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War Against Naxals: The War Against People – Public Meeting Updates, Tamil Nadu

Posted by Admin on March 22, 2010

Com.Balan, High Court Lawyer, Bengaluru addressing the meeting.

Com.Varavara Rao, VIRASAM (Revolutionary Writer’s Association), Andhra addressing the meeting.

Com.Marudhaiyan, General Secretary, PALA addressing the meeting.

Musical drama performed by PALA Central Arts Troupe, Tamilnadu

People at the gathering

People at the gathering

Images and Video Courtesy:

March 8, 2010 from Spring Thunder

On Feb 20, 2010, in MGR Nagar, Chennai a huge public meeting was organized by PALA and its revolutionary organizations. The meeting was successful in exposing the actual objective of the Operation Green Hunt; that it is not just a state-declared war against the Maoists, but that it is war by the state and the ruling classes against the common people. PALA and its revolutionary organizations had campaigned about Operation Green Hunt among a large number of people in street corner meetings, factory meetings, and in buses and trains across Tamilnadu. Comrades met hundreds of people and distributed about 1.5 lakh pamphlets; 10,000 booklets of the essay, The Heart of India is Under Attack by Arundathi Roy; a collection of English essays (published in various magazines and newspapers) exposing the Operation Green Hunt; Hall Meetings in various district headquarters; and Hindi and English pamphlets. Evidence of such a concentrated campaign for over 50 days was seen in thousands of people who had come to attend the public meeting.

Com. Mukundan, President, New Democratic Labour Front, Tamilnadu, presided over the meeting, which started off with the revolutionary salute to the martyrs. Com. Balan, advocate at the Bangalore High Court, addressed the meeting first. He listed in detail the various minerals available in the states of Orissa and Jharkhand. He also discussed how if all this mineral wealth were to be mined and taken away by the multinational corporations in the next 50 years, we will be forced to beg them for our needs in the future. He stressed on the fact that recolonization was not something that was happening only in Orissa and Jharkhand, but very much in Tamil Nadu as well. To illustrate his point, he talked about the Goundi-Vediappan hill in Thiruvanamalai, TN, which the government had sold out to Jindal, a multinational corporation. According to the deal, the government will receive only 0.02% of the total profit as royalty!

Com. Varavara Roa of Revolutionary Writer’s Association, Andhra Pradesh, exposed the imperialist gains behind this state-sponsored war against the Maoists. He reminded of how adivasi leaders from Birsa Munda to Alluri Sita Rama Raju had organized valiant and revolutionary struggles against colonial powers. He also added that after the birth of the Naxalbari movement, the adivasis led by the Maxist-Leninist ideology, are fighting not only to stop the plunder of their resources, but also to capture the state power. Talking about the changes in the state machinery and global trends in the times of imperialist globalization, he drew people’s attention how Manmohan Singh, an ex-world bank official; P.Chidambaram, the advocate of various MNCs; and George Bush, an ex-CIA president could become politicians and world leaders without any prior political background. He also highlighted the fact that both national and regional parties have become supporters of imperialist globalization. He pointed to the recent interview of the secretary of CPI(Maoist), Com.Ganapathy, where he had declared that the Maoists were ready for talks. Then, he spoke about how P. Chidambaram always spoke in two tongues with regard to talks and declared amidst thunderous claps that this fight against the Operation Green Hunt will continue undaunted, regardless of the number of lives that may have to be sacrificed.

The next speaker, Com. Marudhaiyan, General Secretary of PALA, drew parallels between Operation Green Hunt and the US invasion of Iraq. Just as how the US invasion of Iraq claimed it was supposedly for tearing down Saddam Hussain’s dictatorship and not for Iraq’s oil, Operation Green Hunt is projected to be a war against Maoists, when in reality, it is actually to take over the mineral and forest wealth of those regions. The state that is grabbing the land from adivasis in the name of development is not starting any public sector mines, rather is giving away the land to the MNCs. And, this is not happening only to the adivasis; it’s happening to various other people and sectors. He termed this brutal, grabbing of forests, ocean wealth, public undertakings, small businesses, and agriculture from people to be given away to imperialist MNC’s as the war of recolonization. Exposing the actual face of the state that advertise ‘free schemes’ to people, but actually robs people to fill the coffers of the capitalists, he listed about the tax redemption of over 700 crore to the Indian comprador capitalists, the privileges given to the TATA Nano in Gujarat, and the land given to Anil Ambani in Maharashtra to make his own airport! Talking about the TN CM’s habit of putting his face on the yellow bags in which ration rice is distributed to the common people, Com. Marudaiyan wondered whether the CM packaged similarly the privileges he gave to Ford, Hyundai, and Nokia! He concluded his speech by saying that we have nothing to talk to the terrorists, and that Manmohan Singh and P. Chidamdaram perfectly fit the description of terrorists.

The talks were followed by a cultural program by PALA’s cultural troupe. The program depicted the life circumstances and oppression faced by the Adivasis. The revolutionary songs, in various aspects, showed how the ruling classes and parliamentary parties only sell away the country and how only Naxalites continue to guard the country through their relentless struggle and sacrifice.

