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Posted by Admin on January 5, 2011

Till arrest, not an inkling of Maoist or political links

Of the three men convicted of sedition by a Chhattisgarh court this week, the least well known is perhaps Piyush Guha, 40, a trader in tendu leaves whom even the Bengal police and Naxal sympathisers claim not to have heard of till his arrest in 2007.

In three years of courtship and then three more of marriage, Rupa Guha found no evidence of any links to politics, let alone Naxalism, she says. “He loves books and used to read a lot of Rabindranath Tagore. I never once saw him reading Maoist literature,” says Rupa, now 34, fighting what she calls a lone battle from her home in a North Kolkata lane, near Manicktala.

She said they would challenge the verdict in the Chattisgarh High Court and the Supreme Court if necessary. She is upset at the absence of support from any quarter, human rights groups or Naxals, when there is such an outcry for “others in the case”.

Guha grew up in Sagarpara in Murshidabad district, graduated in science from Gurudas College in Kolkata, got a diploma in hardware engineering and worked for two years in a private company. He then went into business, buying tendu leaves from Chhattisgarh for beedi makers in Murshidabad.

Rupa says he disappeared on May 1, 2007, their third wedding anniversary. “He called from Raipur and told me he had a reservation for May 2 and would reach home early on May 3. He had no cellphone but used to call twice a day. The calls stopped; I went to Raipur on May 5. On May 6, I was told he had been arrested,” says Rupa.

The Raipur police say they seized some letters for Maoists, allegedly routed from jailed Naxal Narayan Sanyal through Binayak Sen, and money allegedly meant to fund Naxal operations. Rupa says, “He was carrying Rs 50,000 as payment for tendu leaves.”

Shortly after the arrest, Piyush’s father Sunil Guha, a retired headmaster from Sagarpara village, died, allegedly of shock. Rupa was then living in Santoshpur but moved out after police raided the house and questioned her several times.

Three months ago, Piyush’s mother Usha Rani Guha died, hoping he could visit her once. “I appealed to the Supreme Court but he was not granted bail. The police and the court did not even grant him parole so that he could attend the last rites of his parents,” says Rupa.

Since the arrest, Guha has been to his home state once, brought on transit remand in connection with a 2005 terror case in Purulia. Ashok Prasad, SP of Purulia in 2007, said Guha had not been named in the original FIR. Police officers and people following the Naxal cause said they had never heard of him before. Guha was eventually granted bail in the 2005 case.

Today, Rupa supports herself with a small DTP unit in Sealdah. With her meagre earnings, she has been to Raipur 40 times over the past three years, attending every hearing, optimistic that the case against her husband was weak.

“I had full faith in the law and democracy and that is why I did not miss a single date of the proceedings. I believed there must have been some mistake somewhere in booking my husband under charges of sedition,” says Rupa, stunned by the verdict. IE

5 Responses to “PIYUSH GUHA”


    • Green Red said


      Story reminds me of Nazis who said bigger lies are better eaten by peoples brains. They label somebody Naxalite and, they put him in jail with alleged cash going to his place.

      But about this gal/guy(s) who is/are running this site;
      what if s/he – for now imagining it is a single person, is a person whose access to PCs in New Delhi – i am talking about a safe PC – is limited to few hours a month or what have you?

      what if she is pregnant or, he is disabled or, works sixty hours a week to pay for this and that of her/his family, huh?

      or see what it says About this blog:

      This blog is purely for educational and informational purposes and is not connected to, nor does it support or condone any particular organisation or movement. Information published on this blog is reproduced from various public domain media and academic sources.

      Given all above mentioned facts and assumptions,

      1 – why don’t you forward him/her the other things that you have in mind and, s/he may post it. Also offer your helping in whatever field you may be able to yield.

      2 – let’s say the person(s) doing this site didn’t like what you sent or, didn’t have time to post it; remember these two things:

      alef – The person who never makes mistake is the one who doesn’t do anything at all.
      beh – India’s revolution is the greatest revolution of 21st century of a country that is more populated and sophisticated than the whole original Europe (that is not counting Russia, Turkey that are phony European countries in there…) and it sure deserves as many sites pro, critical, half critical and what have you to let people know about that seventy percent of peoples who are always broomed under the carpet (Farsi saying). since they are so many millions, i – an Iranian – am translating as much as I can into Farsi. why? not since Iran can ever have revolution like that and to copy it. Simply since 700 million people is ten times bigger than 70 million Iranians and the people, black or white, north or south to me are people. Do you love all Indians including the Adivasis, Delits and..? maybe trusting others to work with is not easiest thing when so many other family members are at stake when you trust a stranger, maybe many other things but, with all its shortcoming, including earlier e mails not replied i’ve sent to this site but still i respect what s/he stands for… let’s imagine it is another far cousin or big, small, however your want to judge that which makes no difference to me, brother/sister of people like great sister Arundhati Roy. That woman in one interview even correctly compares industrial communists with capitalists who think that industrialization solves everything. my hope, my dream is in fact the other way around that Indian revs have seen the negative parts of China industrialization and they ain’t blind. for example in that famous DK jungle, they taught people to ploughing they hadn’t done before say, let their women eat eggs. is that industrialization? so much for sister A Roy but for you, please give this movement a hand and, compliment the site that exists at all and especially re People’s March, Also see the site indicated in the corner banned thought thing,
      there you’ll find latest People’s March. Cool now angry capital letter writing comrade?

  2. The Kidnap of Malkangiri Collecter V krishna and Block JE by maoists of Malkangiri. If the news is true than i want to know why Naxals not claimed this act so for. Why not their demand not clearly mentioned? I asking this because before writing a news as a pro naxlaite ideologue journalist i think it is wise to clarify. Kindly sent me as soon as possible to my email-
    Write and fight for a cause- Vande Maataram

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