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Condemn the cold blooded murder of Azad & a freelance journalist in fake encounter! Expose the farcical commitme nt of the Indian state to ‘dialogue’!: DSU

Posted by Admin on July 6, 2010

Azad.jpgDemoctratic Students Union

The spokesperson of CPI(Maoist) Cherukuri Rajkumar alias Azad and a freelance journalist Hem Chandra Pandey, both unarmed, were brutally murdered at Adilabad district in Andhra Pradesh on the 1st of July 2010. While reporting this incident, the Andhra Police however claimed that Azad and one Sahadeva were killed in a ‘four hour long encounter’ involving ‘fierce gun battle’ near Sarkepalli village in Jogapur forests in Wankhidi mandal, Adilabad, while others of the armed troop of Maoists managed to escape in this lengthy exchange of fire. The corporate media of course blindly parroted these lies and never cared to pay heed to the section of the civil society and activists who were challenging the state’s version and were most vociferously exposing another blatant incident of fake-encounter. According to media reports and activists, Azad, who was appointed to head the peace-talks with the Home Ministry, was on his way to meet his comrades to decide on the cease-fire process. Both Azad and Hem Chandra Pandey were picked up by the Andhra Pradesh police from Nagpur at 11 am on the 1st of July 2010 and brought to Adilabad and were shot dead in cold blood while both were unarmed. But the naked-fact of a fake-encounter killing was and is still being brushed aside by the corporate media and the state by remaining simply silent about the facts that have come into the fore.

hem+pandey.jpgThe story of ‘fierce gun battle’ has already come under serious suspicion by the facts being reported even by some of the mainstream media, that villagers of adjoining areas denied having heard of any such exchange of gun-fire between 10pm and 2am, let alone a four hour long gun battle. Moreover, it is also difficult to believe that not a single policeman was injured in the supposed ‘four hour long fierce encounter’ with 25 heavily armed Maoists. Further, the fascist nature of Indian armed force and the state and their mastery over transforming a fake encounter into a ‘bloody battle’ got thoroughly exposed when it was identified that the person who was killed along with Azad was Hem Chandra Pandey a freelance journalist based in Delhi. He wrote for various Hindi dailies and worked for in the in-house magazine, Chetna in the communication department of DARCL Logistics Ltd for a monthly pay of Rs.15,865. His wife in a press conference informed the media that he had gone to Nagpur to do a story and was supposed to come back on the 2nd of July. This proves beyond doubt that Azad was indeed picked up from Nagpur even before he met his comrades and then he was killed in cold blood; and the journalist Hem was killed on the other hand just to suppress this truth and justify their fictitious version of a ‘heroic police raid’. Journalists in more than 6 districts of Andhra Pradesh and Hyderabad have strongly protested the killing of Hem and it is only under immense pressure and fear of being exposed, that the AP Police in a vault-face had to identify him as a ‘scribe’ the very next day. The targeting of journalists by the state in various struggle areas, killing them, intimidating them, or booking them under fake charges in a desperate bid to stop them from reporting the other side of the story is a fascist assault on the fundamental ethos of the very profession of journalism. In recently concluded genocide in Tamil Elam, the bloody war waged by the fascist Sri Lankan state, against the Tamil population, also adopted the same tactics of silencing the media by deliberate targeting of journalists.

Azad was someone who was heading the on-going peace talk between the Home Minsitry and the Maoists via Swami Agnivesh. There were several letters that had been exchanged between Chidambaram and Azad discussing the modalities and time period for the possible ceasefire. At this juncture, the deliberate elimination of the person who was leading the peace process on behalf of the Maoists exposes the farcical nature of the commitment to ‘peace’ that Chidambaram keeps boasting about. And the Home Ministry is therefore singularly responsible for derailing the so-called peace-process that it proposed to initiate. Evidences in this case most comprehensively indicate towards another incident of fake encounter just like the thousands of other such staged encounters going on over the years all over the country in the various liberation struggles and people’s movements in Kashmir, North-East, West Bengal, Chattisgarh and so on. And like in every such occasion before, this time around as well the armed forces will be shielded in spite of overwhelming evidences to ‘safeguard their morale’.

