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Archive for August 8th, 2009

Manipur: Life In A Shadow Land

Posted by Admin on August 8, 2009

The victim from the shoot-out at Khwaramband Bazaar in which a suspected insurgent and an innocent young mother were killed and five persons including two women and one Assam Rifles personnel in civil dress were injured

The victim from the shoot-out at Khwaramband Bazaar in which Sanjit and an innocent young mother were killed and five persons including two women and one Assam Rifles personnel in civil dress were injured

As Manipur comes to a boil in the aftermath of a fake encounter, SHOMA CHAUDHURY maps the fractured truths and complex wars raging in the state. Photographs by SHAILENDRA PANDEY Source: Tehalka

ON JULY 23, 2009, on an ordinary day in Imphal, six people were going about their morning chores in a crowded market on BT Road. P Lukhoi Singh, a rider working with the Assam Rifles, had just delivered a packet to the SP (CID) and had stopped to chat with a friend. Gimamgal, a peon, was cycling to work. Ningthonjam Keshorani, mother of three, was selling fruit. W Gita Rani had just visited her doctor and was trying to catch an autorickshaw. Rabina Devi, five months pregnant, was holding her 2-year-old son Russel’s hand and buying a banana before she met up with her husband, working at a mobile shop. And 22-year-old Chongkham Sanjit, a former insurgent, was on his way to buy medicine for a sick uncle in hospital. Read the rest of this entry »

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Arundhati Roy in JNU on the Lalgarh issue and State repression: A brief report with text, audio and photos of the public meeting

Posted by Admin on August 8, 2009

Source: Emotionally Speaking… by Vikas Gupta

JNU students listening to Arundhati speech

This is a multimedia report of the public meeting organised by the Democratic Students’ Union [DSU] in the JNU campus at Kamal Complex [KC] Open Air Theatre [OAT] 7 August 2009, 9:30 pm. The topic was ‘State Repression and Peoples’ Resistance: Experiences from Lalgarh’. It was also an occasion for the release of DSU’s fact finding report on Lalgarh. The other two speakers were Prof. Amit Bhattacharya from Jadhavpur university and Madan Kashyap, the poet.

Arundhati ROy public meeting in JNU

I reached the meeting at about 10 pm only and Mr. Madan was already halfway through his speech. Mr. Madan spoke in Hindi while the other two speakers spoke in English. This post has the audio of Arundhati’s speech, audio of Prof. Bhattacharya’s speech and partial audio of Shri Madan Kashyap’s speech and some DSU banners and pics. Please note that I have nowhere posted my comments, prejudices and opinion and I am reproducing it honestly just like a ‘citizen journalist cum messenger.’ About 500 girls and boys turned up to listen to the three speakers. That’s the open air theatre behind the shopping complex of JNU [KC, OAT]. This was probably the fifth time I had listened to Arundhati Roy; she does not look like a woman in her late 40s, she’s lean and has childish looks! :D

Arundhati Roy: Full Audio of her speech [hear and/or download from the link]

DSU HIndi banner on farmers' plight JNU campus JNU Politics

Click on the audio [about 30 minutes] below to hear her or just read it. The audio is not top-notch and I suggest that you hear it with full volume. If there is any problem with it you can click here to hear it on the source page where it is hosted [you can also download the audio from there]. The transcription of first three minutes of her speech follows the audio [no time for full transcription].

The transcript of first three minutes of her speech

Very nice to see so many here….[voice not clear]. Actually I have read the report and I do want to congratulate the students who wrote it because it really does come across as a very human document and a document with which it’s pretty hard to argue because it does really make a lot of space for peoples’ voices as opposed to some preachings from some previously indoctrinated position.

JNU Politics, JNU leftists, Naxalbari ek hi raasta

I really want to congratulate; very nicely written work… [*audience clap*]. It’ s very comforting to know that people from this university do go out and do listen; I think one of the troubles we are having these days is that people have just stopped listening. Everybody is full of information, full of .. , so sure of themselves and even when we appear to be listening we are not really listening! So I think that this document somehow has a lot of …. and I appreciate that. The last line of this report says that ‘Lalgarh should become a model of resistance in the rest of the country’ and… I want to talk about that actually because you have heard quite a lot of detail exactly what are the ins and outs, what the texture of the movement and I just think that it’s pretty clear that the distinctions that are being made in the corporate press and the corporate civil society trying to separate Adivasis and the Maoists and the governments and talk about people being sandwiched in the middle is a very apolitical position which eventually in some cases in a naive and well-intentioned way and in some cases in a pretty mala fide and not at all well-intentioned way but I do …..[voice not clear] support the status quo and then people talk of peace and what that kind of peace ends up meaning is ‘can you peacefully allow the corporates to take over the land!?’ So Peace is a very contentious word!

