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Archive for August 5th, 2009

RPF activist arrested in Manipur

Posted by Admin on August 5, 2009

Many UGs arrested from all over

Revolutionary Peoples front of Manipur

Related post: Indian Maoists Forge New Alliance with North East Nationality Movement

IMPHAL. Aug 4: A combined team of Thoubal Police Commandos and personnel of 34 Assam Rifles reportedly arrested one RPF cadre during frisking and checking of suspected persons at Phoudei village at around 6.30 pm on August 2, according to a delayed statement issued by the Senior SP of Thoubal District Clay Khongsai.
Identifying the arrested RPF cadre as Soraisam Bimol Singh alias Kalidas (26) s/o late S Tombi Singh of Cachar Luithal (Assam) but staying at Kangmong Meisnam Leikai, the SSP conveyed that on questioning, Bimol disclosed that he joined the outlawed organisation in 2003 thro-ugh one Mahesh and got military training at Khong-tal (Myanmar). After train- ing, he as transferred at Mizoram under the command of Mahesh who is in the finance section of the outfit. In 2006, he was transferred to Manipur in divi- sion no. V under the command of one Thebo of Kangmong Kangjeibung and presenting staying at the latter’s home at Kang-mong Kangjeibung with one of his assistant identified as Tomba alias Kiran. From the disclosure of Bimol, the house of Thebo was raided and apprehended him at around 12.30 am of August 3. Read the rest of this entry »

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Chhattisgarh: Cases of Arsening and Looting by CRPF cops

Posted by Admin on August 5, 2009

salwajudam atrocities the ravaged remains of Gothi koya lives after forest rangers burnt down their houses

salwajudam atrocities the ravaged remains of Gothi koya lives after forest rangers burnt down their houses

News Published on July 2nd: The killings of force and Salva Judum workers by naxals is continuously happening in the remote-south Bastar. Innocent tribals are being killed and arsening in villages are taking place naming the villagers as naxal supporters. The tribals are not coming forward with the complaints of such incidents, being obstructed by the forces. The teams of intellectuals visiting such locations to get acquainted with facts behind such instances too are being victimised of force’s tortures. This fact has been disclosed by the professor of Delhi University. Nandini Sundara, Prof. J. P. Rao of Usmania University and professor of Irma Ajay Dandekar after returning back from interiors after facing forces tortures even after the fact that they visited said places only after getting collectors permission. In their press conference they stated that they had planned to have visit of village Bechhapad after getting the reports of arsenings there. For collecting the facts. They started for said village alongwith a local NGO Kopa Kunjam on 8th July got permissions only after having talks of D. G. Chhattisgarh, CRPF personnel and Collector Bijapur, there in the village they found that forces have gone to the said village on 28th June 2009, and there the force has set to fire 40 houses. There the instances of killing of two persons and lootings was also done by force. Read the rest of this entry »

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Chhattisgarh: Protest Rally over fake encounter Killing of Seven Villagers

Posted by Admin on August 5, 2009

July 1st: Over five thousand tribals of Tongpal area of Dantewada district observed a rally which later converted into a public meeting as a mark of protest against the stated fake killing of seven tribals by the security forces naming them naxals at village Kokawada under Tongpal police station area on 20th this month.

The rally started from the Panchayat building premises located at village Kedmaraas, 7 kms away from Tongpal on Monday afternoon. After crossing seven kms long journey the rally converted into a public meeting at Tongpal. This meeting and rally was attended over by about 5000 tribals of the area consisting of all community (clans) of tribals.

In th meeting, taken place last evening at Tongpal the participants demanded unanimously to provide an x-gratia of rupees 10 lacs each to the family members of seven tribal villagers of village Soutnar, who have been killed by the police showing fake encounter and falsely naming them as naxals who were in fact the innocent tribals villagers. The second demand raised was to conduct judicial inquiry into the happenings on 20th June, there at Kokawada and lastly it was urged to the Government that the justice should be given to the villagers without prejudices and the culprits must be punished.

