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Orissa Tribals take out rally opposing ‘Operation Green Hunt’

Posted by Admin on May 2, 2010

Staff Reporter, The Hindu

Some 5,000 tribals participate in the rally

BERHAMPUR: Armed tribals on Saturday took out a rally at Malkangiri town protesting against the ‘Operation Greenhunt’, the proposed joint operation against Maoists parts of south Orissa, adjoining Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh.

This rally came up a day after the week-long ‘bandh’ call by Maoists in south Orissa against ‘Operation Greenhunt’, which ended on Friday. Around 5,000 tribals with their traditional arms like bows and arrows, axes, swords etc took part in this rally under the banner of ‘Malkangiri Zilla Adivasi Sangh’. These tribals were from remote naxal infested pockets of Malkangiri district. Armed security forces were deployed at Malkangiri town for the rally. But no untoward incidents were reported.

The tribals handed over a memorandum addressed to the Chief Minister of Orissa to the Collector of Malkangiri. They demanded the ‘Operation Greenhunt’ to be stopped as according to them it would lead to exploitation of tribals living in remote areas at the hands of security forces and their loss of livelihood. They also added up demands like provision of basic amenities in remote areas and tribal right over land on which they live.

Recently under different banners demonstrations are being taken up in naxal infested areas against any major joint operation against Maoists. On April 2, a large number of tribals, under the banner of Konda Reddy Unnayan Sangha (KRUS) made a demonstration at Malkangiri town opposing any major action against naxals to be taken up in their area. On April 15, a new outfit of tribal women named Biplabi Adivasi Mahila Sangh (BAMS) took out a rally in Maoist-hit Narayanpatna to protest against proposed special joint anti-Maoist operations in the area. The tribals also put up posters at several places in the district urging the State administration to refrain from such operation. It may be noted that Malkangiri and Koraput district of south Orissa adjoining Dantewada district of Chhattisgarh and naxal-infested areas of Andhra Pradesh are key areas of proposed anti-Maoist operation. It was suspected that Maoists involved in the carnage of 76 Central Reserve Police Force personnel in Dantewada district may have slipped into these districts of Orissa. Already Border Security Force personnel are deployed in these districts.


3 Responses to “Orissa Tribals take out rally opposing ‘Operation Green Hunt’”

  1. On the basis of the thought-provoking report, let me bring in the related issues that may help my Arsha Bharata come out as a model for the world as the largest welfare-state democracy.

    This post is a piece updated on May 23 — taken from my novel being taken.

    Kobad Ghandy, a very high ranking Maoist, alumnus of Doon school, classmate of Sanjay Gandhi, member of a wealthy family in Mumbai, was arrested in Delhi, in September last year, for being concerned for poor people and for devoting his entire life time to uplift them, especially the Jungly Animals, the native Sindhustanis! He is still in Jail. How many years — if Binayak Sen spent two years there?

    My request to Binayak Sen, Arundhati Roy and all intellectuals who are on their wavelengths:

    You are not Maoists, I know; you sympathize with Maoists.
    Dear Ma`am and Sirs,
    Call a meeting of yours. Request Kishenji to take part. Please try to bring about a change in his attitudes.
    Oh, dear Kishenji!
    Throw away your gun after the meeting. Get a PIED PIPE. Playing the pipe you can lure the ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY crore Indians, including the 70 crore who are the poorest in the world. Play the pipe to your supporters in JNU first and plead to them, “March with me to New Heaven And New Earth, not to the BAY OF BENGAL, not even to Dandi.” They will follow you; those in other Us will follow them; Karat will follow; Mohanji will; Rahulji will; the “one hundred and thirty” will. You will become the Planet’s Gandhi of the twenty-first century. Only you from Sindhustan — at this moment — can be that Gandhi. If you pooh-pooh me, that clever school girl of USA will become the Planet’s Gandhi, who asked her President, “Among the ones reincarnated, whom will you eat with?”, for which she got the reply, “I shall eat with Gandhi only, even though he may discourage me from filling my stomach beyond capacity!” — after which only the President proudly proclaimed to his white compatriots, “I’m a black man,” though his mother was white!

