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Orissa: Maoists cut off Malkangiri, again

Posted by Admin on October 4, 2009

KORAPUT: Maoists imposed a bandh in Malkangiri on Saturday by blocking the Govindpally Ghat road, the southernmost district’s lifeline to the rest of the state.

The Red rebels had called the 24-hour bandh to protest against the recent arrest of Chhatradhar Mahato, a key leader of a Maoist-backed outfit in West Bengal’s West Midnapore district.

Police said CPI(Maoist) cadres had felled trees on the road connecting the district with Bhubaneswar. Even the 100-km forest road from Malkangiri to Motu, the southernmost town in Orissa, wore a deserted look because no vehicle ventured beyond Malkangiri. The Maoists had also blocked roads at several places between their strongholds of Kalimela and Motu.

"Life has been completely thrown out of gear in the district. Most weekly haats and markets in Maoist-dominated areas remained closed. No person dared to ply his vehicle on the Malkangiri-Motu road. People are facing problems due to the frequent bandhs called by Maoists," a Malkangir resident said.

Police said anti-Maoist operation has been intensified in and around the district. Security forces are on high alert to prevent possible influx of the rebels from Andhra Pradesh and Chattisgarh into the state.

"At present, the situation is under control. Though traffic has been badly hit no Maoist violence has been reported from the district. Security personnel are on high alert to thwart any untoward incident. We are trying to lift the road blockades," a police officer in Malkangiri said.

The district had remained cut-off from rest of the state for over a week due to blockades put up by rebels at Govindpally road in May. The extremists had felled over 200 trees at that time.

In a separate incident, traffic between Machkund and Lamtaput in Koraput district was hit as Maoists dug up the road to obstruct vehicular movement.

8 Responses to “Orissa: Maoists cut off Malkangiri, again”



    • Manu said

      And what about the activities of this so called govt for the past 65 years?Repressing people by money and muscle power,exploiting by the govt agencies of all people,law and punishment only for the poor,total collusion between the politicians and the ministers?What sort of a country is this which just brushed aside territorial encroachment by china by merely saying no territory has been taken by china?What the hell is going on here?

      • Fakeargument said

        Manu, when people just argue on same lines as you, I wonder when people will stop this crap. Govt is not one man. There is no 65 year old man ruling. You should have been born 200 years ago and asked the kings.

        If you were born during British rule, you(maoist) would have done same thing? They would have kicked your nuts into pieces.

        Just because an open democracy which is building itself from centuries of improper rule, casteism and that too trying to build a country from tiny kingdoms and various small communities takes time, you cannot just say one govt is doing this, doing that.

        If you have just policies, enter politics. It is HUGE JOKE, to say that Maoists are so powerful to attack government and occupy land while they cannot just enter politics and serve people.


      • Mayur said

        Enter politics??What have you been smoking dear?Have you any idea of how much it costs to fight elections at the corporator level (the lowest level)?Where do you think this money comes from?I guess you have been asleep when every now and then,the courts remind us of who actually is in charge.Or perhaps you have never actually been to the police station with a problem.Or perhaps you were asleep when so called senior supreme court lawyers were caught on camera trying to bribe a witness in the now famous Sanjeev Nanda BMW case.Or perhaps you missed the occasion when Manu sharma,Jessica lal’s killer,was freed by the courts as he had bribed the forensic lab staff to write a report that the bullet did not come from Manu sharma’s gun.It was only after the media raised a hue and cry that the case was pursued with renewed vigor and this time the outcome was different,but only untill the sheila dixit govt decided to give him parole on the sly citing his mother’s ill health only to be later discovered that Manu sharma was celebrating his parole in a Delhi pub,partying the night away,and Dixit refused any comment on the issue!!.Is this a country?Let me tell you,it is only because of our benign attitude that things have come this far.If you want to remain asleep,you’re welcome,until the sound of the bullet wakes you from your 65 yr old slumber.You enter politics.I will enter direct action.

