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Archive for September 12th, 2009

Press and Registration Appellate Board lifted ban order on the Maoist Magazine

Posted by Admin on September 12, 2009

Jan-cover-in 2006KOZHIKODE: The Press and Registration Appellate Board, New Delhi, has quashed the Ernakulam District Collector’s order banning the publication of ‘People’s March’, the unofficial mouthpiece of the CPI (Maoist).The PRAB, in its August 7 ruling, set aside the Collector’s order and held that “the magazine regains its force and becomes operative with immediate effect.” The Collector banned the publication on January 15 on the ground that it indulged in “publishing seditious matters, exhorting the general public to take up arms for violent struggle and promoting divisive tendencies in the country.”

The PRAB, comprising chairman Justice K N Ray and member Ramesh Gupta, said that as per Section 8(b) of the Press and Registration of Books Act, no publication could be banned on these grounds. “Seditious offences may be taken cognizance of under the IPC or other relevant laws,” it said.‘Peoples March’ editor P Govindan Kutty was arrested after the Andhra police picked up CPI (Maoist) central committee member Malla Raju Reddy at Angamaly on December 17, 2008. Read the rest of this entry »

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United in protest over acquisition

Posted by Admin on September 12, 2009

12jamland-2.jpgOUR CORRESPONDENT
Villagers at the anti-land acquisition rally in Potka on Friday. (Bhola Prasad)

Jamshedpur, Sept. 11: Visthapan Virodhi Ekta Manch, an outfit spearheading the protest against Potka land acquisition bids, today urged the governor to scrap all MoUs signed between the state and firms.

Instead, the protesters demanded that the state concentrate on better irrigation for paddy farmers at Potka (East Singhbhum). Traders and farmers also submitted a memorandum of demands to the governor and the Potka circle officer after taking out a rally in front of the Potka block office.

Around 5,000 people participated in the rally that begun at 12.30pm and ended late in the afternoon. Villagers from Nandigram and Singur (Bengal), along with their counterparts from Gumla, Godda, Ranchi and Hazaribagh, were also present. Tribal women were carrying bows and arrows, while the men held placards denouncing the acquisition of “farmland” for industrialisation. Read the rest of this entry »

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Orissa, state police comb forests

Posted by Admin on September 12, 2009

488650357_87e4ef1f30OUR BUREAU

Sept. 11: Central paramilitary forces and police of two states continue to grope in the dark more than 36 hours after armed Maoists abducted five railway employees from Topadih station, 180km from Jamshedpur, in Sundergarh district of neighbouring Orissa.

And, if sources are to be believed, it is lack of co-ordination between the security teams that is impeding search for the missing men.

A squad of 40 CPI(Maoist) rebels swooped on Topadih, which falls under Bandamunda junction of Chakradharpur railway division, and whisked away senior station master Netrananda Majhi, assistant station master Upendra Kumar and porters Mohammed Taz, S.C. Majhi and R.N. Mohanto around 3am yesterday.

The rebels left a message on the wall, saying that they would let the railway men go only if 30 “innocent” villagers in Orissa police custody were released unconditionally.

About 200 posters were also pasted in Bisra village, 18km from Rourkela, asking police to stop “exploiting and torturing” innocent tribals. Read the rest of this entry »

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Cops doubt, rebels ready – Sparse deployment in Maoist zones adds to trouble

Posted by Admin on September 12, 2009

Security personnel during the Lalgarh offensive

New Delhi, Sept. 11: The Centre’s impending anti-naxalite offensive appears to have an inverted preface — the Maoists, as targets, appear ebullient over taking on the challenge, as their June document suggests; the security forces are riddled with doubt and pessimism. “It’s one thing for a powerful state to declare intent to wipe out a security threat, quite another to carry it out,” said a top police officer, who has had a decade’s experience of fighting armed Naxalites in Bastar, “the fact remains that despite everything, we have not achieved ascendancy over Naxalites, on the contrary, they have expanded.”

