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Archive for July 13th, 2010

International Campaign Against War on the People : Condemn the Assassination of Azad, spokesperson of CPI (Maoist)

Posted by Admin on July 13, 2010

Condemn the Assassination of Azad, spokesperson of CPI (Maoist)

Support the Resistance Movement of Indian People

(Statement to be endorsed by Organisations and Individuals)

On July 1, 2010 the special police branch of the Indian state assassinated in cold blood, Azad, (Cherukuri Rajkumar) the spokesperson of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) having earlier forcefully abducted him and Hem Chandra Pandey, a freelance journalist accompanying him. Both were tortured and executed and their bodies dropped and left in a distant forest. Yet the state and the media at its disposal claim that the two were killed in an "armed encounter".

The assassination of Azad is a continuation of state terror and war on the people of India. This act exposes the disinformation campaign surrounding the state’s "ceasefire" proposal, which is nothing but a deception by the Government of India. It puts a spotlight on the real intentions of the regime in launching "Operation Green Hunt" which has turned the whole of India into a war zone and hurled the unrestrained brutality of 250,000 paramilitary and police forces against the people, in its attempts to auction off the natural resources of the country.

Those in power in India know full well that the brutal abduction and killing of Azad and other popular leaders of the resistance will deter neither the tribal people nor his party the CPI (Maoist) nor any who oppose the "Operation Green Hunt." This is an act of desperation of a system in deep crisis that seeks to extract maximum profits through unbridled exploitation. The Indian state does not and will not hesitate spilling the blood and extending terror against the majority of the people, in order to plunder every inch of the country for profits of the multinational corporations.

India has a long history of heroic popular resistance to the savage brutality by the imperialist powers and local reactionaries. The glorious struggle of independence against the savage domination of the British colonialists and the martyrdom of freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh eventually led to the end of the colonial rule in India. Today, it is "Operation Great Hunt" and the contemptible assassination of Azad, a prominent leader of a people’s movement which has challenged the exploitative rule of the state, and who had been willing to negotiate for a ceasefire so that the poorest of the poor of India could get a respite from the military campaign by the state. This is a sign of the coming ruin of the Indian ruling classes which conceal its service to imperialism and reaction by masquerading as "the world’s largest democracy."

Azad was assassinated but we know there are many more Azads in India. While the Indian ruling classes and their controlled media continue their jubilant pretence about their recent "success", they tremble, knowing that Azad is immortalised and continues to live in every chant, in every dream and aspiration of the oppressed calling for Azadi (freedom) not only in India but in every region and in every country and every prison and torture chamber that the imperialist powers and reactionaries have constructed to continue their domination.

The struggle of the people of India against state terror and war deserves the support of all people across the world joined in common struggle against the plundering of natural resources and the exploitation of the common people for the benefit of the imperialists, fascists and their cohorts.

As democratic and freedom loving organisations and individuals across the world we condemn the brutal assassinations of Azad (Cherukuri Rajkumar) and journalist Hem Chandra Pandey, and support the call to join together to express solidarity with the people in India in their just struggle against the war and terror perpetrated by the Indian state in the name of "Operation Green Hunt".

Let us join our efforts and support the just struggle of oppressed everywhere!

This statement, being initiated by ICAWPI, is open for all the concerned that may wish to co-sign it. Please send your or your organisation’s name and your email address to infoThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to be listed as signatory of this statement. (The e-mail addresses will only be used for future notifications; they will not be published).

The International Campaign Against War on the People in India, further calls on organisations and individuals supportive of the campaign and all other progressive, democratic and freedom loving people across the world to join together and wherever possible take initiative to launch protest actions in front of the Indian embassies and consulates in order to:

Denounce the criminal war on the people of India,

Condemn the recent brutal assassination of Azad, the spokesperson of CPI (Maoist) and other leaders of the popular resistance by the Indian state; and, to demand

An end to "operation Green Hunt";

Freedom for all political prisoners in India.

