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Binayak Sen Case: Condemn the Murder of Justice in Raipur Court!

Posted by Admin on December 26, 2010





The Committee for the Release of Political Prisoners (CRPP) condemns unequivocally the murder of justice in the case of Dr. Binayak Sen, a people’s doctor and one of the first civil libertarians to expose the state sponsored Salwa Judum that was undertaken by the BJP government on the tribal people in Chhattisgarh and ably supported by the Congress which is the opposition party in the state. In fact Dr. Sen while also exposing one of the worst cases in post-47 India of malnutrition and total neglect of the everyday life of the tribal people in the region showed the world the shocking story that was slowly unfolding—a slow genocide of the people in this region. And along with this slow genocide was the barbaric onslaught of the state sponsored Salwa Judum. Yes it was the voice of conviction of Dr. Binayak Sen against this murder, rape and loot of the tribal people that arouse the conscience of the people of the subcontinent as well as all democratic and freedom loving people of the world. To condemn such a person to life imprisonment u/s of 120(B), 124(A) of the IPC and 1,2,3,5, Chhattisgarh Special Public Security Act and Sec 39 (2) of the UAPA (2004 amended) without even an iota of evidence brings once again forth the real face of Indian democracy with the judiciary reflecting the abysmal nadir to which the system has convoluted iself to.

All supposed pillars of democracy of the Indian state are increasingly proving to be hollow for the common people fighting for their livelihoods and those who raise the issues of the most exploited, and oppressed being the target of ire of a state that is day by day churning out more and more anti-people policies and supplementing it with a penal system teethed with the worst draconian laws. The case of Dr. Binayak Sen is a reminder to every democratic and freedom loving people of the subcontinent to once again raise their voice unitedly against such a penal state that is assuming fascist proportions. Notwithstanding the fact that about 22 noble prize winners from all over the world had sought his immediate freedom and lauded the exemplary work Dr. Sen had in the medical sciences, in popularising it among the poorest of the poor, and in providing the best of treatment to the impoverished adivasis in Central India, what the state could give him in return was life imprisonment for a case that hardly has any evidence!

This is the same state that has given blanket protection for all the scamsters and looters, be it the politician, bureaucrat, coporate honchos, and last but not the least judges right from the sessions court to the highest seat of justice in India.

And naturally what can a doctor who is stubborn enough to go to the most impoverished regions of ‘Shining India’ and work among the poorest of the poor for their betterment, let alone survival expect from a system which was always living in a world of denial about the existence of such a world! And his only crime—that he had dared the criminal negligence of a state which had blood in its hands of a slow, but cold and calculated genocide of a people through systematically denying any opportunity to live a life of dignity!

It is high time that all democratic and freedom loving people should join hands to raise their voice against the mockery of justice and once again fight to put an end to all such draconian laws of colonial vinatage. Today it is Dr. Binayak Sen. Tomorrow it can be anyone of us.

In Solidarity,

Gurusharan Singh, President

Amit Bhattacharyya, Secretary General

SAR Geelani, Working President

Rona Wilson, Secretary, Public Relations





7 Responses to “Binayak Sen Case: Condemn the Murder of Justice in Raipur Court!”

  1. vk said

    It is not at all astonished case. The judges are not come from another world. They born in this society, nurtured with social values unwritten in the constitution, educated in this social system. They pracised as advocates in the courts. They have relations with political parties, filled their minds with politics. In their legal practice many of them used corrupt practices to win the cases including the then judges. They could be included in the panel of judges recruitment with the blessings of Law minister or Executive authorities. They have to pay lakhs of rupees to pass the exam and inclusion in the judges panel. From that panel only they can be selected as judge. So there is no impartial machinary to select the judge recruitment. How can we expect justice from these judges generally. There may be exceptions. Normally most of the judges are corrupted. This is known to common people. Only peoples’ movements can make some impact. Now in the present era of Globalisation, the present prime minister had called the judiciary to give verdicts in the context of Globalisation, Privatisation, and liberalisation 4 or 5 years ago to tame the judges also. You can visualise the verdicts of many accordingly. If they toe the line of the government they can get many benefits, privileges after retirement. Now Chattishgadh is a state to be loot by international mining MNCs with the help of their comprodors in the government. This Raipur sessions judge read the judgement prepared by prosecution only put aside all the evidence. It is nothing but a violation of Evidence act. He wants to o give his services to rape this country by the MNCs. He may be rewarded for his service.In ultimate analysis, the judicial system is also part and parcel of suppressive machinary of the state. It works in the environment of broader social system. All democratic citizens, patriots,Gandhians , revolutionaries should unite to fight against this injustice and release Sri Binayak Sen.

