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List of armed CPI(M) cadre (harmad) camps in the Jangalmahal region of West Bengal

Posted by Admin on September 8, 2010

September 7 2010. Source: Sanhati

Lalgarh and adjoining areas of jangalmahal, the adivasi-populated districts of West Bengal, have been ravaged by the armed gangs of the ruling CPI(M), ever since their entry into the area was facilitated by the joint state and central security forces. Organized in a paramilitary manner, on the lines of the notorious Salwa Judum of Chattisgarh, and housed in numerous camps dotting the entire jangalmahal region, the armed CPI(M) cadres, called locally as harmads, have been raiding villages, burning and looting houses, killing people, raping women and working closely with the joint forces in tracking down and killing leaders of the PCAPA, all in the name of regaining lost territory in the Lalgarh area. Recruited from areas such as Keshpur and Garbeta and also Jharkhand, and under the direction of senior CPI(M) leaders, in the last few months they have styled themselves as “Mao daman sena” (Maoist suppression army). In the recent past, they are widely believed to have been involved in the Sonamukhi rapes, in the Jnaneshwari Express derailment and the killing of Umakanta Mahato, a leader of the PCAPA. Though numerous statements regarding the presence of these armed camps in the area have been made, including by the Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee, the home minister P Chiambaram, the governor of West Bengal M K Narayanan and in a report by the Intelligence Bureau of the central government, the West Bengal government has flatly denied the existence of such camps. Last week, a group of reporters who had gone to the area to investigate the presence of these camps, were beaten up and their camers destroyed by CPI(M) harmads.

Here for the first time we make public the list of harmad camps in jangalmahal, as on 5th August, 2010. More such camps have been set up in the last one month, as the harmads have advanced deeper into the area, and hundreds of people have fled from their villages. As the list shows, most of the camps have been set up in primary schools and in other government buildings including panchayat offices and Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) centres.

In many cases the harmad camps have been set up adjoining the base camps of the security forces. It is quite clear that the West Bengal government is blatantly allowing the use of government infrastructure, and worse, educational institutions, for furthering the nefarious and destructive activities of the ruling CPI(M) party, and the harmads are being accorded protection and impunity by the joint state and central forces.

of CPI(M)

No. Name of village Number of Harmads Location
Goaltore block, West Medinipur
1. Patharpara 150 High school, primary school ( combined forces
base camp)
2. Santhargeria 20 Primary school
3. Amlachati Podabanali 100 Primary school
4. Dopati 20 Primary school
5. Chowrangi More 30
6. Singla 30 Junior high school
7. Bhedua 10 Prmary school
8. Chotonagdana 10 High school (upper floor of hostel)
9. Nischintapur
10. Keshia 20 Primary school
11. Amjore 15 Primary school
12. Komarpur 15 Primary school
13. Moyna 30 Primary school
14. Kanjimakli 30 Panchayat office
15. Thakurpara 10
16. Pidabandh 6
17. Hadimara
18. Kadma
19. Amlashuli
20. Goaltore 40 CPI(M) zonal committee office
21. Hatimashan
22. Keyamacha CPI(M) party office
23. Dikunaji
24. Pingbani
25. Kharkanta Ukhla Primary school
26. Jeerapara Dhamcha primary school
27. Betjharia Jeerapara panchayat office
28. Metla Metla panchayat office
29. Andar Alia CPI(M) branch committee office
30. Pakudiha Primary school
31. Jamirashole Primary school
Shalboni block, West Medinipur
32. Chatuni Paradiha 50 Primary school, at home of CPI(M) local
committee member (LCM) Bikash Ukil
33. Jatra Bishnupur
34. Dhangashole 20 Primary school
35. Retingshole 25 Primary school
36. Sitanathpur 50 High school, at home of MLA Khagen Mahato
37. Ashnashuli 15 Primary school
38. Kashijora 15 Panchayat office
39. Bhursha 10
40. Parulia 50
41. Baghpichla 70 Primary school
42. Jara Panchayat office
43. Dakshinshole 150 Primary school
44. Moushole High school (operation head-quarter)
45. Bhadutala 70 CPI(M) party office (combined forces base camp)
46. Shalboni 50 CPI(M) party office, Tushar Bhawan
Medinipur Sadar block, West Medinipur
47. Deluoa 150
48 Enayetpur CPI(M) party office
49. Kangshabati
50. Chandra 70 Local committee office
51. Kelemari 15 Integrated child development scheme (ICDS)
52. Bhatpara
53. Chandpur
54. Bhalukhutiya 30 Primary school, factory
55. Medinipur town
Jhargram block, West Medinipur
56. Chuntri 70 Private house
57. Agrashole 70 House of Prashanta Das
58. Pathri 70
59. Jhargram town Two lodges in Bachurdoba
Jamboni block, West Medinipur
60. Dubra 40 Panchayat office and CPI(M) party office
Nayagram block, West Medinipur
61. Patina (Nakbadi)
62. Kalma (Pukuria)
Sankrail block, West Medinipur
63. Ragra
64. Baroda
65. Kultikri Combined forces base camp
Belpahari block, West Medinipur
66. Dhenkia 30 Club
67. Kapat kanta 30 Primary school
68. Harda
Simlapal block, Bankura
69. Dubrajpur 30 Primary school
70. Bikrampur
Sarenga block, Bankura
71. Sarenga CPI(M) zonal committee office
72. Bejdanga
Rahipur block, Bankura
73. Baksi
74. Dumurtore
75. Dhenko
Bandowan block, Purulia
76. Sarga 50 In the house of LCM Raghu Singh
77. Chirudi 40 CPI(M) party office
78. Bandowan 30 CPI(M) zonal committee office
79. Jhurigora 25 In the house of LCM Lakshmi Mahato
Balarampur block, Purulia
80. Market
81. Ghatbera 10 In the house of LCM Madhu Mandal
Arsha block, Purulia
82. Sundarpur
83. Kantadi
Barabazar block, Purulia
84. Berada
85. Barabazar CPI(M) zonal committee office
86. Hanspur In the house of LCM