The enormous gathering of people at the MGR Nagar market, the red-attired comrades among the crowd, the people’s response to each call for action, and the uproarious claps to each time the word Naxalbari was used were evidence of the amount of support and popularity the Naxalite movement enjoys among the people. It also showed people’s anger against the policies of recolonization. The Chennai public meeting reinstated the hope that this war against the people, declared by the ruling classes, will be completely vanquished by the red wave that will rise from the people.

Courtesy: Puthiya Jananayagam, March 2010


One Response to “War Against Naxals: The War Against People – Public Meeting Updates, Tamil Nadu”

  1. After reading Arundhati Roy’s latest speech in Mumbai, made after her direct contacts with Kishenji:
    A piece written early – as part of my novel being written — modified on May 25.
    On the basis of the thought-provoking reports, let me bring in the related issues that may help our Arsha Bharata come out as a model for the world as the largest welfare-state democracy.
    Kobad Ghandy, alumnus of Doon school, classmate of Sanjay Gandhi, a highly educated and enlightened Parsee, member of a wealthy business family, was arrested last year for being concerned for poor people, for devoting his entire life time to uplift them, especially the Jungly Animals of Sindhu. Look! He was humiliated by businessmen ruling jungles — the administrators acting as their infantry and cavalry. He decided to be a Maoist; became one of the topmost Maoists. He is in Tihar Jail. For how many years will he be there? Binayak Sen — only a sympathiser of the jungly animals — spent two years!
    On May 2, The Hindu reported the demonstrations of thousands of jungly animals demanding the Govt to stop Green Hunt.
    According to the NEWSWING, the Union Minister of State for Agriculture, on May 7, informed Rajya Sabha that NABARD had sanctioned 191 horticultural projects in Sindhu for the jungly animals. The outlay is Rs. 543.6 Crores, virtually grant to 1.56 lakh jungly families. Each family will get around Rs. 45,000. The project duration ranges from 5-7 years. Four projects cover 4,000 jungly families. About 500-1000 jungly families are covered with 1000 acres of orchard plantation in clusters. . .
    My view on the Minister’s revelations:
    The amount not exceeding Rs. 45,000 granted to a family is small, I believe. Still, something is better than nothing.
    How many families are covered? Let me forget about jungles in my arithmetic; let those animals be 5-member families. Then the figure of the 1.56 lakh families thus covered in the Rajya Sabha works out: to be 0.78% of the 200 lakh (2 crore) families encompassing 10 crore jungly animals; and to be 0.02 % of the 70 crore of the entire animals of the projected 130 crore Sindhian humanoids.
    My request to Binayak Sen, Arundhati Roy and all intellectuals who are on their wavelengths:
    You are not Maoists, I know; you sympathize with Maoists.
    Dear Ma`am and Sirs,
    Call a meeting of yours. Request Kishenji to take part. Please try to bring about a change in his attitudes.
    Oh, dear Kishenji!
    Throw away your gun after the meeting. Be a PIED PIPER, an angelic player, not the history’s Lucifer who lured 130 children to Waser River and got them drowned. You can play the pipe and lure the 130 crore Sindhians, including the 70 crore who are the poorest in the world. Go to JNU first and Play. Lure your supporters and plead to them, “March with me to New Heaven And New Earth, not to the BAY OF BENGAL, not even to Dandi.” They will follow you; those in other Us will follow them; Karat will follow; Mohanji will; Rahulji and all will. You will become the Planet’s Gandhi of the twenty-first century. Only you from Sindhustan — at this moment — can be that Gandhi.
    If you pooh-pooh me, that clever school girl of USA will become the Planet’s Gandhi, who asked her President, “Among the ones reincarnated, whom will you eat with?”, for which she got the reply, “I shall eat with Gandhi only, even though he may discourage me from filling my stomach beyond capacity!” — after which only the President proudly proclaimed to his white compatriots, “I’m a black man,” though his mother was white!
    I am not pooh-poohing you.
    Even if you succeed with your gun, your fate will not be different from that of Mengistu Haile Mariam of Ethiopia — that “Napoleon the Junior” of Orwell. Mengistu’s supporters were innocent students including mine whom I was teaching after I taught in Kenya.
    I tell you, in Kenya I happened to meet and talk to Barack Hussein Obama Sr. It was when we were sitting on the opposite sides of a table in a Patel’s bar in Nairobi, drinking Russian Vodka, the favourite drink of both. It was then Mr. Patel informed us that my co-drinker’s benefactor Tom Mboya was shot dead by Jomo Kenyatta’s man. The news in Hindi was then secretly revealed to me by Mr. Patel, with a warning, “Run back home. I’m going to close the bar. Somebody said a hired Patel has done the act, after which he has taken his flight to South Africa.” Obama was wondering at the nonsense going on between the two Sindhians.
    Poor Patel! Somebody had just rumoured to him! Kenyatta’s man was a Kikuyu.
    Kishenji, Kenyatta’s act had a resemblance to the one of Napoleon of the ANIMAL FARM who had arranged the killing of Snowball who had fled to the New World, am I right?
    What happened to Napoleon’s Animal Farm?
    You want to be a Napoleon?
    Or a Snowball of Napoleon?
    Or a Gandhi of Godse?
    Be a Gandhi of Godse, Sir.
    I’m an ex-revolutionary, an oldie, Sir! 77 yrs old!.

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