This fascist strategy makes complete mockery of the NHRC appointed Ranganath Mishra Committee’s directive (1996) that all cases of encounters are ‘cognizable offence’ until the police version is verified by an independent investigating agency and hence the police personnel must be booked under the charge of homicide in these sorts of killing. The historic Andhra High Court ruling on encounter killings clearly said that ‘the state is responsible to register an FIR against the encounter killing and the plea of self defense be proven before the court of law by the involved security personnel’. But the saga of such fake encounters continues unabated against all such legalities, norms and provisions of the UN, other international conventions and statutes of civil liberty. The adoption of this ‘US-Israel counter insurgency strategy’ of targeting and extra-judicial elimination of the leadership of a people’s movement brazenly exposes the fascist nature of the Indian state that flouts and undermines the very law of the land and the constitution that it claims to uphold. The ‘Mossad-trained’ covert operations of the security forces and the brutal killings of the leaders of people’s movements in fake encounters like that of Lalmohan Tudu, Sudhakar Reddy, Appa Rao, Kondal Reddy and others all point towards the same direction.

Immediately constitute independent enquiry into the killing of Azad & the freelance journalist Hem Pandey!
Home Ministry must clarify its position on the peace process it claims to initiate!


5 Responses to “Condemn the cold blooded murder of Azad & a freelance journalist in fake encounter! Expose the farcical commitme nt of the Indian state to ‘dialogue’!: DSU”

  1. sarath said

    the brutal killing should be brought under law and let the forces be under the constitution.

  2. Green Red said

    Lal salam late great martyred comrade Azad,

    Bringing justice might take time but, in such and, all cases, it is the way to go. When later sister Gandhi who had analyzed the Dalits status from a Marxist viewpoint passed away it was a loss.

    When great comrade Azad is martyred in brutal way, it is a loss but, like Charu Mazumdar’s whose – lots of his works – after all these years have such profound legitimacy and applications, Azad’s way shall be followed… and Azad’s way is not his private property. It is the way, the only way, for all to survive in this degenerative polluted capitalist and, all class relations world.

    As stated in Kasama before,

    For Azad in Farsi (each sentence of poem starts with Farsi letters of his name,i.e. A, Z, A and D in all four paragraphs)

    آن روز را به خاطر دارم
    زمانی که گفتی درد زمان زیاد است
    آزادی یافتن که در نامت نهان بود، راهی دارد به من گفتی چگونه
    دنیا آزاد باید بشود

    I remember that day
    when you said that there is so much pain in our time and,
    finding freedom hidden in your name has its own way and how
    the world must be freed

    آرمانت را تعریف کردی
    زیرا که کورکورانه نتوان جنگید
    اما انقلاب کردن هم میهمانی چایخوری نیست
    درمان گر خود درد میکشد و چون شمع درخشان در تاریکی میسوزد

    defined your ideology since,
    it is not possible to fight blindfolded
    but making a revolution is not like a tea party and
    treatment bringer feels the pain and burns like the shiny candle in the dark

    آدم خوب راه خواهد یافت
    زنجیرهامان پاره خواهد کرد
    زندان، اعدام، خونریزی شان
    دیر یا زود آجر ساختمان قبرشان خواهد بود

    Good Man will find a way
    cuts off our chains but
    their prison, executions and bloodsheds
    sooner or later will be another brick for their tombs

    آیا میدانستی
    زار، زار نمیگریم
    اما تلاش خواهم کرد تا
    درست را از نادرست تشخیص دهم

    DId you know that,
    i am not crying indefintely but
    i will be trying to
    recognize and know the wrong, from the, right?
    – – – —

    Now what exactly that road for each of us will be, the time will show. But each must do best that can be done. I cannot promise my way or, everybody’s way will ever be as bright as Azad, lesser or, more but, sincerity and decency is kept for sure, for the cause of all to be, equal.