    I am not pooh-poohing you.
    Even if you succeed with your gun, your fate will not be different from that of Mengistu Haile Mariam of Ethiopia — that “Napoleon the Junior” of Orwell — where my innocent students had heartily-wrongly taken part in the revolution, whom I had been teaching after I taught in Kenya where I happened to meet and talk to Barack Hussein Obama Sr., THE FATHER OF THE Jr WHOSE SOLE HERO IS GANDHI, both drinking Russian Vodka, sitting on the opposite sides of a table in a Patel’s bar in Nairobi, an hour after OBAMA’s MAN TOM MBOYA was shot dead by Jomo Kenyatta’s man, so the news in Hindi was secretly revealed to me by Mr. Patel — with a warning, “Run back home; I’m going to close the bar because somebody said a hired Patel has done that, after which he has taken his flight to South Africa” — Obama wondering at the nonsense going on between the two Sindhians.
    Poor Patel! Somebody had just rumoured to him! Kenyatta’s man was a Kikuyu.

    Kishenji, Kenyatta’s act had a resemblance to the one of Napoleon of the ANIMAL FARM who had arranged the killing of Snowball who had fled to the New World, am I right?
    What happened to Napoleon’s Animal Farm?
    You want to be a Napoleon? Or a Snowball of Napoleon? Or a Gandhi of Godse?

    Be a Gandhi of Godse, Sir. I’m 77, Sir.

    My view of Sindhu as the nation of some humans who belong to the richest in the world, who have become rich by starving and exploiting the majority of humanoids in the world — the ones being the inhabitants of Sindhustan working as animals for those rich guys of Sindhu — will be added later.

  2. Let me fulfill the commitment made in the previous comment.
    Digvijay Singh has a soft corner for Qinists*. I can understand.
    Rahul has soft corner for poor tribals, SCs, STs, Kalavati, Bill Gates, . . . People laugh at him, I know. Even Karat and Yechury ridicule him. All think he is after popularity.
    Is he a person to be hated?
    All people are after popularity and/or money, all over the world.
    Then why can’t our people — Digvijay Singh, Rahulji, Soniaji, Mohanji, Anthony, Mayaji, Nitishji, Naveenji, Mamataji, . . . — be after p and/or m? Only they can save the NEO-MANOR FARM of Mohanji.
    Otherwise it will turn into the Animal Farm of Orwell where Napoleon butchered fifty million animals.
    Or it will turn into the HWANG HO FARM of QIN:
    Qin — standing on a platform in a huge rye field and facing the countless mass of animals — had ordered them: “Eat less, LEAP FORWARD, march fast and arrive at HWANGHOPIA where is spread out your OPIA.” The animals leaped forward, forward, forward. They reached the edge of a cliff. Result? A major fraction didn’t know that they were leaping down into the fathomless marsh. The CATCHER IN THE RYE hadn’t turned up! End result? Drowning of sixty million animals!
    Thank God a huge majority didn’t leap down! The survivors made a long round-trip — in effect a GREAT LONG LEAP BACKWARD; and reached the starting point from where DENG SHI HUANG took them forward.
    Deng could do so because his shortness was admired by the animals, which had been once ridiculed by Qin — which they had hated:
    Deng had once stood up in the PIG’s ASSEMBLY showing the rest that he was voting against a QIN LAW put to be voted through; and Qin said, “Unanimously passed, since none of you are standing up.” Deng raised his hand in protest. Qin said, “Oh, you’re not only sitting but also congratulating me!”
    How about Modiji, Mr. Mehta? He does a lot to help people, I know. But to me, he is dangerous; I can’t worship him; he is more dangerous than the Qinists.
    * Qin – Mao

  3. Let me now explain why I made the two previous comments.
    This explanation is in fact an edited piece brought from my novel being written.

    The actual humanoid population — population of humans and of animals who do jobs that humans do — of the Sindhustani Neo-Manor Farm is about 130 crore of which 60 crore are humans and 70 are animals, so I read from newspapers.

    Let my green-mind’s eye work. Let me explain the simple-reliable pieces of information collected by my eye — with my Sindhustani humanoid-farmer’s simple arithmetic, and simple proficiency in economics and social demographics.

