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CPI(Maoist) Press Release on Mumbai Bomb Blast

Posted by Admin on August 10, 2011

Source: Press release received by Email



Press Release

July 17, 2011

Condemn Gruesome Mumbai Bomb Blasts!

Demand for an impartial and independent probe into
all the incidents of bomb blasts including Mecca Masjid, Malegaon and Samjhauta Express blasts!

Communist Party of India (Maoist) severely condemns the bomb blasts took place in Mumbai on July 13, 2011. These incidents of serial blasts are inhuman in which at least 20 innocent people have lost their lives and nearly 80 people were injured. Our Party also strongly condemns the devious and baseless allegations of exploitative ruling classes and their police/intelligence agencies who are trying to blame our Party without any clue of who might be responsible for these bomb blasts and even before the investigation is started. The oppressed people of India know very well that our Party which is fighting for the emancipation of people would never commit such attacks aimed at innocent people putting their lives at peril. Murderous ruling classes and their corporate media are deliberately blaming us so as to depict our Party as a terrorist organization and our just people’s movement as terrorist one, and thus to justify their brutal suppression campaign and the Army deployment in the second phase of ongoing Operation Green Hunt — the War On People.

If we retrospect into the earlier incidents of bomb blasts took place till this day in our country, we would never know the real culprits hidden behind those who are being shown as offenders. It’s become a norm now that whenever such incidents of bomb blasts take place, the pro-Hindu fundamentalist Indian state, its intelligence/investigative wings and the corporate media immediately claim that Muslims and so-called Islamic terrorist organizations are responsible. In fact, as part of a conspiracy and collusion of the Indian state which always try to blame Muslim society for every attack of this kind and the top leaders of the ruling class parties like Congress and BJP, the IB itself created an illusionary organization named Indian Mujahiddin which is being held responsible for every incident of bomb blast by the authorities. Corporate media barons and bankrupt intellectuals servile to the ruling classes are branding all those who ask for proof of these allegations and who demand for comprehensive and impartial probe as outright traitors and attacking them belligerently, irrationally and frantically. Thus people are being kept at bay from knowing the truth. In our so-called biggest democracy on the earth, the big joke is not asking for incisive probe has become the touchstone for patriotism and the person who asks for any probe is branded as traitor!

In earlier instances of bomb blasts in Mecca Masjid, Malegaon, Samjhauta Express etc. hundreds of innocent Muslims, particularly the youths were arrested, tortured inhumanly and sent to jails. Many were killed in fake encounters. Even after the obvious evidences came forth that the Hindu fanatics belonging to the right-wing RSS gang were responsible for those ghastly incidents, no justice was done to the Muslims. No leader of the Hindu terrorist organizations like Abhinav Bharat, Hindu defence force, Rashtriya Jagaran Manch, Bajrang Dal, Viswa Hindu Parishad has been punished until this day. At the same time, death sentence given to Afzal Guru in the case of attack on Parliament and to 11 Muslims in Godhra train carnage case recently on March 1 are some examples of the anti-Muslim and pro-Hindutva character of the Indian State. While the butchers like Narendra Modi whose hands have stained with the blood of over 2,000 innocent Muslims are freely wandering in the corridors of power, Muslims are being meted out stringent punishments by virtue of bizarre and inadequate evidences. And this has been spreading the feeling of severe frustration and fury among the Muslim masses.

It’s an obvious fact that because of the grisly incidents like the destruction of the Babri Masjid and Gujarat genocide, the Muslim community in general, a large section of Muslim youth in particular, has become furious and outrageous against the Indian ruling classes. Another irrefutable fact is that this situation has given birth to some Islamic organizations. Exploiting this situation and by taking organizations of this sort into their grip or by misleading them in a deceitful manner or by even creating some new organizations of this kind, both India’s and Pakistan’s intelligence agencies like RAW, IB, ISI are engineering bomb blasts and other attacks in both countries as part of serving their vested political interests. Failing to identify their real enemies many a frustrated Muslim youths are stuck in this lattice and taking part in acts of mindless violence of this kind. Thus they are taking of the lives of innocent people. This is such a vicious cycle where these youths don’t even know in whose hands are they acting and whose vested interests are being fulfilled with such attacks in deed.

