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Solidarity to the convention on ‘war of the state on its own people’

Posted by Admin on December 4, 2009


The ruling class of Indian state has launched a civil war against the oppressed tribal people of Chattishgarh, Orissa, Jharkhand,Bihar and West Bengal and going to intensify their attack in coming days. We are from the remotest part of this country, expressing our solidarity on the issue of the convention which will be held in Delhi on 4th December regarding the protest against the war of the state on its own people. Historically, Indian state is a dominion and its laws, judiciary and administrative system serves for the interest of imperialism. The comprador bourgeois and feudal lords are exercising the ruling power as dictation of imperialism. Though Indian state has declared himself as ‘largest democratic country’, the one and only form of presenting ‘democracy’ is organizing ‘General Election’. We all are generally concerned that it is not possible for any ruler to be elected through this election without such commitment to imply the imperialist interest and after all no one can go against the system. All parliamentary parties have taken the oath to obey the constitution which was written under the guidelines of new colonial policies of imperialism. Obviously, this ruling class has accorded the license to the capitalists and feudal lords to exploit the natural resources and common people. People are only getting the residues thrown by them in the name of so called state’s development work.

Now the tribal people of our country are building up the obstruction in front of the ruling class to eradicate the traditional system of exploitation. They are agitating and significantly protecting themselves from state militancy. As a result, native rulers have opened up the mask of ‘democracy’ and started the civil war against its own people following the direction of imperialists. We, as a part of the oppressed people of our country, defending the side of our tribal brethren and promising to resist the state from launching this war as per our strength, nevertheless to oppose and expose the terror and brutality of the state.

This present state wants to impose his planning and decisions on common people and trying to involve masses under the shout of ‘patriotism’. When anyone opposes state’s policies and activities, he or she would have been tortured and condemned in jail with a label of ‘enemy of the country’. We believe, every decision of the state must be analyzed in people’s aspect, whether it is going against the people or not. State machinery is not at all a perpetual system that people are bound to ‘worship’ it. Historically, the form of state has been changing to fulfill the need of contemporary progressive class (winning the active participation of oppressed people). If the ruling class act against the people’s interest, people has full of right to oppose it, even they can alter the system for the sake of majority people of the society. People has full of right to change all harmful laws, judiciary system and administration (including the irrational health, food distribution, education and other welfare systems) if they consider those as unfair to the society.

It is the time to consolidate the propaganda to expose and distinguish among the concept of ‘state’, ‘country’ and ‘motherland’ to convince the urban middle class who still remain in hesitation. Right to survival of the attacked people can be protected only by the establishment of the right to protection which is definitely beyond the affiliation of the present state system. People will organize the tribunal, people will give the verdict, and they will tell the ultimate truth- This is the essence of people’s democracy.

Wishing a great success of tomorrow’s convention,

Congratulations from,

Ayan Kumar Sen

Ranabir Roy

Bibhash Sarkar

On behalf of
Concern for Social Justice


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