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Unite Against Imperialist-Reactionary Onslaught!, Press statement from CPI ML ( Naxalbari),

Posted by Admin on August 12, 2009

Nepal Maoist flagsPRESS RELEASE

Recent agreements entered into by the Manmohan Singh government with the United States and Pakistan are sharp examples of its servile eagerness to please Washington. The surrender to US imperialist demands, formally according them a position of superiors entitled to inspect India’s defence establishments, as the price for acquiring arms, has thrown away even the figment of sovereignty. As for the Indo-Pak agreement also, the imperatives of US interests, related to Obama’s Afpak policy, has set the terms and pushed both these regimes to wave the peace flag.

But the matter goes beyond this obnoxious repetition of the Indian state’s comprador character, no matter which party or alliance rules from Delhi. Imperialism and local reaction are preparing the grounds for a massive step up in their attacks on the people; they are planning an onslaught with its spearhead aimed at the People’s War led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist). The signing of these agreements is tuned to this counter-revolutionary plan, worked out with close guidance from US imperialism.

This relation must be properly understood. The UPA government has forcefully declared its intention to use the current crisis as an excuse for a very heavy dose of liberalisation, privatisation and other attacks on the livelihood of the masses. The raging price rise of practically all essential commodities, despite deflation, is an indicator. Assets built up in past years and rich resources of the country are planned to be sold out on an unimaginably massive scale. The pre-condition to this is the crushing of all people’s resistance movements, the forces obstructing the sell out of the country and fighting for the people. Thus, the main attack of this suppression is against the People’s War led by the CPI (Maoist), openly acknowledged by the Indian state as its biggest internal threat. The present agreements both free up and strengthen the armed capacities of the Indian state so that it can go for an all out attack.

In this decisive juncture, the unity of all pro-people forces to build up a broad resistance movement, guided by the orientation of defending people’s movements, particularly the People’s War, is an urgent task placed before all revolutionary, progressive and democratic sections of the country.
CPI(M-L)NAXALBARI August 1, 2009

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