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Archive for February 9th, 2010

Operation green hunt

Posted by Admin on February 9, 2010

Operation green hunt 01 copy

Operation green hunt 02 copy

Operation green hunt 03 copy

Operation green hunt 04 copy

Operation green hunt 05 copy

Operation green hunt 06 copy

Operation green hunt 07 copy

Operation green hunt 08 copy

Operationgreen hunt 09 copy

Operation green hunt 10 copy

Operation green hunt 11 copy

Operation green hunt 12 copy

Operation green hunt 13 copy

Operation green hunt16 copy

Operation green hunt16 copy

Operation green hunt, War on people india

Operation green hunt, War on people india


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UP: ‘Naxal’ couple were running magazine for four years

Posted by Admin on February 9, 2010

Retired labour commissioner M P Srivastava, father of Seema Azad, reads Dastak. Express Photo

Retired labour commissioner M P Srivastava, father of Seema Azad, reads Dastak. Express Photo

Booked under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act for their alleged Naxal activities, 35-year-old Seema Azad and her husband Vishwavijay Azad have been publishing Dastak Nai Samay Ki, a monthly Hindi magazine for the last four years.

The magazine, duly registered with Registrar of Newspaper for India, focusses on public issues pertaining to politics and social causes.

And while the police maintain that there is no case against the magazine, the arrest of Seema and her husband has come as a shock to friends and relatives.

“There was no need to publish a monthly magazine for almost four years for sustenance, if Seema was associated with Naxal activities,” said Neelam Shankar, a writer associated with Dastak Nai Samay Ki. “Seema focussed on national and international issues, social causes and policies of the government. She used to cycle several miles to distribute the magazine and it was in last October that her father-in-law bought her a moped for the work.”

Seema and Vishwavijay decided to publish the magazine as they thought it was a noble profession and would help them financially, said Seema’s father M P Srivastava. Read the rest of this entry »

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UP: Family Protests as PUCL UP Secy among ‘Naxals’ Held in State

Posted by Admin on February 9, 2010

(Yahoo! India News, 8 February 2010):

Among the three alleged Naxalites arrested from Allahabad and Gorakhpur by the Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force on Saturday was the state secretary of the People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL), Seema Srivastava. She was picked up along with her husband, Vishwavijay Azad alias Kamalji.

While Srivastava, 35, and Azad were arrested from Allahabad, Asha alias Heerman Munda was arrested from Gorkhapur.

Produced before a court in Allahabad, Srivastava said she or her husband had no links with Naxals, nor were they involved in any illegal activity. While she claimed they together brought out a monthly magazine called Dastak, the police say Azad is the head of the Uttar Pradesh State Organising Committee of the CPI(Maoist).

PUCL state president Chitranjan Singh confirmed that Srivastava was the organisation’s state secretary, and said they would approach the National Human Rights Commission. Rajeev Yadav, organising secretary of the PUCL, said the couple had been targeted as Srivastava had organised protests against the “encounter” that killed Kamlesh Choudhary, a Naxal leader, in Sonbhadra district in November.

Addressing a press conference in Lucknow, Additional Director General (Law and Order) Brij Lal said the couple were arrested following disclosures made by Asha, who is reportedly a member of the CPI(Maoist)’s Central Mahila Sub-Committee.

The STF team seized banned Naxal literature, a camera and Rs 1.11 lakh from the three, he said.

The Additional Director General said Azad and Srivastava, residents of Madhuban village in Allahabad district, had been working to expand the Naxalite base in the state for the past three to four years. Munda, according to him, was a native of Tinkara village of Bihar’s Chapra district and had been staying in Krishnanagar colony area of Gorakhpur.

Srivastava’s father M P Srivastava, a retired assistant labour commissioner, however, termed the arrest a conspiracy against her. “She was a good student, and completed her Masters in Psychology from Allahabad University in 2000. She got married to Vishwavijay Azad and entered student politics. As a father who has (seen her) since childhood, I do not subscribe to what police claim of her,” M P Srivastava told The Indian Express.

Azad, a former student leader of Allahabad University, belongs to a rich family of Mau district.