On the other hand, after it was clearly exposed that an organization called Abhinav Bharat belonged to the Sangh gang (i.e. RSS) was responsible for bomb blasts of Malegaon, Mecca Masjid and Samjhauta Express, people of India have started seeing Saffron terrorism as a dangerous trend. When it became obvious that the Saffron terrorists are responsible for Ajmer Sherif bomb blast also, the demand for a review of all investigations done into the incidents of bomb blasts in various places of our country has come forth. The Muslim youths of Malegaon and Hyderabad have demanded that the government should apologize for the police atrocities inflicted on them. Despite of all its rhetoric, the Congress-led UPA government has been instigating Saffron terrorism as a part of promoting its wicked political motives. The corporate media which act hand in glove with Hindu fundamentalism in general, on the one hand, attack Muslims and Islamic organizations aggressively without any clear evidence and on the other hand, report as less as possible even when there is evident proof is available that the Saffron terrorist organizations were responsible for various incidents of bomb blasts.

If we see in this backdrop, we could arrive at the conclusion that Saffron terrorist organizations or so-called Islamic militant organizations sponsored by the very intelligence agencies like IB, RAW might have committed these heinous acts of July 13 Mumbai bomb blasts. It’s also likely that the mafia gangs hand in glove with police top brass and ruling class political leaders could have committed these attacks. Whoever else has done this, only the interests of ruling classes would be served with such acts of mindless violence. Firstly, people’s attention could be diverted from the issues like price rise, corruption, scams, black money, Swiss banks accounts which have become burning issues in the country now. Secondly, by posing terrorism as biggest danger, even more draconian laws could be prepared and the teeth of State’s suppressive machinery could be sharpened by importing arms and technology from imperialist countries on a massive scale misusing trillions of rupees of hard earned people’s money. Thirdly, by supporting directly or indirectly all invasive wars, attacks and intimidations of US imperialism going on in the name of ‘Global War on Terror’ and thus by acting as its junior partner in south Asia region, the Indian State could go ahead reducing the country more servile to it by signing the treacherous treaties like Homeland security, civil nuclear deal etc. Fourthly, using the pretext of terrorism, public consent could be built for crushing the people’s movements and growing Maoist revolutionary movement militarily which are surging against anti-people and pro-imperialist neo-liberal policies of the governments. Apart from this, consolidating Hindu vote bank by blaming Muslims and Islamic organizations every time without any proof and diverting the people’s attention from the basic problems of our country like food, clothing, shelter, price rise, unemployment, poverty, starvation, displacement etc. are necessary for both Congress and BJP and for the feudal and comprador bourgeoisie classes whom they represent, so that their exploitative rule can be carried on unchecked.

However, Communist Party of India (Maoist) believes that the real perpetrators of Mumbai blasts could be traced only through an impartial and independent probe. Our Party humbly appeals the masses and democrats of the country to not to sway away with the malicious propaganda, falsehood and prejudices unleashed by the ruling classes, their intelligence agencies and the corporate media in a mad, one-sided and irrational manner. Our Party demands to uncover the culprits responsible for these blasts and punish them severely. At the same time, our Party calls upon entire people of the country to demand the governments for impartial and independent probes into all incidents of bomb blasts that took place since 1992 and for unconditional release of Muslims and Christians who are languishing in various jails with false cases. Our Party also calls upon the people of the country to demand to punish all those Saffron terrorist leaders who are responsible for all the attacks perpetrated on religious minorities including the Babri Masjid destruction, Gujarat genocide, Kandhamal (Odisha) attacks and to condemn Hindu religious fundamentalism and all other religious chauvinisms.



Central Committee,

CPI (Maoist)

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It is not an encounter at all!! It is a cold blooded murder by AP Police!!

Posted by Admin on July 4, 2010

Source : ICAWPI



North Regional Bureau

Press statement

3rd July, 2010

It is not an encounter at all!! It is a cold blooded murder by AP Police!!

Red Salutes to Martyrs com. Azad (Cherukuri Rajkumar) and com. Hem Pandey (Jitender)!!

Let us avenge the killings of the beloved comrades by the khaki clad fascist gangs of AP government!!

