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Visuals of Ganapati, CPI Maoist General Secretary

Posted by Admin on October 24, 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.

NewsX brings exclusive footage of CPI (Maoist) general secretary Muppalla Laxman Rao alias Ganapathi. This is the first time Ganapathi is seen on television.

Hyderabad, Oct 24 (IANS) Television channels Saturday aired footage of India’s top Maoist leader Ganapati, creating a flutter in his native Andhra Pradesh.All the Telugu news channels showed visuals of Communist Party of India (Maoist) general secretary Ganapati, alias Mupalla Laxman Rao alias Chandrasekhar, who hails from Karimnagar district.The airing of the footage, contained in a CD seized by police recently during a shootout in West Bengal, created a flutter as these were the first pictures of Ganapati after he went underground nearly three decades ago.Sitting along with his second-in-command Prashanta Bose alias Kishenda alias Nirbhay Mukherjee, the most wanted Maoist was addressing party cadres. The channels said they have taken the visuals from youtube.

English daily Hindustan Times had said earlier that it was in possession of the CD.While the police claimed that the Maoist leaders were speaking at CPI-Maoist’s ninth congress in 2007 somewhere in Bihar, Maoist sympathiser and revolutionary poet Varavara Rao said here the visuals were of the unity congress held in September 2003 to finalise the merger of CPI(ML), People’s War and Maoist Coordination Committee of India.

The two outfits merged in 2004 to form CPI-Maoist, the most powerful Maoist group in the country, with considerable influence in nine states.As the word spread that Ganapati’s visuals were being shown, people in his native village Beerpur in Sarangapur mandal of Karimnagar district were glued to the TV sets to see the man who had left a teacher’s job in the 1970s to join the left-wing extremist movement. He later joined CPI-ML People’s War floated by Kondapalli Seetharamaiah in early 1980s after the split in CPI-ML.Ganapati, 50, did his B.Ed before taking up a teacher’s job. After joining the CPI-ML People’s War he worked as its Karimnagar district committee secretary and Andhra Pradesh state committee secretary before becoming the chief of CPI (Maoist).

The footage aired Saturday shows Ganapati appealing to party cadres to resist the police forces engaged in anti-Maoist operations. Speaking in Hindi, he also ruled out laying down arms for talks with the government.Varavara Rao told reporters that the leak of the CD to the media by intelligence was a conspiracy to weaken the movement. He alleged that the government was trying to mislead people that Ganapati was ready to give up arms and join the mainstream.“The visuals are being deliberately shown at a time when the government is sending forces to different states to suppress the Maoist movement,” he said.

Revolutionary balladeer Gaddar, who along with Varavara Rao had acted as emissaries of Maoists during their first-ever direct talks with the state government in 2004, confirmed that the man in the visuals is Ganapati.“I salute the courage of this brave man who was speaking in public despite facing threat to his life,” he said.“His speech has highlighted the cause for which Maoists are fighting. The government is sending the army to kill people for whom Maoists have taken up this movement,” he said.The Maoist sympathisers feel that Ganapati’s visuals could have its impact on the Maoist movement and the security of the top Maoists. They noted that Maoists lost several key leaders in Andhra Pradesh after they came out in public for the talks with the state government.The peace talks and eight-month ceasefire collapsed in early 2005. Police killed several Maoist leaders including their state chief during the last four years.  Thaindian


4 Responses to “Visuals of Ganapati, CPI Maoist General Secretary”

  1. Indian said

    Green Hunt Should continue … Kill Basted Maoist.. we just Follwing the maoist Way “Reveloution Requires Blood” But this Time it is maoist Blood.. Pay them in Same Coin

  2. This one idiot with misguided ideology of so called peoples movement lives in the prejudice of over throwing the Indian state whose foundation is the very same people of this country. He and his followers have just escaped so far with life just because of the sympathy of the people with the feeling that they are (as proclaimed by these) for the poor.
    But in the guise of pro-poor these terrorists are making a mockery of democratic institutions. And must be annihilated before it is too late.

  3. karan said

    Who the people misguided the people of india with there ideology what do u know?. Can u leave u r family and friends for the sake of any one in this world with out any advantage to u they did that and still doing for the sake of the people who need them and not like you people who sit and give lessons abt growth and income for indians by captailization of the country and misuse of power by giving it to person who you barely know them or seen them by sending to the utmost place where they can do rules and break the rules which as you said the foundation laid the same so called people of this country . do one thing leave your family and friend and stay away for them with a cause where u r sourrounded by death ,hunger,starvation , and with out any contact with u r near one and finally u dont even know if u r dead body will cremated or thrown to dump think abt it and then talk abt them who are ready to die for others where we r not ready to die for our family until there is any benifit for us

  4. srikanth yadav said

    its the china which leads the world and competitiveness against the strong nations like US, europian union, Britain etc on the principals of great MAO despite of its large population and other obstructions against the development. Its the Maoist party and their leaders who sacrifices their lives to save the nation from corrupted politicians, industrialists. Adaption of the Maoist principles in critical branches of government like will give great results.

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