6 Responses to “List of armed CPI(M) cadre (harmad) camps in the Jangalmahal region of West Bengal”

  1. Green Red said

    I am not anywhere near those places where these inhumane bandits are disgracing the name of the “Communist Marxist” day after day but, perhaps these locations can be taken care of by local people who are sick and tired of them.

    • Shankar said

      By inference therefore, the local people are happy with the Maobadis!
      That’s a laugh!

      • Green Red said

        People can laugh as much as they desire but New Democratic India is as inevitable as the sunshine after the night.

        It was not me or anybody outside who would write on the walls of their destitute village walls things like Naxalites come and save us.

        Sixties hero in the US from the Black Panther Party Clever used to say: If you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem.

        So come ahead pal and show me how much of the problem you might be for the destiny of 70 percent of the Indian people.

        I don’t give a damn how this current Prime Minister Singh considers the revolutionaries as the gravest inside problem of India. The one i adore is the previous Mr. Singh who according to a source had said:

        Dear friends,
        I am a student.
        Former Prime Minister V.P. Singh made a comment, ‘What is stopping the youth of our country from becoming Maoist?’

        Student continues:
        How does one become a Maoist? Please let me know.

        Quoted from “Maoist Revolution” Internet Newsgroup
        December 2006

        My source, beginning of Red Sun – Travels in Naxalite Country, written by Sudeep Charkravarti, Indian Penguin/Viking, 2008

        For sake of your information, comrades of the MLM Study Group in the US have written a review on this very book criticising its non Marxist author’s perspective but that is the very reason i use it as a source, to blind bourgeois eyes.

        And now here two pieces of news we had in KASAMA PROJECT site for you to get more informed about India happenstances:

        Green Red said
        September 13, 2010 at 9:03 pm

        Just a piece of news re India itself:

        Maoist rebels kill 6 in restive eastern India
        The Associated Press
        Monday, September 13, 2010; 5:53 AM

        CALCUTTA, India — Maoist rebels in eastern India shot dead four villagers linked to a governing party and attacked a police station killing two policemen, officials said Monday.

        The attacks came after the rebels – described by the prime minister as India’s biggest internal security threat – called a 48-hour general strike on Sunday in seven eastern states.

        The guerrillas, inspired by Chinese revolutionary leader Mao Zedong, have been fighting the government in eastern India for more than four decades, demanding land and jobs for the poor. Their presence has spread as they have tapped into anger among rural dwellers left out of India’s economic gains.