    (1) Why we called worlds most liberal and people oriented country? when on sedition charges are not changed since british rule. Are we ruled by Foreigners or by our own people, through the peoples represented. On oneside Azmal Amir Kasab has been given a free trail, and A social worker, human right activist arrested on sedition charges.
    (1-a) We are declaring ourselves a industrial developed country. When 30% of our people are on the verge of displacement. No Rule for IDPs(internal displaced people). When people rising the voice against this they are termed as Anti nationals.
    (2) What Binayak Sen has been charged the same is applied to Rahul Gandhi. He Declared himself as Sepoye of Niyamgiri Tribals(Dongarias, kutias, Jharanias) who are against Vedanta buxite mining. Indian Government and law could not do any thing to him because he is a bigotory and never applied his words in works. A man like Binaya sen Is a worker for them who are deprived, and never boasted for his work.
    (3) There are thousands of mining mafias inside our country and in the politics and regarded as high profile people, when they are acting against the national interest and illegally supplying ores to foreign countries. Why they are protected?
    (4) Have we ever doubted sonia Gandhi and his foreign links( we never tried to investigate this)
    (5) have we ever tried to make rules to bring back the balck money of politicians, industrials, which is in Swiss and other foreign banks. which even now not regarded as anti national activity.
    (6) Has Indian government ever tried to find out why the politicians and ministers of different states going to singapore, nepal, etc(there are evidences)

  3. See here a post in solidarity to Dr.Binayak Sen:

  4. satish sharma said

    This is the most corrupt Govt. we have in the country–and there is brazen shamelessness about it now. Scam after scam and HUGE ONES endlessly involving lakhs of crores of rupees and the whole Sonia, Shiela, Kalmadi gang behind the soft face and umbrella of a so-called honest but characterless Manmohan out to loot the country–greedily filling up their Swiss accounts as if there is no tomorrow.

    Despite this actually there is a bright tomorrow for them. More than half the janata has been deliberately kept uneducated and ignorant. The educated ones are divided, petty and selfish. Most of the media has been bought. So, in the next elections too we will give them a tomorrow–a license to loot–a reward for their plunder—instead of giving them jail that they deserve.

    The BJP in Chattisgarh has also joined in this loot of the Congress at the centre which is all about plundering the precious mineral reserves that the land beneath these forests holds and for which the tribals are being pushed to abject poverty and being killed. When a selfless Dr. Binayak Sen, while serving the tribals can see it all and points it out, he becomes the enemy of the state and must be taught a lesson for everyone to see—so that no one dare raise a finger against this loot—the mother of all scams. Wow…… hats off to these scamsters! Will our people ever see through their games as Bihar has? Or will we remain a nation of crafty, caste-conscious, and self-seeking petty minded people –in effect morons who are digging their own graves? Development is not about a few wily business families increasing their wealth at a fast pace by bribing a greedy Govt. which acts as mafia—and the masses reeling under manipulated price rise of essential items. It has to be inclusive of all citizens and not exclude most as is the case now. Dr.Sen’s case will decide what we are doing to Draupadi—i.e the democracy of our country.

  5. Vande Maataram,
    I’m a journalist and ideologue of naxalbari movement . Three days before, when in kalinganagar(jajpur, Orissa) the Visthapan birodhi manch (tata steel palnt dispalced paerson’s organisation) organised 5th saheed days(martyrs day, jan2), On jan 1 night 4 maoist killed by police encounter( on of them, as claimed by police in abhaya, the maoist commender of kalinganagr division, and a 12 yr girl called jangi killed along three women revolutionary fighters). I suspected the police claim. even CPI(maoist) not claimed the dead bodies ( one of the statement come, as police said that the dead persons are gandhamardan surkhya manch members) .some questions arising in my mind are;
    (a) why they are come in jajpur -dhenkanal state high way with heavily aromur, when they know that more police patroling and searching is going on due to martyr day?
    (b) why police destoyed all the weapons after the encounter?
    (c) why any one( as per police claim, that jangi was from near by baligotha) not contacted by government?
    (d) how police recovered 100 killo gillatine stick, explosives, amonium nitrate from the encounter site after one day ( 4th jan)?
    kindly clarify it and i will going to sue the police and state government, and palce the same before the human right commision, which arrived on jan 18 and 19 to orissa for hearing

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