Azad was arrested at Nagpur on June 1st along with com. Hem Pandey

On June 1st, the notorious Andhra Pradesh Special Branch Police for its abductions and cold blooded murders, have arrested com. Azad, Polite Bureau member and Spokesperson of CPI (Maoist), and com. Hem Pandey, a zonal committee level comrade in Nagpur city around 11’o clock when they went to meet a comrade who was supposed to receive them from Dandakarnaya zone. Com. Azad reached Nagpur around 10 am on the fateful day along with com. Hem Pandey, after travelling from long distance. With specific information, the lawless goons of AP SIB abducted them, perhaps flown them in a helicopter, to Adilabad jungles near Maharashtra border and killed them point block and in cold blood.

We pay our red homage to our beloved comrades and vow to take vengeance of these killers.

Life of com. Azad

Comrade Azad is one of the senior most party leaders of CPI (Maoist). He was born in Krishna district of AP, in a well to do family. He did his school education in Sainik School, at Korukonda of the present Vizianagaram District. Com. Surapuneni Janardhan, a legendary comrade of the student movement brought com. Raj Kumar into RSU in 1974. A brilliant student at the Regional Engineering College, which became famous as Radical Engineering College in those days, he finished his Mtech in Chemical Engineering and moved to Vishakhapatnam as per the Party direction. He was the second president of AP Radical Students Union till 1984. He was the catalyst behind many all Andhra wide student agitations and peoples movements in that period. He became the district committee member of vizag unit of the CPI (ML) (PW). He moved length and breadth of India, to organize the Seminar on Nationality question held in Madras (now Chennai) in 1981. He was shifted to Karnataka in 1982 and com. Azad was one of the founder members of the Karnataka Party and worked as the secretary of the Karnataka State Committee. He was taken into CC, after the Central Plenum in 1990. He was the elected member of CC in the All India conference in 1995 and since then he served in CC and PB. He continued in those posts after the formation of CPI Maoist too in 2004. He has been the spokes person of the CC since then.

Known for his simple life and hard work; voracious reading and brilliant analyses of situations, crystal clear articulation and sharp logic, and fine organizational skills, he contributed widely to the revolutionary movement in many spheres. He wrote profusely to the People’s March, Peoples war (theoretical organ of the CPI (Maoist), and to the Maoist Information Bulletin. He wrote a fine critique of the intellectuals of AP, who got disillusioned and lost faith in revolutionary movement after the 1990 events of collapse of soviet imperialism and its satellite regimes.

In his death, the Indian revolutionary movement lost an exemplary comrade and a shining star, who served the movement more than three and half decades.

Just before his last journey, he received questions for interview from a well known magazine. He replied that he was in the journey and would send the answers as early as possible.

It is not Sukhdev, but com. Hem Pandey of Uttarakhand who was killed by APSIB

Com. Hem Pandey, 30, hailed from a nearby village of Pithoragarh town of Uttarakhand State. He did his MA history in Nainital University and got himself registered in PhD. While he was in college, he was active member of AISA, and slowly realizing he pseudo revolutionary character of AISA politics, he moved to the radical groups, later in 2001 he joined the then CPI (ML) (PW). He organized peasantry in the mountainous villages in Almora district, taking up umpteen numbers of issues of peasantry, including the problems arose out of Binsar Sanctuary. Soft-spoken, bespectacled, lean and energetic Com. Hem won the love of people of that region. He was moved into more important works in 2005. He had done his new assignments with patience and endurance. His appetite for learning new things, reading more and more, and zeal for penning his ideas are things for the emulation for all the revolutionaries. He has written various articles to newsmagazines under various pen names. We request the civil rights organisations to demand the A P police to send the body of com. Hem Pandey to his bereaved mother who is in Haldwani, Uttarakhand state, who is his sole surviving parent.

APSIB- the Indian avatar of Mossad

The Andhra Pradesh Special Intelligence Bureau, which has been partially trained partially by the Mossad, has acquired the notoriety of its master trainer-Mossad, in India. It has been moving across the state borders, and conducting abductions and cold blooded murders with impunity. This is all happening with clear blessings of Manmohan- Sonia and Chidambaram. This fascist gang has established its tentacles all over India, resorting the killings of revolutionaries, scoffing at the recent AP high court judgement that all encounters are to be first booked as murders under IPC 302, Ultimaely these killers will be taken to task by the revolutionary masses.