One of the concerns top police officials from several Naxalite-affected states have been raising is the fundamental issue of poor manning and deployment, a key factor in prompting a frustrated counter-terror specialist K.P.S. Gill to give up his counter-Naxalite foray in Chhattisgarh three years ago. Read the rest of this entry »

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India:Ban on Maoist magazine lifted, People’s March October 2009 issue released

Posted by Admin on September 12, 2009

People's March October 2009

People's March October 2009

[This is the first issue of the resumed publication. It seems tohave identical content to People’s Truth #8, (Oct. 2009).]

People’s March is an interesting and informative publication about the Maoist revolutionary movement in India. It has (or has had) web sites at and   During 2007 the Indian government banned the online version of the magazine and has tried to close down or sabotage these and other web sites associated with People’s March as well as other web sites reporting on Maoist ideas or activities in India. Then, on December 19, 2007, this suppression campaign was carried a step further with the arrest of the editor and publisher of People’s March, P. Govindan Kutty. See the statement demanding the release of Govindan Kutty by the Revolutionary Democratic Front in India for further information. Finally, after much outrage about this arrest both in India and internationally, Govindan Kutty was released on Feb. 24, 2008, and made a statement at that time. Unfortunately the charges were still pending against him and he was not able to resume publication of People’s March for over a year and a half.

We were completely opposed to these blatantly fascist measures which attempt to forcibly suppress progressive ideas and which are in gross violation of freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Consequently we are also making copies of People’s March available here and urge others who value freedom of thought to do the same.

We also have been able to post all the earlier issues of People’s March in this Complete Archive, which also contains much other information from the suppressed People’s March web site. (Some of this information is still being organized for systematic presentation on BANNEDTHOUGHT.NET.)

We now also have a Subject Index available for the issues through 2005

The Return of People’s March!

In August 2009 we heard from Govindan Kutty that after a long appeal process the order suppressing People’s March had been lifted. This is great news! Here, in MS Word format, is Kutty’s letter with this announcement. The first issue of the post-suppression magazine, labeled vol. 10, #10, and dated October 2009, is now available below. While the magazine will no longer be officially banned, it will very likely still be quite difficult for many in India and elsewhere to obtain. For that reason the magazine will continue to be made available here on this web site.

The recent issues are in PDF format unless otherwise stated, and the most recently published issue is at the top of the list.

Vol. 10, #10 (October, 2009) [PDF: 1,425 KB]
[This is the first issue of the resumed publication. It seems to have identical content to People’s Truth #8, (Oct. 2009).]

Vol. 8, #12 (December, 2007) [PDF: 2,555 KB]
Vol. 8, #11 (November, 2007) [PDF: 3,356 KB]
Vol. 8, #10 (October, 2007) [PDF: 1,640 KB]
Vol. 8, #9 (September, 2007) [PDF: 3,759 KB]
Vol. 8, #8 (August, 2007) [PDF: 2,924 KB]
Vol. 8, #7 (July, 2007) [PDF: 377 KB]
Vol. 8, #7 (July, 2007): Special Supplement on Dandakaranya [PDF: 577 KB]
Vol. 8, #4 (May-June, 2007) [PDF: 682 KB]
Vol. 8, #3 (April, 2007) [Labeled on cover as Vol. 8, #4; PDF: 1,582 KB]
[There was no March 2007 issue.]
Vol. 8, #2 (February, 2007) [PDF: 277 KB]
Vol. 8, #1 (January, 2007) [PDF: 552 KB]

Vol. 7, #12 (December, 2006) [PDF: 307 KB]
Vol. 7, #8-9 (August/September, 2006) [PDF: 1,007 KB]
Vol. 7, #6-7 (June/July, 2006) [PDF: 356 KB]
Vol. 7, #5 (May, 2006) (Cover page partly missing.) [PDF: 430 KB]
Vol. 7, #4 (April, 2006) [PDF: 309 KB]
Vol. 7, #3 (March, 2006) [PDF: 355 KB]
Vol. 7, #2 (February, 2006) [PDF: 992 KB]
Vol. 7, #1 (January, 2006) [PDF: 681 KB]

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