In their magazine Dastak, Srivastava and Azad had been very vocal against the sand mafia in Allahabad and adjoining regions. M P Srivastava said Seema, the younger of his two daughters, has always been very “upright and bold”. “She has never compromised with her values. She could have been a teacher and would have spent her life with ease, but she preferred to serve the downtrodden.”

“Why did the police arrest her like a criminal?” he asked. “She was coming from New Delhi by Rewanchal Express on Saturday. Her husband went to receive her at the Allahabad junction. The STF arrested the duo and kept them at an undisclosed location. The police informed me only today (Sunday) morning about her arrest.”

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Seema is a human right worker, not a ‘Naxali’

Posted by Admin on February 9, 2010

The Chairperson,
National Human Right Commission
New Delhi,


We want to acknowledge you that Seema Azad ,journalist ,human right worker and executive member of peoples Union for civil liberties (PUCL), and her husband former student leader Vishwavijay and friend Asha, were detained by the police on Allahabad Railway Junction without any proper reason on Saturday(6th Feb 2010). Both of them were returning from World Book Fair, New Delhi by the Reewanchal Express. According to police they all are Naxalite.
Sir, the organization wants to highlight the background of detention. PUCL has continuously raised the voice against the atrocity done by the police-Bahubalies nexus in kachhari region of Allahabad and Kausambi district on the sand mining labours. Due to the pressure of politician and Bahubalies , DIG of Allahabad has framed many fraud cases against the labour movement leader. DIG had banned the ‘Lal Salam’ cited it as against the nationality. PUCL had condemned the ban saying that it was natural address of Communist party. According to PUCL ‘Lal Salam’ is a common address of labourer across the world. Raising the cause of fighting labour against the illegal collection and illegal mining of sand in Nanda ka Pura village of Kausambi, the minster Seema azad and advocate K. K. Roy of PUCL has issued a report on human right violation. In past one month the police and PAC jawans has unleashed the Lathicharge couple of times in Nanda ka Pura village. Police had torched the local office of CPI (ML) New Damocracy in Nanda village. And their leader were detained in the jail for several days in fraud cases. The voice against them , doesn’t suit the mood of DIG of Allahabad and police. Police doesn’t want that the voice should be raised by any organization against their working style. The arrest of Seema Azad , her husband Vishwavijay and friend Aasha is done by the police in the revenge. Seema Azad has no any connection with the Naxalite and she is working in the field of human right for past several years. She is also editor of a monthly magazine ‘Dastak’. She has made report on serious issues like human right situation in eastern Utter Pradesh, labour movement, SEZ, situation of Mushar cast and Encephalitis disease. Vishwavijay, husband of Seema Azad , and his friend Aasha were active student leader of Central university of Allahabad for a long time. They have strongly raised the concerned problem of students under the banner of ‘INQUALABI CHHATRA MORCHA’. The persons which are naxalite, according to the police, are working in between students and labour for a long time.
Sir, in past also UP Police has threatened the leader of PUCL working for the human right concern. PUCL has raised the questions against the encounter of Kamlesh Chaudhoury in Chandauly dated 9th November. After that , in a press conference dated 11th November 2009, DGP Brijlal has articulated that “the action would be taken against the PUCL leader”(see Dainik Hindustan of November 12, 2009). The Allahabad arrest of Seema Azad is a chain of the same retaliation.
Hence, we appeal for the prompt action in the matter and also we appeal that police atrocity and human right violation should be stopped. We also demand that Seema Azad and her friend should be released as soon as possible.

– Sincerely

Vandana Mishra, General Secretary, PUCL, U.P.
Chitranjan Singh, National Secretary, PUCL
K.K. Roy , Advocate, state executive member, PUCL
Ravikiran Jain, state executive member, PUCL
Satendra Singh, Convener, People’s Union for Human Rights(PUHR)
Sandeep Pandey, winner of Magsaysay award and state executive member,PUCL
S. R. Darapuri, former police director, state executive member,PUCL
Anshu Malviya, Shehri Garib Sangharsh Morcha
Shahnawaz Alam, Organization Secretary ,PUCL
Rajeev Yadav , Organization Secretary,PUCL
Vijay Pratap, Freelance journalist and human right worker

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