    Let the humanoid population of Mohanji’s Neo-Manor Farm be, and remain at, 1 billion (100 crore), until March 31 of this fiscal year — excluding: the kids born and to be born this fiscal year; the aged ones of the population that died and will pass away; and all those like me doing absolutely-no-work for the concerned humanoid families, being ready to pass away.

    Hey, novelist! Don’t treat me as a stupid person; the premise flaunted is not out of my stupidity; it is out of simplicity of this farmer-statistician.

    Out of this 1 billion, let us assume: that 600 million humanoids — housewives, children and each one of the elders acting as a housewife-child-combined — do only home-working; that they feed on what is earned by 400 million workers, two in a family working for five on an average — 1 for 2.5.

    We Sindhian population of the Neo-Manor Farm comprises a diverse mass. We include Mukesh Ambani, Azim Premji, Sudha Murthy, Amar Singh, Mayaji, Sharukh Khan, Sachin Tendulkar, Arundhati roy, my son, my wife, kangaroo-Munyappa-the-auto-driver, his wife kangaroo Gowri our domestic servant, her kangaroo parents and siblings in rural Karnataka far away . . ., the jungli animals in Bengal in regions such as Midnapore . . ., and similar ones in jungles in Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Orissa and Andhra . . . Our actual (not exaggerated) average per capita income, applicable to the current financial year, is ~ Rs. 40,000. It works out to: Rs. 100,000 as the average earning of one of our workers (40,000 X 2.5); and Rs. 40 trillion as the GDP, the yearly national income.

    The value of one Usa $ in the foreign exchange market was Rs. 46.31 on Friday. Let this farmer’s imagination take into account: the previous turmoils in the market; and an expected lack of confusion in the near future. Imagining so, I take the current rate as the average rate for this financial year. If so, the average earning of one of our workers is ~ Usa $ 2,159; and the nation’s income for this year is $ 864 billion.

    In fact, the exchange rate has been calculated in a very stupid way.

    For example:

    The fact is that: one dollar can buy in Chicago, in the “early apple season”, one medium-sized apple of average quality; I must take Rs. 46.31 there to buy that typical apple for my daughter Pat; I can buy four apples of that size and quality for my Sarah in Bangalore in the early apple season of India.

    The genuine (not exaggerated) currency exchange rate must be @ ~ Rs 12 per $ — the rate virtually approved by the International Monetary Fund, based on the ppp (purchasing power parity).

    The genuine yearly national income is, then, Usa $ 3,333.333333333 billion which is ~ $ 3.333 trillion.

    The ppp will be the same for the next year, I believe.

    Basing on various claims of our experts, I claim: Sindhian per capita income will jump t0 Rs. 45,000 by next year — to ~ $3.750 trillion as the national income.

    By “~” I mean “approximately”.


    Basing purely on ppp and on my farmer’s proficiency, let me do the calculations on the jump.

    The jump will be from:

    per capita income of Rs. 926.2 million — ~ $77.2 million — applicable to 10,000 humans haut en haut, en haut [ high up, up ];

    per capita income of Rs. 46.31 million — ~ $3.86 million — pertinent to 90,000 humans jaloux [jealous];

    pci of Rs. 4.631 million — ~ $0.386 million — earned by 0.9 million humans flamboyant [grandiose];

    and pci of Rs. 463,100 — ~ $38,592 — pocketed by 9 m humans clinquant [glitzy].

    That means:

    The average daily income of a human being of the first group of 10,000 is Rs. 2.54 million; the daily wage of each worker in that category is more than Rs. 6 million; and the daily income of a family is more than Rs. 12 million.


    The combined workforce of four million humans working at the top of our pyramid, working for ten million including themselves, take home ~ Rs. 21.77 trillion (~ $1.814 trillion) annually. In other words, the per capita income of the first 10 million out of the 1000 million Sindhians is Rs. 2,177,000; the average daily income of a human being of that ten million is about Rs. 5,960.30 ($496.69); the daily wage of each worker in that category is Rs.14,900.75; and the daily income of a five-member family of a couple of husband-and-wife-workers is Rs. 29, 801.50.

