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Narayanpatna block in Orissa’s Koraput under control of Chasi Mulia Adivasi Sangh

Posted by Admin on September 25, 2009

14622Report by K.Sudhakar Patnaik; Koraput: Many people in the state are wondering how to resolve the development with the revolution in Naryanpatna and bandhugaon, where after ten years of inspiring tribals to revolt for the right of their paternal land rights. This itself forced to a team of peace coordination committee led by former legislature Taraprasad Bahinipati, District Congress Committee President Sibaprasad Patnaik and Koraput Bar Association President Nihar Ranjan Patnaik with 15 others which includes journalists to visit the said blocks on Wednesday last.

We had to face tough time checking after checking for every five kilometers distance in between Laxmipur and Naryanpatna, it was Ghenua Bahini deployed by the Chasi Mulia Adivasi Sangh (CMAS) leaders. Not even a police constable was seen in between Laxmipur and Padapadar where CMAS leader Nachika Linga gave an exclusive meet under tight security of his own Ghenua Bahini with traditional arms. It looks altogether a separate government functioning at Naryanpatna. The police station at Narayanpatna virtually closed.

While talking to the peace coordination committee members in presence of well attended members of CMAS, the leader Nachika Linga expressed objectives behind forming the Chasi Mulia Adivasi Sangha. First to prevent the exploitation, stop manufacturing and selling of the liquor and prevent mining activities by the multinational companies in the district and state too. Secondly he told that “I want all the tribal, Dalits and poor to earn their daily bread and to cover their bodies with cloths as his second desire”. And lastly he opined and categorically said that he doesn’t believe in parliamentary path. Parliament and Assembly halls nothing but like pits in river beds, he said quoting several examples. He told that he is having no links with CPI-Maoists.

Nachika Linga told that he had information that the corporate houses are investing some lakhs of rupees to wipe out the CMAS movement by organizing meetings against the CMAS, which is practically not possible on the part of the corporate houses. We had bitter experience with the Nalco at Damanjodi and other development projects which affected the tribals and Dalit communities, thus further construction of factories by multinational companies will not be allowed, he added. Under Naryanpatna block about 75 percent of teachers do not go to schools, the development works are practically nil. He wants the district administration should initiate for opening the bank accounts in the name of village committees and provide work under various anti-poverty schemes less than the estimated costs, so that they would complete the works within the scheduled period. The profit which they get would be invested for appointment of the drop out high schools students as primary schools teachers to educate children. Further he told the government appointed our won tribal men as police to divide our own community like Salva Jhudum in Chatisgarh. The government police security is necessary for the rich people and government officials but not for the leaders of CMAS. He imposed ban on manufacturing and selling of liquor in his region particularly from Kakiriguma to Naryanpatna. We do not go for violence and we do not want violence once we get back our rights in the society.

Later, the peace team visited to Bandhugaon adjourning block to Naryanpatna and bordering to Andhra Pradesh. The team met All India Khet Kisan Mazdoor Sangha (AIKKMS) president Ms. Jhansi who told that there is no administration in Bandhugoan. It is great shame that the poor tribal girl of Jadwa village rapped by group of miscreants recently, against whom the complaint was lodged with the police, but no action appears to have been taken till today she told. That is the way the government functions, the girl is under trauma and the miscreants freely moving on the road. She wants an immediate appointment of special commissioner to look after the land related problems and the law and order situation in Naryanpatna and Bandhugaon blocks, she also demanded an immediate payment of compensation to the kith and kin of P. Suresh who was killed brutally by the miscreants recently.

The increasing crimes are taking place in Bandhugaon and Naryanpatna blocks with the knowledge of police and most of the cases the police are not even accepting First Information Reports. As a result of which people, particularly civilians are spending sleepless nights, Jhanis said. She advised visited team members to meet the Chief Minister of Orissa and find out a solution to maintain peace and harmony in the region.

The visited peace coordination committee team comprised of Lawyer and Social activist Guptaparsad Panigarhi, Viswa Hindu Parishad leader Chiranjivi Patra, Biju Janata Dal District youth leader Sanjeev Kumar and journalists.

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