  2. Mayur said

    What are the pillars of democracy?Well,let me enumerate them for you….legislature ,executive , judiciary body& the press.And let me also enlighten you that all of these are corrupt to the point of no return.Your talk is that of the arm chair commentator who just harps on empty words which have ceased to have any meaning.Technology?Industrialisation?Well how about the basics first….health care,malnutrition,sanitation,education,social justice?What have we achieved in the 60+ years since independence?Today we have a hospital bed to population ratio which is worse than sub saharan africa.And we rank lower than even Palestine in the human development index.Our corruption is to the point where any dissent is cowed down by incomprehensible denial,for example,when K Santhanam who is a respected Indian atomic scientist and was project director of the 1998 nuclear tests,recently disclosed that india did not yet possess a credible nuclear deterrent,pointing to the fact that the only reason the nuclear tests were conducted was an intelligence input that pakistan was set to test their atomic bomb on a particular date…and so…the creative genius that all our politicians are blessed with,made the scientists concoct a mixture of hurriedly put together components just to make this country believe that we had a one up on Pakistan.The very next day Pakistan tested their bomb if you recall.God forbid we sign the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty and the time comes for us to actually use the bomb,only to realise that we have been sold by the criminals in Parliament…will that be the time to rise up against this hollow carcass???Sorry Lone shadow…I aint quitting…and I aint leaving…cause this is the land I was born in.Dont get me wrong…I’m not even a fan of Maoism,but anything is better than this thuggery.

    • Fakeargument said

      I answered manu, same to you. You just suck.

      • Mayur said

        I may suck,but atleast Im not a sucker like you,Feeding on the decayed carcass of civil society.And If you want to get personal,why not do it like a man and do it face to face?What say,let us meet face to face and decide this issue?Man enough ?or are you a armchair commentator who is comfortably numb in his hacienda?waiting for your reply.

  3. Mayur said

    You did not answer my question….can a govt which decieves its people when it comes to national security be called a govt?Dont fool yourself…and dont be defensive.The only people who get posted into the Naxal regions are the ones who are honest and cant pull strings in the govt to give them easier postings.This I have personally heard from a cop.I dont want to go into details lest it depress you.It should suffice to say that,thats the only regret.The honest die while the corrupt live it up.
    You probably didnt do well in english at school.My reply about not quitting and not leaving was in response to your suggestion that i take my gun and leave (refer to your earlier comment).What it means in simpler english is,I am going to do everything possible to change this situation…by everything,I mean EVERYTHING…except,ofcourse,leaving.Where is the contradiction?Can you please tell me?
    You say the pillars are as good as the foundation which is a concerned and conscious citizenry.What good is all the concern and conscious citizenry without any action?Can you tell me please?We have been concerned and conscious for far too long..unfortunately that concern has only made the problems so deeply entrenched that its almost a part of our daily lives.What If I tell you that we are ruled by terrorists?You would probably laugh.But what If you consider the fact that hawala transactions (used by all our politicians to siphon off money to swiss banks etc)are directly linked to terrorism and its financing?So tell me,who are the real terrorists?Without these networks there would be no financing and it would choke the lifeblood of all terror acts.And how many politicians have you heard of being actually convicted of hawala?NOT ONE.Is it such a co-incidence?And if you were’nt asleep lately you must have heard about the 5000 crore madhu koda and the 1 lakh crore A.Raja telecom scam.Any guesses when these crooks will be brought to justice?And whats worse is that journalists like Barkha dutt and Vir sanghvi were also involved in the horse trading and lobbying behind the scenes along with the corporate lobbyists.And all this in the Super clean Mr.Manmohan singh’s govt which prides itself in transparency.And till now the man has maintained his deafening silence.Congratulations.
    About Maoists being saintly….are the catholic paedophille saints saintly??No.Why do you expect anyone to be a saint?When saints like swami nityanand exist what to talk of ordinary mortals.But that doesnt mean that they are demonic…and anyways I dont think its possible to get more demonic than the thugs in the parliament who sell their country everyday.Sorry.I aint buying your line.
    You talk about lowest level of economic prosperity….prosperity will come when there is justice and accountability…cause either its justice for everybody…or justice for nobody.
    And by the way….who gave you the right to decide for the tribals how they should live.Do they tell you how to live?If its 17th or 18 th century…its their choice.You cant uproot them and throw them away like trash.Cause when a dog is cornered he has only two choices…either he can be devoured or he can bite back.
    And on the way out…remember….economics is the art of taking a natural resource and turning it into garbage.Think about it.Almost everything can be explained with this statement.
    Waiting for your reply.

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