Will Chidambaram expect CPI (Maoist) to sit for talks with his blood on his hands of com. Azad and com. Hem Pandey?

CPI (Maoist) never contested or raised any hue and cry in the case of real encounters. The AP Police is resorting to globbeian lies, not believed even by gullible. CPI (Maoist) stood for truth and accountability to the people, and always stated facts. There is no such programme of Azad going to Sarkepally forest of Adilabad. Azad was going to discuss with our comrades, inter alia, the concrete proposals of well meaning people like Swamy Agnivesh about particular dates for the mutual cease fire. He was a carrying the confidential letter of Swamy Agnivesh written to Azad dated- 26th June 2010. Will Chidambaram expect CPI (Maoist) to sit for talks with his blood on his hands of com. Azad and com. Hem Pandey? He calls repeatedly to us to abjure violence? Killing the unarmed comrades by AP Police with your blessings – is it not like devils chanting scriptures?

White lies by AP Police

When there is no movement and organization in Adilabad, what is the necessity of Azad going to Azad? That the police found AK47 is again white lie. He alighted from a train around 10 am along with com. Hem Pandey in Nagpur Station, and was caught by the APSIB unarmed. Is the government following its own constitution of article 21? Is the government following kernel of the Geneva Convention that “defenceless persons” should not be harmed? Is it not utter hypocrisy and hoax that on one hand the government is placing the prevention of torture bill and the police every minute resorting to the torture of the detained? It is a concocted story of encounter repeated ad nauseum, by the AP Police, churned out to the media umpteen times. The right life, guaranteed under the constitution is mocked and the right to be produced within 24 hours of the arrest is metamorphasized into killing within 24hours of arrest, so that there is no scope for any redressal by their near and dear.

We appeal to the civil rights organizations, democrats, patriots to raise to raise to the occasion thoroughly investigate this fake encounter as an example of extra judicial killing that are happening in scores in this country and bring out the truth before the people.


Spokes Person,

CPI (Maoist)

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Letters from P. Chidambaram and CPI(Maoist) to Swami Agnivesh regarding the possibility of dialogue

Posted by Admin on June 26, 2010

25 June 2010

[Ever since Operation Green Hunt was launched, there have been efforts by different sections of the civil society to enable a dialogue between the Indian government and the CPI(Maoist). Though several unsuccessful attempts for dialogue have been made, what is striking is that different government officials and ministers have continuously
dismissed any positive response from the CPI(Maoist), as empty posturing or attempts to gain time for regrouping. In the midst of all this, Operation Green Hunt has of course continued, bringing misery to the lives of the people in the east-central forested regions of the country.

However, recently, a fresh initiative for peace and justice has come forth with attempts by Swami Agnivesh to bring both sides to the negotiation table. In this regard, the Home Minister P. Chidambaram had written a letter to Swami Agnivesh laying down the conditions from the government’s side for the talks. Although the letter was supposedly
confidential, it was leaked to the press, apparently from the home ministry, to seemingly portray a picture of sincerity on the part of the government.

It turns out that, more than a week back, the CPI (Maoist) had responded to this initiative by writing their own letter to Swami Agnivesh, which described the suitable conditions from their side for joining the talks. However, quite mysteriously, there was no discussion in the media regarding the Maoist response and there were rumours that the government was attempting to suppress it. With apprehensions that this initiative would also loose steam, the CPI (Maoist) letter has also now reached different sections of the media.

From the very inception of Operation Green Hunt, we have been continuously involved in various initiatives to end the armed offensive by the state. We have also tried to provide a platform for discussions regarding the possible negotiations between the State and CPI(Maoist).