I just want to defocus a little bit and talk about the larger scenario that is unfolding in this country. To say that we are in a very dangerous position because over a period of …. certain things have been put in place and it’s very difficult for people to understand it [systemically unless they are very political people. But basically what has happened is What we think of democracy has been emptied out and each of its institutions hollowed out and we have something of a plastic bag above our head…. Hear the audio for the rest of her speech.

DSU wall posters JNU red JNU

Arundhati on extreme right, Madan Kashyap in the middle, Prof. Amit Bhattacharya of Jadavpur University second from right while the young girl on extreme left is the firebrand DSU activist, a JNU student, who anchored the public meeting.

Audio of Speeches of Madan Kashyap and Prof. Amit Bhattacharya Hear/download]

Click on the audio [about 73 minutes] below to listen to them. Mr. Madan’s speech [Hindi] is only partial followed by Professor Amit’s speech. Prof. Amit made many digs at the functioning CPI(M), West Bengal and openly criticised historian Irfan Habib, Sumit Sarkar and others. Click here for the original source from where you can download this audio.

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Maoist leader Bikash warns West Bengal Govt.

Posted by Admin on August 8, 2009

CPI Moaist Poster

CPI Maoist Poster

KOLKATA: “The joint operation of the security forces has failed as it was bound to. The West Bengal government should brace itself for further failures in near future,” Maoist leader Bikas said on Friday, a day after the government admitted that the security operation for flushing out the Maoists could not achieve expected results.

Speaking over the phone from his hideout somewhere in the Lalgarh region, Mr. Bikas told The Hindu that the State took “too much time” to admit that what the Maoists have been claiming form the start. Holding out a warning against any “misstep” by the State government, he said: “It will not be easy for the security forces to go back from here [Lalgarh]. We will see to it.”

Asked about the tactics that they intend to adopt given the fact that the State government has decided to take up “area-specific strategies” within the next 15-20 days, he said: “We do not create unnecessary hype about our tactics. The government talks tall about its plans only to fail afterwards.”

Referring to the local support as the foundation of their success so far, he said the forces will continue facing resistance from the people.

Regarding the two policemen who have gone missing since July 30 and remain untraced till date, Mr. Bikas said the Maoists are not responsible for the incident. He, however, pointed out to the possibility of the policemen facing public wrath for their involvement in alleged atrocities against local people.

He also refuted the Maoists’ role in the recent spate of killing of supporters of Jharkhand Party (Naren).

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LTTE leader S Pathmanathan arrested in Thailand and handed over to Sri Lanka

Posted by Admin on August 8, 2009 of Pathmanathan raises questions about recognition to state terrorism

[TamilNet, Friday, 07 August 2009, 23:35 GMT]

The manner in which Selvarasa Pathmanathan was ‘arrested’ and ended up in the custody of the Sri Lankan state that is widely accused of war crimes, genocide and state terrorism, raises serious concerns about the world outlook to political justice, Tamil circles said. Mr. Pathmanathan who denounced violence was engaged in re-organising the LTTE and in consenting the formation of a transnational body for the Eezham Tamils. Meanwhile, acknowledging Pathmanathan’s custody, Colombo’s minister and spokesperson Keheliya Rambukwela said Friday: “There was some false hopes that after the LTTE was crushed that movement could be revived with Pathmanathan. But we have proved that we have the capability of getting to them from wherever they emerge.”

Mr. Pathmanathan, a senior member of the LTTE was appointed in January as the head of its international relations and was recently named by a committee as its chairperson.

According to Tamil circles, Mr. Pathmanathan was mysteriously kidnapped in Malaysia on Wednesday and was sent to Colombo. Read the rest of this entry »

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Manipur: Thirty hurt in the police action against mass uprising over fake encounter killings

Posted by Admin on August 8, 2009

protest_20090808_2.jpgSource: Hueiyen News Service

Some women oppose arrest of a youth by police commandos after confrontation

Imphal, August 07 2009: Over 30 people have  ounded in the police action against the protesters in the five day continuous the uprising of the mass agitation five days back since the exposure of killing Ch Sanjit in fake encounter by Tehelka news magazine even as protesters are staging protest breaking the curfew at many places.

