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Archive for August 30th, 2009

West Bengal: Maoists gain in the state

Posted by Admin on August 30, 2009

14naxalitesBarely five years ago, hardly anyone in West Bengal was aware of the presence of Maoists in the state.

Today political circles and civil society are abuzz debating how the Maoists are outwitting 50 companies of central paramilitary troops amassed in a small place called Lalgarh and whether their dream of building a corruptionexploitation free society will ever bear fruit. The Maoists never hoped to dominate the minds of argumentative Bengalis as they are doing now.

In the process, the rebels have been able to raise several issues hardly ever touched upon in Left Front-ruled West Bengal.

Their landmine blasts and politics through the barrel of their guns have killed many CPI(M) as well as police personnel. But they have also drawn public attention to the abject poverty and governmental neglect in large parts of the state. The “Marxist” government swore by the poor and yet did nothing for the truly marginalised population. Read the rest of this entry »

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Guerrilla war zones in South

Posted by Admin on August 30, 2009

488650357_87e4ef1f30M P Prashanth

KOZHIKODE: The CPI (Maoist), an organisation banned by the Centre recently, has decided to set up new ‘guerrilla zones’ in South India with areas coming under Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.The Maoists have drawn up a detailed plan to convert the area into a special zonal committee along the lines of the Dandakaranya and Andhra-Orissa Border (AOB) guerrilla zones within two years.The move is seen as a part of the Maoists’ strategy to open new war fronts in the wake of reports that the Centre is getting ready for an all out offensive on the Naxalite strongholds like Bastar in Chhattisgarh.

The Maoists want to divert the attention of the security forces by creating new hotspots of violence in other parts of the country.Wayanad and some parts in Kannur district; Dakshina Kannada, Udupi and Kodagu in Karnataka and the areas in Tamil Nadu bordering Kerala and Karnataka will come under the proposed zone. The Western Ghats has been a strategic point for the Maoists for a long time. The documents of the CPI(ML) (People’s War), which later merged with the Maoist Communist Centre of India (MCCI) to become the CPI (Maoist), reveal that the decision to create a guerrilla zone in these areas had been pending for a long time. Read the rest of this entry »

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Police ‘bribe’ hunt & firing kill 2

Posted by Admin on August 30, 2009

Truck speeding to escape cops mows down motorcyclist, mob attacks force


30truck.jpg The truck and a police vehicle that were set ablaze by villagers in Chandrakona. (Kumaresh Roy)

Midnapore, Aug. 29: A truck driver apparently speeding away from bribe-hungry cops, mowed down a motorcyclist today in West Midnapore, sparking mob violence that led to a youth’s death in police firing.

Around 8.30am, when Lakshmi Ari was riding down the Ramjivanpur bypass in Chandrakona on his motorbike, a paddy-laden truck crushed him. Fifty-year-old Lakshmi died on the spot.

“I saw the truck running at high speed and crushing the motorist while trying to avoid the policemen who had definitely targeted the driver to extort money. The policemen generally ask for money from drivers here,” said Samir Mondal, 40, who was in his betel leaf shop nearby. Read the rest of this entry »

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Manipur, a State which hardly figures in the mainstream media.

Posted by Admin on August 30, 2009


Manipur, a State which sees much more daily violence than Kashmir, hardly figures in the mainstream media.

Once in four or five years a stunning incident hits home and brings Manipur back into national focus.

Photo: R. V. Moorthy
In Focus: Manipuri students protesting State violence in New Delhi.

Manipur is in the news. That is a miracle in itself. A State accustomed to steady national amnesia is watching bemused as the media descends. CNN IBN is here, New York Times is here, says a local editor. NDTV and Times Now have come and gone, says a local reporter.

Manipur is in the news and its killing fields are feeling the impact. A State that reported 225 encounter killings this year until Tehelka hit the stands on July 31 has seen hardly any killings by the State in the three weeks since. The magazine ran an unnamed photographer’s sequence of 12 shots which chronicle the straight killing of a former insurgent by police commandos. No encounter, just a plain, point blank killing in a marketplace. Given Manipur’s status on India’s news radar it did not become a cover story even then, not until a subsequent issue. But it suddenly brought home to the country and the world the chilling realities in the border State that gets the least media attention. Read the rest of this entry »

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