  3. Ramesh Berry said

    Yes Swamiji
    Swami Agniveshji has thrown the cat out of the bag by morally taking the responsibility for the death of Moaist leader late Shri.Azad. His statement published in the Hindu on 8th.July.2010 conclusively establishes the effect that the said red leader was in touch with him. He assured Swamiji that “Talk could be considered if there was ceasefire or cessation of hostilities by both the sides simultaneously, instead of asking one side to abjure violence”. Before leaving for Australia, Swamiji gave probable dates, July 10, 15 or 20 for further negotiations.

    At this point of time, the said red spokesperson appears to have committed the blunder of his life. He seems to have become carefree if not exactly careless in spite of the bitter experience of betrayal of the peace talk by the Congress government in Andhra Pradesh. When the talk boiled-on to the point of “violence and counter-violence” and the people began to attend Maoist meetings in thousands and lacs, the Congress government began to shadow People War Group activists to exterminat them ruthlessly.

    The red leader Azad should have known what Mao-tse-Tung has said in his work on guerriella warfare, the communists must learn from their enemy. Karl Marx said the capitalist are hypocrite. They always concealed their exploitation. They hide their real intentions and betray the working class whenever it suits them. It sounds strange such an experienced red rebel leader ignored the teachings of founders of communism. In all probability he became over-emotional at the prospects of saving human life on both the sides. As a result, he paid the price with his own life. The prospect of peace also got hampered with his death.

    Swami Agniveshji should know that some political leaders, bureaucrats and traders are also interested in keeping the pot boiling due to their narrow political and economic interest. The politicians used the Maoists under the pretext of peace talk against their political rivals in Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal. Some corrupt policemen also get chance to sell their weapons under the cover of lost in the attack. Intelligence department is too not free from corruption. After being bribed, many sell or hold information. There are some gun-runners. Traders are interested in selling their commodities. Thus, the Maoist Movement is not only a violent-class-war but also a profitable industry some unscrupulous element. How Swamiji will keep such greedy and anti-social people under control? I am at a loss to understand. Azad’s death appears to be the work of such unscrupulous element who are against peace.

    Anyhow, as a citizen of India, at the fag end of his life, 75 years old with 70 percent blindness due to eye ailments and old age, I earnestly request both the sides not to stop the peace process. Even if both the sides cannot iron out their differences, the people with good intentions like Swami Agnivesh, Arundhati Roy, Justice Krishna Iyer and others, must start a public debate to separate wheat from cheff, milk from water and truth from falsehood. If possible, they should come out with a monthly magazine for GREAT DEBATE. Such efforts on their part will never go in vain in restoring peace in the country or at least minimizing the blood shed of our tribals and Jawans. And I hope, our Home Minister who loves to brand Maoists as cowards will show his moral courage to allow such magazine to publish spade as spade without using the provisions of any black act like Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act which imposes emergency by deceit.

    • Green Red said

      Dear Indian brother, Ramesh, lal salam.

      You mentioned the unfortunate betryal experience in Andhra Pradesh … once briefly somebody read me parts of a history that supposedly by the request of progressives of all different walks of life, the revolutionary fighters had a peace talk with the regime and, they were shown without guns face to face on the media and since they had legitimate demands, on the media regime had said they will try to or, they will resolve the contradictions. Then, as soon as our valuable people with goodwill and human heart were going back to the forest, somehow they were traced and lots of valuable people’s fighters were martyred in cold blood.

      Could you be more concrete about the time of the incident and, if possible you or anybody lead me to a related article or report so that i can have it translated for Farsi speaking comrades?

      With best wishes to see great achievements for people, within your lifetime,

      your Iranian born brother

  4. ajay said

    well i am not a comrade but i do agree on what Arundhati says in her article.The children of lesser Gods have no say in the utterly corrupt system in India and the time is not far when not only Maoist but the united poor will rise against the bureaucrats and politicians with fat purses. Uttarakhand is on verge of becoming another red country if this corruption and exploitation of poor goes on.

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