        In West Bengal state late Sunday, guerrillas ordered four men out of their homes and then shot them dead in Jhargram village before fleeing, said police official Surojit Kar Purkayastha. The victims were supporters of the state’s ruling Communist Party of India (Marxist), he said.

        In neighboring Jharkhand state, scores of armed rebels attacked a police station in Bhejji village early Monday, killing two policemen, a police official said on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to talk to the media.

        On Sunday, the rebels called their general strike and blew up a three-foot (one-meter) section of railway track that disrupted train services across the region, said police official R.K. Mallick in nearby Chattisgarh state.

        Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Monday said his government would deal firmly with the rebels who resort to violence but would also step up development programs in the districts worst hit by rebel attacks.

        “We have to accelerate our development efforts … and make our administrative machinery more sensitive and responsive to local concerns,” Singh told a meeting of top army commanders.

        The rebels are now present in 20 of India’s 28 states and have an estimated 10,000 to 20,000 fighters, according to the Home Ministry.
        Green Red said
        September 13, 2010 at 9:07 pm

        And one more unfortunate one in India:

        Indian forces kill 17 in clashes spurred by reports of Tenn. Koran burning
        By Emily Wax
        Washington Post Staff Writer
        Monday, September 13, 2010; 3:39 PM

        NEW DELHI – Indian security forces killed 17 people and injured 131 others as clashes spread through a dozen different towns across the disputed region of Kashmir on Monday, incited by a report that a Koran was desecrated in the United States, police said.
        This Story

        Indian forces kill 17 in clashes spurred by reports of Tenn. Koran burning
        Video: Mideast outrage over Koran burning
        Q&A, Transcript: Burning the Koran: Muslim world reaction
        Pastor Terry Jones’s Koran-burning threat started with a tweet
        Video: Afghans protest Koran burning plans
        Gainesville pastor Terry Jones previously led evangelicals in Germany
        Remembering Sept. 11, 2001
        Obama renews call for religious tolerance after Koran-burning canceled
        44: Media to Terry Jones: You used us!
        Your Take: Time for federal hate speech laws?
        On Faith: The notorious Pastor Terry Jones
        44: Limbaugh, Jones were high school classmates
        Obama: This country’s built on religious freedom
        Obama urges Fla. pastor to call off Koran burning
        NY mosque investor declines Trump’s buyout offer
        U.S. needs a diversity lesson from Va. school
        Your Take: Has 9/11 been marred by controversy?
        Blog Post: Where were you when the towers fell?

        View All Items in This Story
        View Only Top Items in This Story

        It was the deadliest day of unrest since anti-India separatist protests exploded June 11 into what became a cycle of summer violence and protests, killing a total of 90 people.

        The stone-pelting intifada-like street revolt against the Indian military presence has been the most serious crisis in Kashmir in decades.

        The latest deaths come at a time when diplomatic efforts remain stalled to help calm Kashmir, created with the partition of mostly Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan and fought over by both countries.

        On Monday, two Christian schools and 12 government buildings were set on fire with petrol canisters, said Shiv Sahai, inspector general of police in Kashmir. The airport was also closed.

        Separatists had planned fresh round of demonstrations following the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. But protests this time over the destruction of a Koran in Tennessee became a new catalyst to vent frustrations.

        The slogan “Down with America” echoed on the streets – rarely heard in Kashmir, where anger is firmly directed at India.

        U.S. Ambassador Timothy Roemer condemned any Koran desecration as “disrespectful, intolerant, divisive and unrepresentative of American values.”

  2. sudipta bose said

    heavily armed maoists attcks, killing every day, and the poor people should waiting for death!!! unbelivable …please also give the list of armerd camps of maoist extrimists….270 people killed janglemahal in last two year…please comment asingle line protesting such brutality…

  3. Nakul Jana said

    We all are cowards and getting the administration we deserve. The old heroic tales of Bengali are things of long past. Our present identity is a generation of criminals. cheats, etc who are standing at the bottom of any list of good things and standing at top of the list of all bad things. We all claim that we follow the religion and Gita. But have no idea what is lesson of Gita. For establishment of justice ( Dharma ) there has to be fight and self sacrifice.

    Our future generation will be ashemed to identify them as Bengali if the present chapter of our race is not deleted from the history
    anyone interested in more discussion may call 094334 00655. mail-

  4. Website said


    List of armed CPI(M) cadre (harmad) camps in the Jangalmahal region of West Bengal « Indian Vanguard…

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