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UP: Family Protests as PUCL UP Secy among ‘Naxals’ Held in State

Posted by Admin on February 9, 2010

(Yahoo! India News, 8 February 2010):

Among the three alleged Naxalites arrested from Allahabad and Gorakhpur by the Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force on Saturday was the state secretary of the People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL), Seema Srivastava. She was picked up along with her husband, Vishwavijay Azad alias Kamalji.

While Srivastava, 35, and Azad were arrested from Allahabad, Asha alias Heerman Munda was arrested from Gorkhapur.

Produced before a court in Allahabad, Srivastava said she or her husband had no links with Naxals, nor were they involved in any illegal activity. While she claimed they together brought out a monthly magazine called Dastak, the police say Azad is the head of the Uttar Pradesh State Organising Committee of the CPI(Maoist).

PUCL state president Chitranjan Singh confirmed that Srivastava was the organisation’s state secretary, and said they would approach the National Human Rights Commission. Rajeev Yadav, organising secretary of the PUCL, said the couple had been targeted as Srivastava had organised protests against the “encounter” that killed Kamlesh Choudhary, a Naxal leader, in Sonbhadra district in November.

Addressing a press conference in Lucknow, Additional Director General (Law and Order) Brij Lal said the couple were arrested following disclosures made by Asha, who is reportedly a member of the CPI(Maoist)’s Central Mahila Sub-Committee.

The STF team seized banned Naxal literature, a camera and Rs 1.11 lakh from the three, he said.

The Additional Director General said Azad and Srivastava, residents of Madhuban village in Allahabad district, had been working to expand the Naxalite base in the state for the past three to four years. Munda, according to him, was a native of Tinkara village of Bihar’s Chapra district and had been staying in Krishnanagar colony area of Gorakhpur.

Srivastava’s father M P Srivastava, a retired assistant labour commissioner, however, termed the arrest a conspiracy against her. “She was a good student, and completed her Masters in Psychology from Allahabad University in 2000. She got married to Vishwavijay Azad and entered student politics. As a father who has (seen her) since childhood, I do not subscribe to what police claim of her,” M P Srivastava told The Indian Express.

Azad, a former student leader of Allahabad University, belongs to a rich family of Mau district.

In their magazine Dastak, Srivastava and Azad had been very vocal against the sand mafia in Allahabad and adjoining regions. M P Srivastava said Seema, the younger of his two daughters, has always been very “upright and bold”. “She has never compromised with her values. She could have been a teacher and would have spent her life with ease, but she preferred to serve the downtrodden.”

“Why did the police arrest her like a criminal?” he asked. “She was coming from New Delhi by Rewanchal Express on Saturday. Her husband went to receive her at the Allahabad junction. The STF arrested the duo and kept them at an undisclosed location. The police informed me only today (Sunday) morning about her arrest.”


2 Responses to “UP: Family Protests as PUCL UP Secy among ‘Naxals’ Held in State”

  1. simpleguy said

    These Brahmins are now running Naxal organisations also.

    The Naxals killed whole truckload of CRPF but the Brahmin rulers of India did not take any action.

    But they have deployed heavy army in Kashmir to protect the Kashmiri Pundits and rape Kashmiri Muslims.

    India must come back on her own feet and kick out these Brahmin parasites.

  2. Dear Simpleguy,

    I was a Marxist; I’m not a Brahmin; I don’t hate Brahmins.

    This is my postscript dt 21 May, 2010, added to my novel being written.
    My request to Binayak Sen, Arundhati Roy and all intellectuals sympathizing with Maoists:
    Dear Ma`am and Sirs,
    Call a meeting of yours. Request Kishenji to take part. Please try to bring about a change in his attitudes.
    Oh, dear Kishenji!
    Throw away your gun after the meeting. Get a PIED PIPE. Playing the pipe you can lure the ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY crore Indians, including the 70 crore who are the poorest in the world. Play the pipe to your supporters in JNU first and plead to them, “March with me to New Heaven And New Earth, not to the BAY OF BENGAL, not even to Dandi.” They will follow you; those in other Us will follow them; Karat will follow; Mohanji will; Rahulji will; the “one hundred and thirty” will. You will become the Planet’s Gandhi of the twenty-first century. Only you from Sindhustan — at this moment — can be that Gandhi. If you pooh-pooh me, that clever school girl of USA will become the Planet’s Gandhi, who asked her President, “Among the ones reincarnated, whom will you eat with?”, for which she got the reply, “I shall eat with Gandhi only, even though he may discourage me from filling my stomach beyond capacity!” — after which only the President proudly proclaimed to his white compatriots, “I’m a black man,” though his mother was white!
    I am not pooh-poohing you.
    Even if you succeed with your gun, your fate will not be different from that of Mengistu Haile Mariam of Ethiopia — that “Napoleon the Junior” of Orwell — where my innocent students had heartily-wrongly taken part in the revolution, whom I had been teaching after I taught in Kenya where I happened to meet and talk to Barack Hussein Obama Sr., THE FATHER OF THE Jr WHOSE SOLE HERO IS GANDHI, both drinking Russian Vodka, sitting on the opposite sides of a table in a Patel’s bar in Nairobi, an hour after OBAMA’s MAN TOM MBOYA was shot dead by Jomo Kenyatta’s man, so the news in Hindi was secretly revealed to me by Mr. Patel — with a warning, “Run back home; I’m going to close the bar because somebody said a hired Patel has done that, after which he has taken his flight to South Africa” — Obama wondering at the nonsense going on between the two Sindhians.
    Poor Patel! Somebody had just rumoured to him! Kenyatta’s man was a Kikuyu.
    Kishenji, Kenyatta’s act had a resemblance to the one of Napoleon of the ANIMAL FARM who had arranged the killing of Snowball who had fled to the New World, am I right?
    What happened to Napoleon’s Animal Farm?
    You want to be a Napoleon? Or a Snowball of Napoleon? Or a Gandhi of Godse?
    Be a Gandhi of Godse, Sir. I’m 77, Sir.

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