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India’s Maoists’ solidarity with Kashmir: ‘Support the just national liberation struggle’

Posted by Admin on August 6, 2010

Posted: August 4, 2010 by BJ Murphy in India

02 Aug 2010

Srinagar: In an emphatic statement issued Friday CPI (Maoist) extended the party’s backing for right of self determination to Kashmiris and appealed to people of India to support the “just national liberation struggle of the people of Kashmir”.

The party said ‘Kashmir belongs to Kashmiris’ and appealed people of India to “strongly oppose daily firing of Kashmiri people”, raise their voice against state atrocities and “heartless killing of youth by armed forces”.

“Fearlessly support the just national liberation struggle of the people of Kashmir,” the statement from the central committee of CPI (Moaist) said. “We appeal to all citizens and pro-people activists of India to demand the withdrawal of Indian paramilitary and military from Kashmir and take stern action against their officers.”

The party appealed to the people to see through the media propaganda about Kashmir that distorts its history. “Those who are aware of Kashmir’s history know that it was never a part of India.”

The two-page detailed statement indicates the depth of knowledge the party has about the details of day-to-day happenings in Kashmir.

“The Indian ruling class may claim that ‘militancy’ has ended and ‘separatist’ organizations have been crushed but the truth is that Kashmiri people keep struggling daily over one issue or another.”

The statement also castigates Omar Abdullah led coalition government in the state for its brutal response to “democratic resistance”.

“Government of India and its puppet government under Omar Abdullah have responded with firing, teargas, lathicharge and curfew to the peaceful and democratic resistance by the Kashmiri people which is still on.”

The statement also criticised recent attributions of stone throwing protests to having been instigated by LeT and elements from Pakistan. “Attribution (of protests) to LeT is disrespect of the freedom loving Kashmiri people.”

Through the statement CPI(Maoist) presented its revolutionary salute (Inqalabi Salam) to the struggling Kashmiri people.

“The armed struggle may have weakened, but the youth have used stones as weapons in their hands to fight the state armed forces. This only indicates their deep desire for liberation,” the statement said likening the “resistance” in Kashmir to that by the tribals of Dandakaranya. “Kashmiris are fighting Indian paramilitaries and police forces with stones just like tribals under the party are fighting in Dandakaranya using bows and arrows.”

“The enemy is the same here (Dandakaranya) as well as there (Kashmir).”

The central committee of CPI (Maoist) on behalf of the party, People’s Army and the revolutionary people vowed that it will wholeheartedly continue supporting “your struggle” in Kashmir.



8 Responses to “India’s Maoists’ solidarity with Kashmir: ‘Support the just national liberation struggle’”

  1. s said

    you f…., you are antinational, anti people. supporting the separation of Kashmir from India, a day will come when you will be shot like dogs on street.If you hav guts come out in open and speak then face the patriotic Indians wrath. Dont issue statements from forests.

  2. Vande Mataram,
    I’m a strong supporter of the ideologies of Naxal movement. Since i’m from a moaist affected area( Srikakulam(AP) and Orissa(paralakhemundi/Gajapati)) form my childhood, i personally came across many Naxal sympathizer and cadets(including nagabhusan pattanaik). Still i condemned the maoist support to kashmir militants, and other similar terrorist organisation, who want to break the countries unity. If Naxal organisation’s mission became successful, they will rule a fragmented country full of disunity and no regard to the country. At Least i request the maoist organisation, learn something from mao tse tung, he united all the men including the army of chiang kaisek against japan even russia for grater republic of china.

    Hope the CPI (moaist) think tank be prudential to understand the words

    Vande mataram

    Lambodar Prasad Dash

  3. Shankar said

    Separatist talk from Indian Maoists? Are you Pakistanis by any chance? Or Lashkar e – Taiba Jehadis?

  4. Anirban said

    This shows the true picture of naxalites and what people have been saying anti-nationals and terrorirsts… by this action you will lose further support among Indians… you call yourself saviours of oprressed Indians… how are you any different from ISI, pak Army that wnts to split India

    This is disgraceful and you should be ashamed of your actions and views.

    Down with naxalism… long live India

    Vande Matram… Jai Hind

  5. Anirban said

    This is like inviting people to rape your mother… only Naxals who have no allegiance to anyoneeither god or or anyone else can think of such a heinous act

  6. Vande Mataram,

    comrades, just look at these comments, in january, cpi(maoist) general secretary with an interview said to Jan myrdal(a journalist) that this is their nationalite struggle. He also said to bring the party’s objective to masses(he was deeply concerned about the party’s losing base from the masses). so, donot go and bow before the separatists(pakistan sponsered militia). build your own mass base in the country with your own ideologies. this will help your protracted war against compradors of imperialists and corrupted bureaucrates.

    Vande Mataram

  7. arun said

    lambodar ,great. this is what i wanted to say.
    How can revolutionaries accept another Islamic republic.Marxism is beyond cast ,religion,colour &classes.If you support Kashmiri separatist struggle means you are supporting to build another religious chauvinist regime. communists must oppose their reactionary social planks,especially concerning women and their anti communism.look at the horrors that the Islamic republic has brought to the people of Iran since 1979 .

  8. Green Red said

    Is stopping aliens putting curfew seperationism?

    Is asking people of another faith stop killing men, women and children a Pakistani conspiracy?

    Blind minded readers, letting people keeping their own faiths in a People’s Republic of India does not mean seperationism.

    Giving best jobs and future to live upon makes people of all faiths becoming one way or another supporters of Indian Maoists since, they have already seen Bangladesh and Pakistani poverty and greed.

    People’s taxes won’t be for few greedy rich so called moslems. they will be for digging wells and water system for agriculture, buidling houses and not leaving a thing to complain about.
    In ’60s an American revolutionary made a point that cannot be erased from history: if you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem.

    In a feudal, backward, expansionist regime if anything but your personal wealth interest is there let me know, to find you the right sort of response and, doctors since, you are too sick minded to talk straight.

    With wishes for you to be healed today or tomorrow, in a proletarian cultural revolution,

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