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Archive for August 16th, 2010

Police Official Hurls Shoe At Kashmir CM

Posted by Admin on August 16, 2010

By Fayaz Wani

Srinagar, Aug 15: In a major embarrassment to pro-Indian government in Indian administered Kashmir, a police officer hurled a shoe towards chief minister of the region Omar Abdullah during a function of India’s Independence Day on Sunday.

The August 15 (India’s Independence Day) function was being held at Bakshi Stadium in Srinagar, the summer capital of the Indian administered Kashmir, under tight security cover. As 41-year-old chief minister of the region, Omar Abdullah unfurled the Indian flag, a police officer sitting in the VIP enclosure stood up and raised pro-freedom slogans.

The police officer hurled a brown colour shoe towards the chief minister. The show, however, missed chief minister’s cap by a whisker. The police officer also hurled a black flag towards the chief minister.

The police official identified as Abdul Ahad Jan was quickly overpowered by policemen and bodyguards of the chief minister and shifted him to an unknown destination, where he is being questioned.

Embarrassed by the shoe-throwing incident, chief minister later addressing the VIPs said, "Hurling a shoe is better than hurling a stone".

The police officer was reportedly angry over the killing of 58 Kashmiri youth in police and paramilitary soldiers firing in Kashmir since June 11 this year.

A police spokesman while referring to the incident said the police officer (Abdul Ahad Jan) was a suspended Head Constable. "He is reportedly mentally unsound and facing charges in a criminal case under FIR No:123 dated: May 21st 2010. He was arrested by Police in this case and later bailed out by the Court. He was suspended for his criminal activities on May 22, 2010," he said.

If the police version is to be believed, then it is unclear how a suspended police official could get into the VIP gallery, a place where access is granted only on the basis of special passes issued by the security agencies.

Meanwhile, hundreds of people had taken to roads at Bandipora in North Kashmir, where from the police officer hailed, and taken processions in support of shoe-throwing police official.

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UP: 3 farmers killed in Police firing

Posted by Admin on August 16, 2010

Aligarh, Mathura: As India was celebrating 63 years of Independence, the village of Tappal around 80 kilometers from Aligarh resembled a battleground – the epicentre of violence between farmers and the police since Saturday.

There were protests in Mathura as well. Hundreds of farmers were demanding higher compensation for their land that has been acquired for the Yamuna expressway, a 165-km road corridor between Noida and Agra.

The agitation turned violent after police allegedly arrested a leader of the farmers. Three farmers died in police firing while some others were injured. A policeman was also killed in the clashes.

The Uttar Pradesh government has now ordered a judicial probe into the clashes. District magistrate and the SSP of Aligarh have been transferred following the incident.
"We were peacefully protesting but police started firing," said a protesting farmer.

The state government has appealed to the agitating farmers to maintain calm, but the Opposition is already stepping up the heat.

"The policemen who fired at innocent farmers should be arrested immediately," said Mulayam Singh Yadav, President, Samajwadi Party.

"The state government is responsible for the clashes and the Chief Minister should give a clarification," said Rita Bahuguna Joshi, UPCC President.

Story first published:
August 15, 2010 13:16 IST

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This is your Army Mr Chidambaram!

Posted by Admin on August 16, 2010

(And the people belong to this country)   SOURCE: SANHATI

by Reyaz-ul-Haq [Translated by Priyanka Srivastava, Sanhati]

A picture could very well be a tide turner. The one image that makes a nation sit up, shake itself off its torpor and ask itself, how much more of this repetitive official nonsense can we accept and justify in our quest to become a developed nation and overlook the rampant denial of due process and decency. A picture can be a conscience raiser, the final straw, the one blow that cuts up the fine line between what a civil society will accept and outright barbarism. Not too many people remember the name of Nguyen Ngoc Loan. But a lot of people remember this picture.

eddie-adams-icon.pngThe man who took this picture, Eddie Adams, won a Pulitzer prize. It helped turn the tide of one war-The Vietnam War.
Trevor Selvam, Pictures that Turn a Generation, Armies that Lies (Countercurrents)An anti-people war has been launched in our own country and the descriptions provided in the following paragraphs are from our own country.

A year ago we were in Lalgarh where women were telling us how they experienced freedom for the first time in their lives. They said that their ancestors were living a life of slavery since British times and it is only recently that they could claim to have gained rights over their days and nights.

To them this independence was not simply a right to vote. Rather, this was a freedom to go to the jungles for defecating without getting assaulted by the policemen. This freedom allowed them to get their wood from the jungles without having to strip in the name of security inspection. Their nights had become more peaceful because the police and paramilitary no longer ransacked their houses and beat them in the name of conducting search operations. This freedom ensured that their cattle could graze freely and not get caught by the security forces. Moreover, they could get their just wages under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) or the employment provided by the Gram Panchayats. Now government employees would think twice before asking villagers to pay bribes. For instance, the applications for Indira Awas Scheme were processed efficiently and without bribes. The chappal (slippers) police (CPM’s Harmad Vahini in local parlance) and the British (Indian Paramilitary Forces) could not terrorize the villagers any more. They could freely access their forests now and rightfully use the ponds adjacent to their houses. Their womenfolk had become fearless and their boys safer. There was no fear of the men getting caught and killed indiscriminately by the forces. In short, the villagers could assert their rights over their lives and surroundings.

Dead bodies of adivasis killed by state police, West Bengal

West Midnapore: Security personnel carrying the body of two alleged Maoists killed during a gun battle between the ultras and a joint team of security forces at Deult village in West Midnapore district on Wednesday. PTI Photo

Mr Chidambaram, till 19th June of last year, this was PCAPA’s Lalgarh.

The images and news of this year present a sharp contrast to this…there is the picture of a young tribal woman who was hauled by the security forces like an animal. In Chhattisgarh where you are desperately trying to grab land and resources for your corporate bosses, women are routinely raped by the security forces and the police. The news from the area reveals that often these women are shamelessly presented as war booties.

Your police and army are correct. The brutalized women have indeed become symbols of victory. You and the system you represent could acquire no better trophies of your conquests. From northeast (Manorma Devi), Kashmir (Shopian) to Jahanabad, Lalgarh, Orissa, Bastar your system has left the same imprints of its victory everywhere.

In fact, you and your security forces seem to be proud of committing rapes because you have never issued any apologies or statements regretting these gory cases of brutalization. You want to establish ‘peace’ and ‘democracy’ in these regions by deploying your supposedly civilized, just, and democratic police and security forces. Probably your definition of civilization justifies these brutal methods of establishing peace and justice. Read the rest of this entry »

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First Report on Demonstration at Indian High Commission – London 15th August 2010

Posted by Admin on August 16, 2010

Democracy and Class struggle

The protest at the Indian High Commission in London on the 15th August 2010 attracted hundreds of people. There were Kashmiri’s, Sikhs, Sri Lankans and Nepalese and other Indian nationalities present at the protest.

There were also representatives of progressive organisations in Britain all protesting Indian Expansionism and Operation Green Hunt and the murder of Comrade Azad spokesperson of the CPI Maoist and Hem Pandey a progressive journalist by the murderous comprador Indian state.

The protest organised on India’s National Day exposed the crimes of the Indian State and the sufferings of it peoples.The newly formed Alliance for People’s Rights in South Asia is to be congratulated for organising a successful protest.

Protest against operation Green Hunt, London

protest against operation Green Hunt at Indian Embassy

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