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Pseudo-Naxals dupe ISI!

Posted by Admin on August 14, 2010

Source: Indian Express

HYDERABAD: Is Pakistan’s ISI trying to establish contact with the outlawed CPI (Maoist)? A pseudo-Naxal gang busted by the Hyderabad City Police has made a stunning revelation that the ubiquitous ISI is indeed interested in doing so.The cops have arrested four persons, including a Telugu Yuvatha leader, who were all set to leave for Dubai to “establish ties” between Maoist leaders and associates of underworld don Shaik Shakeel Ahmed alias Chota Shakeel.

Though it is learnt that the intention of the arrested was to make a fast buck and go on a foreign junket by giving false assurances, the attempt by the Chota Shakeel gang to make contact with the Maoists at the behest of the ISI has come as a surprise.The accused are — Pasham Sridhar alias Tillu (27), a resident of Saidabad who is into real estate, K Sarat Chandra (39), a small time businessman from Mettuguda, D Pradeep Kumar (29), a realtor from Ramanthapur and G Pavan Kumar (38), also a realtor and Telugu Yuvatha president from Uppal.

Telugu Yuvatha is the TDP’s youth wing.In fact, it was the arrest of key accused, Vinay, in Bangalore which led to the arrest of the four. Vinay’s associate P Subbaiah Devaiah from South Kodagu district in Karnataka was also arrested. But the main accused, Altaf alias Rakesh, believed to be having links with the Chota Shakeel gang, is absconding.

He is said to be in Dubai. Hyderabad Police Commissioner AK Khan said Pasham Sridhar came into contact with Vinay on some business work. In June, Vinay putforth a proposal before Sridhar that if he and his close associates agreed to carry out works as entrusted by his friend Altaf, they could make easy money. Sridhar agreed without a second thought.Accordingly, Sridhar informed his friends and sought their help.

Later, Sarat Chandra was made to talk to Altaf from a public telephone booth and he introduced himself as “Maoist leader RK.”Altaf believed him and days later, sent him Rs 25 lakh as advance payment. He asked them to visit Dubai and even sent them flight tickets and arranged for the visas. “The four-member gang began preparations to visit Dubai in the second week of August to have detailed discussions for finalising the deal with Altaf,” Khan said.Both Vinay and Subbaiah were arrested by Cottanpet Police in Bangalore. The sleuths seized travel documents, cell phones and a four-wheeler from them. The case is being investigated by the Special Investigation Team.


3 Responses to “Pseudo-Naxals dupe ISI!”

  1. Shankar said

    A Naxal – ISI linkage is the most primary strategic threat for India,potentially more damaging than either the jehadi threat from Pakistan in Kashmir or tribal separatism in the North East. The reason is very simple – Kashmir and the North East are at two extremities of the country and events there, though disurbing, does not really affect the heartland. The Naxal threat is located in the critical “golden quadrilateral” of India’s heartland, capable of great damage at minimum cost.The Naxalite movement offers very attractive options to foreign intelligence agencies, Palistan as also China (via Nepal). As far as can be made out, Naxalites are not separatists (yet). But the lure of money is strong, and who knows what may happen in the future? In the meanwhile, the Central Government MUST progress land reforms and other social and economic curatives on an emergent basis – though it is unlikely that reforms and dialogue alone will work. Things have gone too far for that.

  2. Green Red said

    Not every sort of rebel is found worthy to be associated with Naxalites.

  3. som said

    I read many documents published by CPI-Maoists. Actually, Maoists have lend their support to various secessionist movements, in various statements made by their top leaders. They also support Islamic militants……the logic behind is the anti-US policy shared by both ! While Maoists are very aggressive against Hindu radicalism, they’re uncannily silent about religious radicalism in Jehadi Movement. In one article(published before 26/11 attack), they demanded probe for every terrorist attack in India since ’92 Mumbai Blast, suspecting all of of them hatched by Saffron brigade. While we now can see involvement of Safforns in terrorist activity, I never accepted the idea of giving total clean-cheat to Jehadis.

    I don’t think Maoists in general adore such views, but I’m now quite uncertain about their top leaders. After all, it’s the leaders who let a movement down !

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