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RPF advises poor Non-Manipuris to join CPI-Maoist

Posted by Admin on May 5, 2010

Source: Hueiyen News Service

Imphal, May 03 2010: The proscribed Revolutionary People’s Front (RPF) has said that those Non-Manipuris living hand to mouth in Manipur and Manipuris are one and united.

"We all are a people oppressed and colonized by India.

CPI (Maoist) is fighting against Indian Ruling Class for your freedom and we in Manipur are fighting against Indian Colonial Ruler for regaining our freedom lost in 1949.CPI (Maoist) is waiting for you by keeping its door wide open.

Join CPI (Maoist) and fight for freedom of the oppressed working class and farmers of the country," said, Secretary, Publicity, RPF, T Leisemba in a press release issued today.

He said, Manipur is considered economically and educationally backward.

"Manipur is one of the economically and educationally backward states in the North East of the country, which its population was originally descended from Mongolia.

And there is a mounting political influence by the Chinese authority in the region" – Samalilandpress, Karnataka, 17 April 2010 .

Leisemba further said that there is hardly any employment opportunity and earning avenue in Manipur.

Number of educated jobless youths is increasing day by day.

Discontentment is growing.

Manipur is plagued with agitation, blockade and curfew.

It is natural that people search for greener pastures and shift to rich cities for earning a livelihood.

Leisemba asked, "Who will come for earning in a state like Manipur, where unrest and violence is the order of the day? What is important is a reply to this question" .

"The RPF does not consider suffering farmers and labourers of India as its enemy.

But the more inflow of Non-Manipuris instead of leaving the state after the RPF announced its stand on non-Manipuris, instigation by Indian army to SoO signatory KNO to oppose RPF’s policy and the steps taken by Manipur government to counter RPF’s policy have disclosed the true identity of the non-Manipuris entering Manipur" .

The press release said, "Normally people go to secure and peaceful places for making a living.

Under this situation how can we categorize non-Manipuris coming to violence and unrest scarred Manipur as job seekers? Yes, there may be some genuine cases but the rest are sent to Manipur under a policy of Indian government to strengthen its colonial stranglehold.

Ex-servicemen live on their pension money and Intelligence agents carry on espionage activities in troubled areas.

Non-Manipuris working here and their earning are only to fool the people.

Their main activity is to implement Indian government’s hidden agenda.

It is because of this reason that Indian government and IOF are getting furious over RPF’s policy on non-Manipuris.

In this backdrop we should study the role taken by East India Company in conquering India by the British" .

Leisemba further said in his press release that the threat by one Sher Khan, a self styled Naxal CPI (Maoist) of so called Tirhut sub-zonal committee to force Manipuris out of Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal from June 30 has no doubt created confusions and uncertainties.

He said, "The RPF’s policy on Non-Manipuris is the fallout of the problems created by Non-Manipuris in Manipur.

On the other hand it should be India’s policy to ask Manipuris to leave India because of problems created by Manipuris in India.

However, Gopal, spokesperson of CPI (Maoist) Bihar-Jharkhand-North Chhattisgarh Special Area Committee, which is working closely with RPF has clarified that the CPI (Maoist) does not have anyone called Sher Khan and that it has no policy of driving out Manipuris from these states.

He has also clarified that the threat was the handiwork of India’s Intelligence agencies" .

Leisemba said, the Manipur Chief Minister has claimed that Non-Manipuris have been staying in Manipur for more than 100 years.

RPF’s cutoff date is October 15, 1949 .

RPF regards non-Manipuris coming before this date and their descendents as citizens of Manipur, he said.


One Response to “RPF advises poor Non-Manipuris to join CPI-Maoist”

  1. sourav894 said

    For more than 6 weeks now, few tribal people have blocked two highways- NH39 and NH53 that lead into Manipur. They are protesting against the Manipur government’s decision not to allow Mr. Muivah to visit his birthplace in Manipur. Mr Muivah is the head of National Socialist Council of Nagaland, which is fighting for “Greater Nagaland”. A detailed report on the issue can be found here.

    This road blockage has lead to several problems. A litre of petrol is being sold at Rs 200, a cooking gas cylinder for Rs 1,500, while a kilogram of rice is being sold at Rs 70. Hospitals are running short of medicines and are discharging untreated patients, leave alone admitting new ones! People are dying out there. An Indian state is cut off from the rest of the nation!

    And where is the media? I did a Google search for ‘Manipur Blockade’ and among the news items that showed up, most were last updated on May 12th, 10 days back! The blockade is still on. People are dying out there! I’m very sure that this wouldn’t have been the case if Manipur was in central India. Well, media is known for its stupidity, but what makes it even worse is- where is the government?!

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