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Archive for August 17th, 2009

Communist Party Of India (Maoist) Message to the People of Lalgarh

Posted by Admin on August 17, 2009

CPI m copy

Posted by parisar on August 17, 2009

We Hail Your Glorious Struggle!

Your Mass Upsurge Inspires Millions to Spread the Red

Flame of Lalgarh to Every Corner of the Country!!

Your revolt, with arms in hands, has risen like a storm against decades of social fascist neglect, misrule and terror. You have stormed the police camps, CPM offices – the centres of state terror – and chased them out of the area. For over seven months you and your comrades from the surrounding areas have practically paralysed the whole administration in a vast region. Not only that, while exposing the hoax of so-called development of three decades of the social-fascists, you have yourselves undertaken numerous development works through shramdan, like health projects, irrigation, roads, schools, etc. It is indeed an inspiring example of new forms of struggle for all of us to learn from resulting in the Call to build thousands of Lalgarhs in every corner of the country!

Terrorised by your mass upheaval, the central and state forces, along with the Harmad bahini goonda force of the social fascists, have launched massive attacks on the entire people of your area. With wide-scale anti-propaganda the government turned your area into a war zone. Armed people, with traditional weapons, have heroically resisted the attack launched by 40 companies of central para-military forces, the special forces of the Cobras, Helicopters, along with State forces and the CPM goonda bahini.

It is known to all that there was resentment of the people against the handing over of 4,000 acres of forest land to the Jindal plant, on which it is you and you alone that have the rights. It is you, the villagers of the area, who alone have the rights over this land, and not the government. After the attack on the convoy of the Chief Minister and others while returning from the inauguration of this plant and the terror then unleashed by the police, your movement took a political shape with thousand and thousand of masses mobilised against the police and administration. Along with the heroic mass resistance against the police and para-military attacks, this mass upsurge has created a big political impact over the entire country arousing a hope and inspiration amongst the toiling masses fighting against all kinds of exploitation, repression and injustice. This has had the added political impact to thoroughly expose the social fascist face of the CPM revisionists and accelerated the process of polarisation of the forces of revolution and reaction.

The Politburo of the CPI (Maoist) hails your glorious mass uprising and strongly condemns the cruel repression unleashed on the masses in your area by the central and state forces. It calls on the whole Party and PLGA, its mass organisations and each and every section of the revolutionary masses, to come forward in support of your movement and rise against the brutal attack on the struggling and fighting people of Lalgarh. We further call on the Party and people in the surrounding areas to take proper actions and conduct necessary activities in support of your great uprising. We vow to lend you all support in every possible way, particularly the support of the oppressed masses throughout the country.

The most significant aspects of the struggle from which we can all learn and emulate throughout the country are:

(i) Yours was a truly armed mass movement which drew into it the entire masses of the area with the ability to keep out the entire reactionary state machinery for a full seven months.

(ii) Your form of mass organisation of constituting a committee in every village comprising five men and five women was a truly new example of a real mass-based democratic organisation which can mobilise and organise the vast masses of the people.

(iii) Yours was not a movement for mere economic interests but a political upsurge for your political rights and self-respect of the adivasi and non-adivasi toiling masses.

(iv) Your movement was an example of how to truly build a united front of all forces drawing in all sections of the masses and also involving the progressive and intellectual forces of the cities as well, combining a skilful balance between reform work, political agitation and armed resistance against the state and government.


Our entire Party will learn from this heroic experience, vow to spread Lalgarh-type movements throughout the country, propagate your movement throughout the country and lend your movement all kinds of necessary assistance.

July 15, 2009

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Manipur Women court arrest over killings by security forces

Posted by Admin on August 17, 2009

Manipur women folk staging rally on streets *(File photo)

Manipur women folk staging rally on streets *(File photo)

Imphal, Aug 17 (ANI): Scores of women in Manipur on Sunday courted mass arrest over the killing of a pregnant woman and a suspected militant in a shootout on July 23.

The protestors under the aegis of Apunba Lup, the body spearheading the ongoing agitation against Indian security forces, have given a call for a 36-hour general strike, which will end on August 18.

State police faced a hard time stopping the protestors, as they fired teargas and caned the agitated women before making a formal arrest.

“The public of Manipur is outraged, that’s why the situation has reached here. This was not the first time. There have been lots of cases of shooting down after arresting them from their houses. We women cannot bear any more as it has reached beyond a tolerable limit. That’s why we have come out unitedly to get ourselves killed or get arrested by the police,” said Chaoba Devi, a protestor.

“The imposition of curfew has hampered education totally. Meantime we are in a very unrest situation, as we are daily bread earners to sustain our livelihood. Everything has been affected since a long period.” Said Ibecha Devi, another protestor.

Manipur has been on the boil since the killing of a pregnant woman and a suspected militant in a shootout on July 23 near the building of the state legislature in Imphal.

Protesters in the state are demanding stringent action against the police commandos involved in the shootout, which they have branded as a ‘fake encounter’. (ANI)

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Lalgarh: Police demolish PCPA stage to preempt tribal rally

Posted by Admin on August 17, 2009

A procession of the tribals in Bankura’s Mejia. File picture

A procession of the tribals in Bankura’s Mejia. File picture

Midnapore (WB): A stage set up by the People’s Committee Against Police Atrocities for a rally at Gohomidanga in Lalgarh in West Midnapore district on Monday was dismantled by the police and prohibitory orders imposed in the area.