    One-tenth of this daily family income ($248.35 ~ $250) of the richest Sindhians is the daily-family-income of a run of the mill Sindhian nurse working in the Usa, along with her hubby doing some sundry job there, together working for, say, five members of the family — with their two school-going children and the mother of the nurse.

    Let me make crystal clear the figures of the run of the mill nurse:

    With this daily income, the nurse and family live a life there as if they were living sort of upper middle class life with Rs. 3,000 per day amongst the Humanoids in Sindhu.

    And with its ten times, our ten million humans — the first category of our humanoids — are living a swanky upper-class Usa life in Sindhu.


    Look! Out of this category of humans that we are talking about, there are those who are very, very rich! Well, I shouldn’t be jealous of them.

    The second sub-category of ninety thousand Sindhian humans — well, I can’t describe — have a daily family income of Rs. 633,949.35

    The third sub-category of nine hundred thousand are Up-Upper Class humans, earning a daily family income of Rs. 63,394.93.

    The last sub-category of 9 million humans are only towards Upper Class! — making a daily family income of Rs. 6,339.49.


    Ah, in a nutshell: 1000 million humanoids-combine of Sindhustan together can make only Rs. 40 trillion (40,000 billion).

    Ten Thousand humans (0.001% of the total humanoids) amass Rs. 9,262 billion (23.2% of Sindhu’s amassing).

    Ten million humans (1% of the population) — including the 10,000 above — together make Rs. 21,770 billion (54.4 % of Sindhu’s making). Mr. Novelist, I prefer to call these humans anti-Sindhians.


    The remaining nine hundred and ninety million humanoids (99% of the population) together make 18,230 billion only (45.575% of Sindhu’s making).

    Let me consider the Sindhian humans of these humanoids now. They are 450 million.

    Ninety millions first. How much do they earn?

    Their per capita income is Rs. 56,310 ~ $4692.50; together they make Rs. 5.0679 trillion; their daily family income is ~ Rs. 770.84.

    The daily family income of a run of the mill nurse and her husband in Sindhu together is less than two-third of this figure — not more than that.

    Though humans, I prefer to call the next section of humans — 100 million — the workhorses. Their pci is Rs. 40,100 ~ $3341.67; together they make Rs. 4.01 trillion; the daily family income of that category is ~ Rs. 548.94. Even this figure is a bit higher than a run of the mill nurse and her hubby can together make in Sindhu.

    The next category of 260 million humans — whom I jokingly call buffaloes — have Rs. 16,615 as the pci; they make Rs. 4.32 trillion; their daily family income is ~ Rs. 227.45; definitely, lower than half of what a run of the mill nurse and her hubby together make.


    Now the animals who do jobs that humans do:

    The per capita income for 200 million Birds of Sindhustan is Rs. 14,400; they make Rs. 2.88 trillion; and their daily family income is ~ Rs. 197.13

    And the remaining 340 million cattle make Rs. 1.9521 trillion; their pci is Rs. 5741; their daily family income is ~ Rs. 78.59.


    What will be the new figures — after the jumps from this year to the next?

    The per capita income of the top category of humans will go up by 20%; that of their first sub-category will jump by 30%!

    The per capita income of the cattle will go up from Rs. 5,741 to Rs. 5,913 — by 3%.

    I shall not ask silly questions on issues such as depreciation of money value. Enough of boring arithmetic!

    Let us ignore the issues affecting families of the cattle, such as over-milking of the cows, neglect of the calves, overuse of the bullock-carts and butchering of the old cattle.

    Each head of the cattle that is provided enough-and-not-enough grass & hay at the shed — including groundnut-cake given seldom or occasionally — at the cost of Rs. 15.72/day this year — will get stuff worth Rs. 16.195/day next year.

    “Oh, no!” say some economists. Our GDP will be nearly 5 trillion, so they claim. If so, the daily per capita income of cattle will be ~ Rs. 19.00, I believe, and of a member of the top 10,000 humanoids of Sindhustan will be Rs. 3,296,536.62

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