009.

Contact: 09417269294

(On behalf of All India Co-ordination Committee of PDFI)

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  1. rajan said

    You are maoist.
    get out of this country

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