In continuation of this process, we are publishing here the two letters (i) written by the Home Minister to Swami Agnivesh (ii) written by the CPI(Maoist) representative to Swami Agnivesh, so that there is clarity  regarding the issues involved in beginning the dialogue between the two sides. – Ed , Source: Sanhati]


Letter from Azad, spokesperson of CPI(Maoist), to Swami Agnivesh

Click here to read the letter in pdf format

May 31, 2010

Regarding the proposal for talks made by Mr. P. Chidambaram in his letter to Swami Agnivesh

Dear Swami Agniveshji,

We heard that you and other democratic intellectuals had gone on a peace march in Dantewada in the first week of May 2010 braving the disruption organized by the goons of the BJP and Congress. You might have realized how the state government and the Centre are determined to sabotage any attempt to bring peace to the region and to prevent anyone from making efforts in that direction. We appreciate the efforts of well-meaning intellectuals and social activists like you to bring peace to the region. We also appreciate the efforts made by you to convince the Union Government to come forward for a cease-fire and dialogue with our Party which had prompted the Union Home Minister to state the Government’s position on the issue. Read the rest of this entry »

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Posted by Admin on June 12, 2010



Press Release:                                            June 1st, 2010


The removal of panroles on the railway track near Jhargram in West Bengal leading to the accident of Kurla-bound Jnaneswari Express and consequent deaths of 150 innocent civilians and injuries to over 200 passengers is highly condemnable. The CC, CPI(Maoist), expresses its deep sorrow at the tragic incident and shares the suffering and pain of the families of the deceased. Strangely, the tragic incident which took place on the intervening night of May 28/29 is being used by West Bengal government, the police and some ruling class parties like the Hindu fascist BJP and the social fascist CPI(M) to tarnish the image of our Party—CPI(Maoist)— and gain legitimacy to the counter-revolutiona ry war unleashed by the Indian State against the poorest sections of the Indian society led by the Maoists.

Baseless accusations against the Maoist revolutionaries are part of the dirty disinformation campaign let loose by the reactionary rulers through their police-intelligence agencies and their pet media. For two days after the incident the police did not even confirm whether a blast had occurred at the site let alone finding any clue about the involvement of the Maoists or the PCAPA. However, they came up with the theory of Maoist involvement with the argument that the area is a hotbed of the Maoists, and Maoists had been targeting trains for some time. The entire media has been playing to the tune of the conspirators by running banner headlines that “Maoist terrorists” had taken the lives of innocent people, Maoists are blood-thirsty hounds and such trash which only insane people can say. Would anyone in his senses ever imagine that the CPI(Maoist), which had been fighting for land, livelihood and liberation of the people for over four decades, which had sacrificed thousands of its leaders and cadres for the cause of the oppressed, which has no other interests than the interests of the people, can harm the lives of those very people?

It is the reactionary rulers who would stop at nothing to acquire power and retain it. They would set fire to their own houses to discredit others and gain the sympathy of the people. It is universally known how Hindu fascists like Narendra Modi had engaged VHP, RSS and Bajrang Dal hoodlums to unleash attacks on Muslims; how a Sri Ram Sene is hired to create riots in Karnataka; how a Raman Singh kills adivasis and accuses the Maoists of having committed the crimes. A fascist Hitler had set fire to the Reichstag, to put the blame on the Communists and begin a witch-hunt. Likewise, these reactionary rulers themselves had organized the sabotage of railways with the aim of discrediting the Maoists. With an eye on the elections and unnerved by their fast-eroding social base, the social fascists think they can gain sympathy through such dirty tricks. The reactionary ruling class parties have degenerated to such a low level that they will go to any extent to be in power.

Strange is the manner in which most of the media had reported on the tragic incident. While they ran headlines attributing the cause of the sabotage to the Maoists, they report in their columns that the enquiry is on and that Maoist involvement is suspected. How can the media deliver its judgement even before any evidence is found or enquiry conducted? What morality do these reporters, some of them quite renowned at that, possess when they pass judgements based on their own ideological biases? Worse, some media sources have not even published or aired the statement issued by our Party representative in West Bengal denying our involvement. The media is becoming increasingly anarchic, irresponsible and unaccountable. While propagating falsehoods without investigation, the media does not even have the courtesy to admit its gross mistakes and irresponsible accusations when the truth comes out in the open. It had done the same kind of false propaganda against the Muslim community after the blasts in Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad, Ajmer Dargah blast, Goa blast and so on and remained unapologetic about its false and biased reporting even after it was clearly proved that these blasts were the handiwork of Hindu fascist gangs.