A 1000-strong police and central forces team disconnected the microphones, demolished the stage at the Gohomidanga High School and cordoned off the area.

PCPA Convenor Chhatradhar Mahato, who was to address the rally, however, expressed determination to do so.

Mahato, who is wanted by the police since the anti-Maoist operations were launched on June 19 in Lalgarh by the security forces, told agency over phone: “I shall address the rally.

“The police are throttling the voice of the people. We will protest in a democratic way. We will not resort to violence,” he said.

A senior police officer said that prohibitory orders under Section 144 CrPC have been imposed in the area to foil the rally.

Tribals have begun a procession from Palashidanga, 15 km away to Gohumidanga.

Meanwhile, two landmines have been recovered from Dherua and diffused, the police said.

Bureau Report

Maoists-backed tribals and security forces on Monday exchanged fire at two places in restive Lalgarh where People’s Committee Against Police Atrocities convenor Chhatradhar Mahato was to address a rally. Police and Central forces, in Lalgarh on an anti-Maoist mission since June 19, exchanged fire with Maoists at Palashidanga and Madhupur in West Midnapore district, close to Gohumidanga where Mahato was to address the rally, police said.

The Maoists fled after the firing by security forces. Earlier, police demolished a stage set up for the tribal rally at the Gohumidanga High School with microphones being ripped off and taken away.

A senior police officer said prohibitory orders under section 144 had been clamped to preempt the rally. Mahato, however, held a rally two km away from Gohumidanga where he announced an indefinite bandh from tomorrow in Lalgarh in protest against alleged atrocities on tribals by the security forces. Mahato, wanted by the police since the anti-Maoist operations began on June 19, said over phone, “If there is a warrant of arrest against me, why are they not arresting me? Why are they committing atrocities on tribals?”

Mahato said the indefinite bandh would continue till the security forces leave Lalgarh and till the 23-point demands of the tribals are met.

“We had planned to hold a peaceful rally. Why did the police impose section 144 and break up the stage at Gohumidanga? When other political parties are allowed to hold rallies, why are we not being allowed to do so in a democracy?” he asked.

In the name of anti-Maoist operations the security forces are committing atrocities on the tribal people.” He alleged that the security forces opened fire on peaceful rallyists. Asked about firing from the side of tribals, he denied it saying, “from where will be get arms? Our movement is totally peaceful.”

West Midnapore SP Manoj Verma, however, said there was no firing by the security forces and no rally was held at Gohumidanga High School.

“Chhatradhar does not have the means to hold a rally without the backing of Maoists,” Verma said. Asked why he was not being arrested, Verma said, “He will be arrested when it is time.”

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Launch anti-Maoist operation in Jharkhand immediately: WB govt

Posted by Admin on August 17, 2009

Maoist MeetimgNew Delhi: The Left Front government on Monday asked the Centre to immediately launch an anti-Maoist operation in Jharkhand in tandem with the ongoing joint operations in West Bengal, saying the Left extremists were using their bases in the neighbouring state to launch attacks.

Noting that there was a “significant” increase in Left extremist violence in Bengal this year, Chief Minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee said as many as 18 police stations in three districts were affected by Maoist violence.

Bhattacharjee, whose speech at the Conference on Internal Security was read out in absentia by Chief Secretary Asoke Mohan Chakraborti, said there was “a need to launch such an operation without delay and to continue the operation in our state.”

The Chief Minister said the Maoists operating in West Bengal were using their bases in Jharkhand to mobilise their squads.

“The joint operation (in West Bengal) can be successful only if a similar operation in launched in Jharkhand in collaboration with our state,” he said, adding the operation by Central forces and the state police has been “acclaimed by a large section of the people.”

He said it (anti-maoist operation) has “restored order in most of the villages and made it possible to restart development work.”

Noting that 59 civilians and police personnel have been killed in Maoist violence this year as against only 29 last year, Bhattacharjee said the second phase of counter- insurgency operation was in progress and 67 Maoists have been arrested since the joint operation was launched on June 18.

“Intelligence inputs indicate that three squads of 20-25 armed persons are still in the area, staying mostly in the forests,” he said.

The joint operations to regain control over Lalgarh has led to the completion of the road-opening phase, the Chief Minister said, adding that control has been established over the road connecting Pirakata, Bhimpur, Lalgarh, Kantapahari, Ramgarh, Kadasole, Pingboni and Goaltore.

“This had the effect of driving the Maoist squads out of their strongholds,” Bhattacharjee said.

On relief and developmental activities being carried out in the affected areas by the Left Front government, he said a programme was launched for distribution of dry food to families who have lost income opportunities when the operation was launched.

“This was followed by a programme of expediting irrigation and forestry and the supply of drinking water and health services,” he added.

Bhattacharjee could not attend the Conference convened by the Prime Minister due to fever. Chakraborti and Home Secretary Ardhendu Sen attended the meeting.

Bureau Report

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