Please forward this call widely; and join others in protesting the war and targeted assassinations of people’s leaders by the indian government. For further details please visit:

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Hem Pandey’s Encounter Death and Published Writings

Posted by Admin on July 13, 2010


July 12, 2010, Source: Sanhati

Click here to read some published writings of Hem Pandey

Note from Concerned Citizens

Hem Chandra Pandey, a freelance journalist from Delhi was killed on 2 July 2010 along with Azad, spokesperson of CPI( Maoist). He comes from Dewaltal town of Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand.

His wife Babita Pandey identified him when she saw a photograph of his dead body published in Enadu on 3 July 2010 and informed the press in a press conference held in Press Club Delhi on the same day.

Hem Pandey with his family

Rajiv Lochan Saha a renowned intellectual from Uttarakhand and the Chief Editor of Nainatal Samachar introduced her to the press and told the press he knows Hem Chandra Pandey and Babita as journalists for a long time.

She told the press that her husband was a freelance journalist and regularly wrote to Hindi newspapers like Nai Dunia, Rastriya Sarara, Dainik Jagaran and papers. As it was not enough for the family to run with the meagre amount of money that he earns through freelancing, he also works for a paper called Chetana on corporate communications run by a company called DARCL Logistics LTD on regular basis. He was one of the sub-editors for this magazine called Chetana at the time of his death.


She also informed all those who were present there that Hem Chandra Pandey had an MA in Economics from Kumaon University, Nainaital. He also had a Diploma in Translation from Bharatiya Vidhya Bhawan in Delhi. He also did a Diploma course in Journalism. He was pursuing his Ph D course from Almora Campus of Kumaon University.

Babita showed some of his certificates and also the salary certificates of the company where he was a regular employee at the time of his killing on 2 July 2010. He took leave from his magazine office for two days when he went to Nagapur.

Copies of his salary slips for two months are attached here.

After the press conference on 3 July, some police officers challenged her version and maintained that her husband was not a journalist.

Surprisingly, by the end of the Press Conference, in a flash of the moment, Nai Dunia, Dainik Jagaran and Rastriya Sahara issued statements separately that Hem Pandey was never a contributor to their papers. But his articles exist on the internet sites of these papers.

Hem Chandra Pandey wrote all his contributions to different newspapers with the name Hemant Pandey as a freelance journalist. However he never hid his identity. He made legal certificate, affidavit that both names are his. Copies of this affidavit are available.


Copies of some of his articles are attached here with full citations made available from internet. His wife informed that he wrote frequently and all clippings are available in his house. When she returns to Delhi along with Hem’s dead body she can provide all clippings.

All the documentary evidence that exists in black and white clear establishes that he was a freelance journalist based in Delhi and a regular employee of a magazine.


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Named by police as Maoist ‘mastermind’, Lingaram protests his innocence

Posted by Admin on July 13, 2010

Lingaram Kadopi from Chhattisgarh addressing a press conference flanked by Prashant Bhushan and Swami Agnivesh in New Delhi on Monday

Lingaram Kadopi from Chhattisgarh addressing a press conference flanked by Prashant Bhushan and Swami Agnivesh in New Delhi on Monday

Academic threatens to take stern action against the police for “act of gross defamation”

In a press conference on Sunday, S.R.P Kalluri, Senior Superintendent of Police of Chhattisgarh’s Dantewada district, identified the prime suspect behind the July 6 attack on the house of Congress worker and civil contractor Avdesh Singh Gautam. According to a press release circulated by the Chhattisgarh police, “this attack was masterminded by Lingaram Kodopi, a resident of Sameli village.”

“In the last few months, Kodopi had received training in terrorist techniques in Delhi and Gujarat,” the release stated, claiming that Lingaram was “in touch” with writer Arundhati Roy, activist Medha Patkar and Nandini Sundar, a sociology professor at the Delhi School of Economics. The police also said that Kodopi was tipped to succeed Communist Party of India (Maoist) central spokesperson Azad, after the latter was killed by the Andhra Pradesh Police on July 2 this year.

Those named in the press release have condemned this attempt to drag them into the case and Professor Sundar said she intended to take stern action against the police for what she described as an act of gross defamation.