The CC, CPI(Maoist), condemns this kangaroo trial by the media and its irresponsible accusations against our Party’s involvement in the train tragedy. We consider this as a deep conspiracy by the rulers to defame the Maoist revolutionaries and gain legitimacy to their suppression campaign. We warn the reactionaries who have been vomiting venom against Maoists to stop their vicious campaign and hurling false allegations. We call upon the democratic and progressive forces, civil rights groups and people at large to see through the intrigues and diabolic designs of the reactionary rulers in spreading such lies and falsehoods against the Maoist revolutionaries. We demand an impartial enquiry into the incident to bring out the truth. Our Party will never hide the truth from the people. When we commit a mistake we frankly admit it, apolgise to the people from the depths of our hearts, and assure them that we would not repeat such a mistake. This has been the hall-mark of our Party in all its history. In this particular incident of the Jnaneswari express the Party leadership so far is not aware of any involvement of its cadre but if it is found that anyone close to our Party had indeed carried out the sabotage of the railways, then we will take stringent action against them and openly admit the lapse on our part. We will investigate into the incident and come out with the facts in the shortest time. We assure the people of our country that there will not be any attacks on trains in future and we will instruct our Party cadre to abstain from such acts as they can cause loss of ordinary lives.



Central Committee,


Source: Peoples March

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2010 will be bloodier if govt launches offensive: Maoist leader Kishanji

Posted by Admin on December 22, 2009

New Delhi, Dec 22 (IANS): If 2009 was bad, 2010 would be ”bloodier” if the government goes ahead with its planned offensive against the Maoist jungle bases, a top guerrilla leader has vowed while warning of more retaliatory  violence in the months to come.

“Home Minister P. Chidambaram is a liar. At one level he says the offensive is a media creation but at the same time he is pumping in more troops in Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh. I understand there is going to be a major crackdown in March,” said Koteshwar Rao alias Kishanji, a politburo member of the Communist Party of India-Maoist (CPI-Maoist), which does not believe in parliamentary democracy and swears by the barrel of the gun.

“If they (security forces) begin their operations, I promise you 2010 will get bloodier. There will be no respite from violence,” Kishanji, in charge of operations in eastern India, said in a telephonic interview from an undisclosed location in West Bengal.

Till Nov 15 this year, over 770 civilians and security personnel were killed in Maoist violence, the largest number of casualties in four years. In Jharkhand alone – one of the worst affected states – there have been 1,885 incidents of violence since 2006.

Kishanji, 52, operates from the interiors of Lalgarh in West Bengal and is one of those fine-tuning the strategy of the Maoists. It was after considerable effort that IANS managed to track him down on one of the several mobile phones he uses through a chain of contacts. Reputed to be a military strategist and an advocate of tough tactics, Kishanji is said to be the mastermind behind recent killings of Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) members in Lalgarh, West Bengal.

In his view, Operation Green Hunt, as the proposed offensive he says is labelled, will “backfire”. “This so-called assault against us will backfire. All this talk of war against its own people is humbug and carries no conviction,” said Kishanji, originally a resident of Andhra Pradesh. He is wanted in Orissa, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh for waging war against the state.

He had initially joined the movement for a separate Telangana state and then became a full-time member of the Maoist outfit way back in 1971.Kishanji, said to be responsible for the abduction of West Bengal policeman Atindranath Dutta and his subsequent release in October, said the Maoist leadership had changed its strategy after some top-rung leaders were arrested.
“We have learnt our lessons. Our tactics have changed and we won’t make similar mistakes again,” he said, speaking both in English and Hindi.In the last few months, police and security personnel have arrested several Maoist leaders, including Kobad Ghandy from an undisclosed place in Delhi, Chhatradhar Mahato from West Bengal and a couple, Ravi Sarma and B. Anuradha, who were nabbed in Jharkhand.

The arrests have come as Chidambaram has been stressing that civil society must stop romanticising the rebels and instead judge them in the context of the “mountain of violence”.Kishanji also lashed out at Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s lament that there had been a systemic failure in giving the tribals a stake in the economic processes and how authorities should change ways in dealing with them.

“Does he (Manmohan Singh) know what’s happening on the ground? State governments go around signing agreements for special economic zones and setting up more sponge iron factories at the cost of the tribals. Where is the healing touch? They are all hypocritical.” However, Kishanji did hold hope that there could be room for talks with the authorities.