It is to recall that, on 20th June in a naxal land-mine blast eleven CRPF cops have lost their lives and nine had been injured. Later, police has claimed to kill seven naxals in encounter there immediately after the blast. From the vary date of the incident, the voices of various communities of the tribals along-with the leadership of Congress and CPI, was raised that these killed seven persons were innocent tribals having no nexus with the naxals. eTDS

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More than 100 registered fake shootout cases in India last year

Posted by Admin on August 5, 2009

Protest march over fake encounter killing in Manipur

Protest march over fake encounter killing in Manipur

NEW DELHI – More than 100 fake shootout cases were registered across the country last year — and Uttar Pradesh tops the list, the government has admitted in parliament.

Minister of State for Home Affairs Ajay Maken informed parliament Tuesday that the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) registered 103 fake shootout cases in 2008 as compared to 93 in 2007 and 122 in 2006.

And up to July this year, 28 such cases have been registered across the country.

Uttar Pradesh accounted for the maximum fake shootout cases. As many as 41 cases were registered in 2008, 48 in 2007 and 82 in 2006. Up to July this year, NHRC has registered 11 cases in Uttar Pradesh.

Uttar Pradesh was followed by Maharashtra and Punjab, each recording 16 cases in 2008.

NHRC registered three cases of fake shootouts last year in the national capital. Blog Tharanga

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Manipur: Murder in plain sight

Posted by Admin on August 5, 2009


Imphal, Sunday, 2 August 2009:

1. Chongkham Sanjit, 27, is seen standing in a PCO with the  Manipur Police Commandos adjacent to a pharmacy (marked by an arrow) in Imphal on July 23 2. Though surrounded by commandos, there is no obvious resistance from Sanjit
(marked by a red circle))
3. Sanjit is seen calmly
walking away with the heavily armed commandos
4. While a commando reaches for his pistol, Sanjit remains visibly calm. They are standing barely 500 metres from the state assembly 5. Sanjit, known to be a former member of the People’s Liberation Army, had retired on health grounds. Though surrounded, he is calm and there seems to be no urgency or imminent violence in the picture
6. In a sudden turn of events, Sanjit is hustled away roughly
by the commandos
7. Sanjit is dragged by the commandos into the pharmacy. He has been surrounded by commandos for several minutes and is obviously unarmed
8. A few minutes later, commandos drag Sanjit’s
dead body out of the pharmacy
9. Sanjit’s body is thrown into a truck. At no point while the camera was clicking had he offered any resistance to the commandos
10. Sanjit’s dead body on the truck. The camera continues to click. The commandos make no attempt to stop the public gaze
11. The body of Rabina Devi, a pregnant bystander. She was killed a few metres away in the police firing when they chased a fleeing youth 12. Sanjit’s body on a stretcher.His family claims he had broken his earlier links with the militants and was leading a normal life

In Manipur, death comes easy. In this damning sequence of photos, a local photographer captures the death of a young man, killed in a false encounter by the police in broad daylight, 500 metres from the state assembly. How can a State justify such a war against its own people, asks TERESA REHMANIF ANY picture can speak a thousand words, these photos — available exclusively to TEHELKA — could fill volumes. They capture a shootout that happened in the heart of Imphal, Manipur’s capital, barely 500 metres from the state assembly, on July 23. They show the moments before, during and after the ‘encounter killing’ of a 27-year-old Indian citizen – a young man called Chongkham Sanjit, shot dead by a heavily-armed detachment from Manipur’s Rapid Action Police Force, commonly known as the Manipur Police Commandos (MPC).

There is a grotesque and brutal history to the bullets that killed this young man. For years, decades even, security forces in Manipur have faced allegations of human rights violations and extrajudicial murders committed under cover of the draconian Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA). In 2000, Irom Sharmila, stirred by the gunning down of 10 civilians, including an 18-year-old National Child Bravery Award winner, by the Assam Rifles, started a hunger fast — that lasts to this day — in protest against the AFSPA. In July 2004, the nation was rocked by the protests of a group of Manipuri women who marched to an Assam Rifles base in Imphal, stripped naked and raised a searing banner: “Indian Army Rape Us”. They were protesting the rape, torture and murder, a fortnight earlier, of Thangjam Manorama, 32, who was picked up from her home at night by the Assam Rifles. Read the rest of this entry »

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