Curiously, despite naming Lingaram the Chhattisgarh-in charge of the Maoists, the State police have so far made no attempt to arrest him, raising questions whether the police even believe their own version of events. Lingaram is currently enrolled in a journalism programme at the International Media Institute of India in Noida. He held a tearful press conference in New Delhi on Monday protesting his innocence.

Security experts have questioned the rationale behind the police publicly announcing the name of a possible Maoist “mastermind” and only then seeking to apprehend him. “Frankly, they [the police] have destroyed the case before they made it, if they did ever have a case,” said Dr. Ajai Sahni, Executive Director of the Institute for Conflict Management. “If Lingaram wanted, he could have gone underground by now. They have been compromised operationally and legally.”

Director-General of Police, Chhattisgarh, Viswarajan, told The Hindu a police team had been dispatched to Delhi to question Kodopi. “We are acting on information that a contact passed on to SSP Kalluri,” said the DGP. “Arrests, if any, will be made only after questioning Lingaram.”

Speaking to reporters, Lingaram broke down as he narrated his past experiences with the Chhattisgarh police. “I have no connection with the Maoists,” he said. “The police is simply harassing me.” His lawyers said he was ready to answer any questions the police might have.

“In September last year, the Dantewada police picked me up from my village and kept me in detention for 40 days,” Lingaram said, alleging that the police repeatedly tried to force him to become a Special Police Officer. “The police released me only when my family approached the Chhattisgarh High Court in Bilaspur and filed a habeas corpus petition.”

Fighting back tears, he said he would prefer to kill himself to facing the prospect of being arrested and tortured by the Chhattisgarh police again.

Writ petition (habeas corpus) No. 5469/2009, filed in the High Court on September 18 2009 by Lingaram’s brother, Masaram Kodopi, alleges “that the police picked up Lingaram Kodopi from his house on 26/27th August 2009. When the members of his family and villagers went to the police station the police refused to accept that he was in their detention and then after the villagers persisted in their enquiries they stated that Lingaram had come of his own accord to become an SPO.”

In an order dated October 6 2009, the High Court directed that Lingaram be allowed to return to his family. The court, however, noted that he himself had made no allegations of illegal detention.

At his press conference, he said he did not speak about his confinement before the judge because the police had threatened him with dire consequences.

He said he left Chhattisgarh soon after his release as he feared for his personal safety, but is worried that the police may now harass his family members who are still at Sameli village. In April, he appeared before the Indian People’s Tribunal in Delhi along with a dozen or so victims of police atrocities – including several teenage widows — whom he had fetched from Dantewada at great risk to himself.

“The only Lingaram I know is a young boy staying at Delhi Forum [an NGO],” said writer Arundhati Roy in a statement emailed to The Hindu. “He has spoken at several public forums and told the story of being kidnapped by the Salwa Judum. For the police to say he was a replacement for Azad and is in charge of Chhattisgarh operations is delusional.”

Prof. Sundar said that she met Lingaram when he moved to Delhi last year. “I met Linga when he moved to Delhi after being tortured and forced to become an SPO by the Dantewada police,” she wrote in an email. “It is preposterous to suggest he is the mastermind of the attack on Avdesh Gautam. By linking him, and, in turn, all of us, to the attack, the Chhattisgarh police appear to have completely lost their minds.” Prof. Sundar, who has filed a PIL petition in the Supreme Court against Salwa Judum atrocities, said the police wanted to prejudice the case by falsely claiming that civil society critics like herself were linked to the Maoists.

SSP Kalluri was not available for comment.

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Rape, torture by state forces in Lalgarh

Posted by Admin on July 13, 2010

Jhargram, (West Bengal): Rape, arson and torture are the allegations villagers here in West Bengal are making against state police. The government says it’s looking into the allegations.

But it’s a blow to a state police force which claims it is reaching out to the villagers as part of its battle against the Naxals in the state.

A 50-year old woman from Sonamukhi village, 15 kilometers from Jhargram town, alleges she was raped by the joint forces on the 30th of June. At least six women from this village have undergone medical tests at the Jhargram hospital after they alleged rape by the paramilitary forces. The reports are yet to come. But the women of Sonamukhi allege rape and torture during a joint forces raid in search of suspected Maoists.