“We can talk, if there is ceasefire and if there is a withdrawal of forces. But it has to be genuine. Otherwise it has no meaning at all.” Kishanji refused to comment on reports that a section of Maoists disapproved of methods of “indiscriminate killing” unleashed by him. Media reports have quoted unnamed rebels in the outfit’s state unit questioning Kishanji’s way of dealing with CPI-M sympathisers. “If that was true, then I would not be here. My ways are transparent and there for everyone to see,” he said, refusing to be drawn further into the debate. dh

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PLGA Celebrates Foundation Day with 50 Villages in Lalgarh

Posted by Admin on December 7, 2009

CPI (Maoist) marks 9th anniversary of Peoples Liberation Guerrilla Army in Bihar

Maoist leader Kishenji attends public meet

KOLKATA: After a gap of a month, fugitive Maoist leader Kishenji attended an open gathering in Jangalmahal on December 2 to observe the foundation day of the Peoples Liberation Group Army (PLGA).

Another Maoist activist, Rakesh, leader of the West Bengal-Jharkhand-Orissa border regional committee also attended the function along with the commander-in-chief of Jangalmahal, Bikash. The gathering was held amid tight security provided by PLGA activists who had surrounded the area with sophisticated arms and weapons to prevent the joint forces from attempting to foil the function and arrest top Maoist leaders like Kishenji.

Kishenji had left Lalgarh and Jangalmahal after the Maoist activists killed four jawans of the Eastern Frontier Rifles (EFR) at Gidhni bazar area in West Midnapore district on November 8. It is, however, not clear whether Kishenji is staying at Jangalmahal or left the place after attending the function there on December 2. Read the rest of this entry »

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Govt offensive will make us stronger: Maoists

Posted by Admin on November 30, 2009

 Maoist orissaNew Delhi: Weeks before the government launches one of its biggest offensive against Maoists, the extremists have welcomed it saying this will strengthen their movement in tribal areas.

The Maoist thinktank believe that the government’s stand is responsible for their success in Jharkhand, West Bengal and Chhattisgarh. “The more destruction they (security forces) cause, the faster will our people’s army grow and our guerrilla war spread to other parts of the country. Thanks to the Salwa Judum in Chhattisgarh, our war has achieved in four years what would have taken two decades. Now, thanks to home minister P Chidambaram, our war will expand to wider areas, mobilise more people and gather momentum,” said Azad, the spokesperson of the CPI (Maoist) in a document made available to DNA.

“Maoism teaches us that self-preservation is possible only through war. You cannot defend yourself against a powerful and extremely cruel enemy by submitting to him meekly. You have to choose the appropriate method to fight a relatively superior and powerful enemy and only by this can you ensure the preservation of your forces,” he said. Read the rest of this entry »

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Maoists growing stronger, waging war of the mind: CRPF chief

Posted by Admin on November 25, 2009

The fight is between 7,000-8,000 armed Maoist rebels versus 60,000-70,000 security personnel. But the enemy is “incisive, self critical and educative”, armed with sophisticated weaponry and is constantly changing tactic in what is increasingly become a war of the mind, says the paramilitary Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) chief.

As the government gears up for a massive offensive against the guerrillas, top officials of the CRPF say the guerrillas are “growing stronger” and must not be underestimated.

“They are changing their tactics depending upon what we are doing,” CRPF Director General A.S. Gill told IANS in an interview.

Giving an example, he said they have increased the usage of pressure mines. “They are also using sharpened iron nails. They have dug ditches in jungles and covered it with normal grass after hiding nails inside. Though these nails do not kill any trooper, it affects swift movement of the security agencies,” Gill said.

The Maoists, he said, were also avoiding direct contact with security forces. “They just pass from nearby areas,” added Gill, who heads one of the world’s largest paramilitary forces. The CRPF has 207 battalions with a strength of over 200,000 personnel.

The security forces had also changed strategy to minimise operational casualties from improvised explosives used by the guerrillas.

“For a long time, we did not acknowledge that the Maoists were growing stronger, but there is a greater realisation now. We have changed our tactics and training. Theatre specific training has also been introduced for the first time to enhance specific capabilities in fighting the problems of militancy and insurgency,” he said.

