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Govt sabotaged talks with Maoists: Swami Agnivesh

Posted by Admin on August 4, 2010

SwamiSocial activist Swami Agnivesh, who was trying to broker talks between the Maoists and the central government, has accused the home ministry of betraying the peace process.

Swami Agnivesh

Agnivesh was in direct touch with the CPI (Maoist) spokesman Azad and had, at the request of the government, convinced him to come to the negotiating table. But before the talks could take place, the rebel leader was killed in an encounter, which the Maoists and civil society groups alleged was fake and stage-managed.

Agnivesh said Azad was carrying his letter for peace talks when he was reportedly taken into custody along with journalist Hem Chandra Pandey. Both were later killed in an encounter by the Andhra Pradesh Police.

“It looks like a very dirty encounter. You have done vishwaasghaat (betrayal) with the talks. I am deeply pained by the developments. Yes, I suffer from a deep sense of guilt now and I believe Azad died because on your (the government’s) request, I intervened to take the peace process to its logical end,” Agnivesh said at a public meeting held to demand a judicial inquiry into the death of Azad and Pandey.

Terming Azad’s killing a “very big loss”, the activist said he met home minister P. Chidambaram after the encounter but was disappointed by his response.

According to Agnivesh, Chidambaram told him that if he wanted a probe ( into the encounter), he should approach Andhra’s home minister Savita Reddy since it was a “state matter”. He said it was the home ministry which wrote to him to bring the Maoists to the table for talks. ” I was happy about the written offer because it wanted the rebels to abjure violence for 72 hours as a condition for talks,” he added.

Agnivesh also said that it was the government which spilled the beans on the peace offer to the Maoists.

He said he got the ministry’s letter – marked ‘confidential’ – on May 11 and was keeping the matter to himself. But on May 17, the home minister made the contents of the letter public in an interview to a private news channel.

“I called him the next day. He said that I also could make it public now. I then sent several copies of the letter to journalists and others.” Agnivesh got a reply from Azad on May 31. The Maoist spokesperson said the CPI (Maoist) was ready for talks as well as for the 72-hour ceasefire, as proposed by the government.

“I again met Chidambaram and showed him Azad’s reply, telling the minister that it was a big breakthrough. I was given a technical reply that the Maoists needed to abjure violence,” the peace broker said.

The peace activist said he was initially reluctant to believe that Pandey was killed to eliminate evidence regarding Azad’s fake encounter since he was an eye-witness.

But the Centre’s strong reluctance in ordering a probe had given credence to the allegation. Agnivesh made another startling allegation against the government.

He said when Pandey’s body was brought to Delhi, no one was ready to keep it before cremation. So, he made the necessary arrangements at his Jantar Mantar office.

“While the body was lying there, I got a call from the home ministry. The caller told me that I, too, could land in trouble ( for keeping a Maoist leader’s body). This is how the government operates,” the activist added. Agnivesh met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on July 20 to demand a proper investigation into the death of Azad and Pandey.

“The Prime Minister didn’t reject the suggestion outright. He was much more sensitive than the home minister and told me that he would do something.

Since I did not get a response, I called up the Prime Minister’s Office yesterday (Monday). I told them that frustration over the government’s inaction on the issue was growing fast,” Agnivesh said India Today


5 Responses to “Govt sabotaged talks with Maoists: Swami Agnivesh”

  1. Green Red said

    Last time the negotiation ended up with their slaughtering the guerrilas who had sat next to them and, once again they did the same trick. They probe into mediator’s contact and, sooner or later, bingo, we killed the bad talented guy.

    But, through mistakes party and people learn things.

    This regime does not want to give an ounce of its status away.

  2. Green Red said

    But i guess, justice comes its own way, you deceive the revolutionaries, and you get a punch back.

    As the first installment for their killing Azad, here is a one and a half percent justice; New York Time quotes Reuter as the following:

    World Briefing | Asia
    India: 70 Police Officers Missing in Patrol Ambush
    Published: August 4, 2010

    About 70 police officers were missing on Wednesday after Maoist rebels ambushed a patrol in central India, the police said, in what could be one of the worst attacks this year in a worsening insurgency. The police said that a gun battle was continuing in the dense southern jungles of Chhattisgarh State, a rebel stronghold, and that communication was difficult because it was raining heavily. Thousands have been killed since the insurgency started in the late 1960s.

    Cheat the people and it’s gonna get back to your archaic feudalism.

    India Must Go Free.

    in the same NY Times, they talk about the western lawyers who are now residing in India. These are the legal representatives to come over and legally defend the corporations who are doing their so called Understanding Memos that are under the table dealing the minerals lying under people’s whereabouts for centuries as if, moving a whole tribe is no problem….

    This cannot happen and as Latin Americans say, La Lucha Continua

    (Struggle continues)

    Comrade Azad, your spirit still lives until people’s liberation when not only a subcontinent but, the whole world’s image change out thoroughly.

  3. Is any police in top position in CC of the Maoist Party?

    My another doubt is how the CC send letters through a CC member who is very essential to party? Is it technically right? Are you afraid about Chidambaram’s operations? Then you will shut down your activities and hands up before them? Why should you make them scapegoats? Or the North leadership swapping the Telugu bosses? Please respond this..

  4. arun said

    yes, it’s a question,there are lots of people behind party.why party use its key leaders as courier?.They should learn new tactics in urban’s a dangerous game.

  5. David said

    Something very similar to the assassination of Azad happened a couple of years ago in Colombia. The government assassinated FARC-EP leader Raul Reyes during prisoner-exchange negotiations, and ” the possibility of a political exit to the military conflict went up in smoke once again.”

    If the dirty imperialists and their dirty henchmen want wars to the finish they will get them.

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