A rape victim alleged: "I was tending cattle. They dragged me away (wails) and forced me onto a charpoy. They slapped me held me down and then raped me."

Bindu Mahato, alleged torture victim, says: "Two jawans were dragging my daughter-in-law into a house. I grabbed her and brought her here. (Weeps) And others followed. This is how they terrorize us."

A 76-year old woman, Sarabala Mahato from neighbouring Birihandi village, succumbed to injuries she allegedly sustained at the hands of the forces on the same day. At Sonamukhi, evidence of plundered households is still apparent.

The state government says that though jawan sustained bullet injuries during that raid, it is taking the victims’ allegations seriously.

Narayan Swaroop Nigam, district magistrate of West Midnapore, said: "Government is very serious to look into the genuine grievances of the local villagers. We have to investigate properly and if someone is found guilty, he will be taken to task."

Sonamukhi, like most villages of Bengal’s Jungalmahal region, is almost devoid of men who have fled for fear of being branded Maoists and subsequent torture and arrests. And caught in the crossfire of the rebels and the government troops are the women who have been left alone with their daily dose of fear.

At a time when the state government claims that it is reaching out to villagers to re-instill their confidence in the establishment, incidents like these have clearly pushed those efforts two steps back even before the first step forward was taken.

Bringing the culprits to book is the least that the government can do now to restore some amount of trust it has long lost among these people. IBN Live

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Chhattisgarh Maoist attack: Congress, CPI workers among 6 arrested

Posted by Admin on July 13, 2010

However, associates and family members question police action

The Chhattisgarh police have arrested six men in Dantewada in connection with the July 6 attack on Congressman Avdesh Singh Gautam’s house in the district’s Kuakonda block in which two men were killed and two persons injured.

The accused have been identified as Channu Ram Mandavi, Anu Futane, Sudru Ram Kunjam, Andha, Harish Podiyam and Ramu Bhaskar.

At a press conference, the police said the six were arrested on Sunday and four “Bolero” jeeps and a motorcycle were also confiscated.

However, associates and family members of those apprehended have raised questions over the arrests.

“The case against Sudru Ram Kunjam is completely false and baseless,” said the former CPI MLA of Konta, Manish Kunjam. “Sudru is part of the Communist Party of India and member of the Dantewada district panchayat. He is innocent and has no connection to the July 6 attack.”

Channuram Mandavi is a former member of the block-level panchayat of Kuakonda. His wife, Bhimebai Mandavi, told The Hindu that her husband is a Congress worker. “He is innocent, I don’t know why the police arrested him,” she said.

“The police picked up Sudru at 8.45 a.m. on Friday [July 9],” said Ediyaram Kunjam, Sudru’s brother, “They did not tell us why they were arresting him or where he was being taken.”

If true, Ediyaram’s account suggests that the police detained Sudru for 56 hours before making his arrest public. Further, if Sudru was indeed picked up on July 9, his arrest would violate Section 57 of the Criminal Procedure Code, which mandates that the police produce the accused before a magistrate within 24 hours of the arrest.

Bhimebai Mandavi also said her husband was picked up at noon on July 10, and not on Sunday. “They came about 11.30 in the morning and took him from our house,” she said.

In their release, the police also claim to be investigating the role of “Javed” — who the police identify as “Javed, formerly associated with the Vanvasi Chetna Ashram (VCA) in Kawalnar, Dantewada” — in allegedly videotaping the July 6 attack at the behest of Maoists.

Javed Iqbal strongly denied the police’s assertions. “While I did stay at the VCA in the past when I was a freelance journalist, I didn’t even visit the site of the July 6 attack for my story,” said Iqbal. “I interviewed the wounded at the hospital in Jagdalpur,” he said.

This is the second time the Dantewada police have targeted Iqbal. On May 17, 2009, he was assaulted for taking photographs of the demolition of the residential quarters of the VCA, a Dantewada-based NGO. The Hindu

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