Sounds of police firing tear gas shells and other mob ammunitions continued rocking the Imphal sky and its outskirt.

Some of the wounded people treated at JN Hospital, Porompat and RIMS Hospital, Lamphel have been discharged after treating while seriously injure people are still treating in the both the hospitals.

O Joy said condition of the one of the injured person Noarem Prakash who hurt at the head is critical.The party has urged the health minister to treat him.Some women oppose arrest of a youth by police commandos after confrontation

A protest rally originated from Tinsid road breaking the curfew was blocked by police before reaching Lamlong Bazar.Good numbers of police personnel rushing the area foiled the protesters without much confrontation.prakash_20090808_2.jpg

Police stopped the protestor some 50 meter away from them and warned them not to proceed further.

Speaking to the media persons, protesters said that they could not allowed with the suspension but police commandos should be terminated from their services and sent to jail.

Protesters burning effigies of chief minister, O Ibobi, DGP, Y Joykumar and police commandos breaking the curfew at Chingmeirong area in Imphal west were dispersed by the police by firing tear gas and rubber bullets.Many received minor injuries.

Last night at least nine protesters were hurt last night when protesters clashed with the police at Singjamei area.Police also foiled another protest rally organized at Patsoi area in Imphal west district by firing tear gas shells tonight at about 8 pm.No casualty reported in the police action.

The protest rally organized in protest against the July 23 firing incident of killing pregnant Th Rabina and Ch Sanjit and injured to five other in fake encounter demanded resignation of chief minister, O Ibobi and punishment to the police commandos involved in the firing incident after termination from their services. Read the rest of this entry »

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Maoists hold armed rally in Lalgarh

Posted by Admin on August 8, 2009

lalgarh 1234LALGARH: A day after the West Midnapore district administration admitted its failure in tackling the Maoists, the Red rebels in a brazen show of strength held an armed rally in Lalgarh about 200 km from Kolkata.

Attended by around 1,000 villagers, the rally was held on Friday evening at Domohani, barely 2 km from Dharampur police station, where the rebels assured people that they were completely prepared to take on the armed forces. ‘‘None of our people has been killed or arrested,’’ claimed Maoist leader Bikash.

Police, too, were busy devising a new strategy to counter the Maoists at a meeting in Lalgarh. With chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee scheduled to visit Jangalmahal on Tuesday, the meeting definitely sent out a strong signal to the administration.

Addressing the meeting barely a kilometre away from the spot on the Dharampur-Lalgarh road where the central forces marched on Friday, Bikash admitted to killing three CPM workers Jhontu Soren, Naru Samanta and Asit Samanta who have been missing since June 14. Read the rest of this entry »

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Lalgarh: Maoists deny involvement in murder of three Jharkhand Party members

Posted by Admin on August 8, 2009

lalgarh_milephalakMidnapore, Aug. 7: Maoists have claimed that they had no hand in the murder of three Jharkhand Party (Naren) activists in Binpur on Wednesday night but neither police nor the party is buying that.

A Maoist statement issued late last night said: “We have not killed the three… It is the handiwork of the CPM, which is keen to sour our relations.”

However, a JKP (N) leader suggested the relations had already soured. “We did not support the (Maoist-backed) People’s Committee Against Police Atrocities,” he said. “The Maoists had asked us not to fight the Lok Sabha polls but we did. Now, if it’s known that they killed our men, the banned outfit will face the music.”

About 5km from Lalgarh, a group of armed Maoists led by Bikash held a rally tonight and told villagers not to be scared of them.

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Halt Lalgarh operation, demand rights groups

Posted by Admin on August 8, 2009

19june27r copy LalgarhThey termed the operation as a ploy to isolate the tribals and pave the way for corporates to take control of the mineral-rich resources Sadiq Naqvi Delhi Hardnews

“Everybody sees us as a market and not as a people,” Arundhati Roy, author, said.

She was speaking at a convention against the State’s offensive at Lalgarh and adjoining areas held at Gandhi Peace Foundation on Thursday.

It was organised by the Lalgarh Movement Solidarity Committee, a group of various organisations and student groups

“Earlier, after the November landmine attack directed at West Bengal Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee when he was returning after inaugurating a Jindal steel plant at Salboni, State tyranny has gained massive proportions. Police and CPM harmads allegedly created havoc in tribal area of Lalgarh in West Midnapore on the pretext of catching Maoists, who they believed have mingled with the tribals,” said Amit Bhattacharyya of the Committee for Release of Political Prisoners. Read the rest of this entry »

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