The CRPF was also raising 10 new commando battalions and acquiring the best available weapons and equipment to fight the guerrillas.

“We will have Maoists on the run very soon. The areas under their control would be taken back,” he promised.

His colleague, CRPF Special Director General Vijay Raman, added: “We are facing an enemy which is fighting from the brain. They are very incisive, self critical and educative. The documents seized from them shows the meticulous planning behind their strikes.”

Raman is a celebrated police officer who has been appointed by the home ministry as national coordinator in the anti-Maoist campaign. Read the rest of this entry »

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Open Letter to United Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) From the Communist Party of India (Maoist)

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Source:  Peoples March Nov-2009   –  Regd. with the RNI No.: KER ENG/2000/2051

Date: June 7, 2009

Sickle hammer copy

Dear Comrades,

We have been keenly, with great concern, following the recent developments taking place in your country, Nepal. With the CPN(Maoist) emerging as the single largest party in the elections to the Constituent Assembly in April 2008 and the formation of the new government consisting of a coalition of several Parties, some of which are known for their anti-people, pro-feudal, pro-imperialist and pro-Indian expansionist past, an ideological-political debate has arisen in the entire revolutionary camp in India and the world regarding the path, strategy, and tactics pursued by your Party, now the UCPN(M), in advancing the revolution in Nepal. All these make it all the more urgent to conduct a deeper debate on the ideological-political line pursued by the CPN(M), particularly after it came to power through elections, after a decade-long heroic people’s war and forming the government with some of the arch-reactionaries who had earned the wrath of the Nepalese masses.


Several issues need to be debated by Maoist revolutionaries throughout the world in the context of the UCPN(M) pursuing a line and policies that, in our understanding, are not consistent with the fundamental tenets of MLM and teachings of our great Marxist teachers—issues such as proletarian internationalism; stages and sub-stages of revolutions and its practical applications in semi-colonial semi-feudal countries; understanding of the Leninist concept of state and revolution; nature of parliamentary democracy in semi-colonial, semi-feudal countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America; meaning of firmness of strategy and flexibility in tactics; and such other related questions. There are also some other specific issues raised by your Party in the name of creative application of MLM such as the concept of 21st century democracy or multi-Party democracy, Prachanda Path, fusion theory, and so on, which in our understanding, is a basic departure from Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and should be widely and deeply debated.


It is true that Marxism is not a dogma but a guide to action. Those Marxist-Leninist revolutionaries who followed it only in letter and discarded its spirit have failed to understand the essence of Marxism, failed to understand what com Lenin had taught, that is, ‘concrete analysis of concrete conditions is the living soul of Marxism’. Such dogmatists failed to apply MLM to the concrete practice of revolution in their countries and hence failed to make any real advances in the revolutions in their respective countries. Dogmatism, no doubt, has been a bane of the Marxist Leninist movements and hence the struggle against dogmatism should be an inseparable part of the ideological struggle of the Communist Party. Read the rest of this entry »

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Fight for the unconditional Release of com. Kobad Ghandhy: CPI Maoist Press Release

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Kobad Ghandy



Press Release: September 29, 2009

(Source: Peoples March Regd. with the RNI No.: KER ENG/2000/2051 R)

Sickle hammer copy

Fight for the unconditional release of Maoist leader comrade Kobad Ghandy!
Maoists are champions of people’s cause; Expose the reactionary propaganda that Maoists are terrorists!!

As part of their all-round brutal offensive against the CPI(Maoist) and the ongoing people’s war in India, the Sonia- Manmohan-Chidambaram fascist clique at the Centre and the various exploiting class parties in the states, irrespective of their colour, have engaged their lawless repressive state apparatus to eliminate the central and state leadership of our Party. Exactly a month after the arrest of a Polit Bureau member of our Party, comrade Sumit, from Ranchi on August 19, and four months after the abduction and brutal murder of our Central Committee member com Patel Sudhakar, another Polit Bureau member and a senior leader of the CPI(Maoist), comrade Kobad Ghandy, was arrested from Delhi. Comrade Kobad Ghandy had just returned from a trip to the guerrilla zone. The arrest of comrade Kobad Ghandy is being touted as a big success of the Intelligence officials while it was actually a result of the betrayal by a weak element in the Party who was acting as his courier. He was betrayed by his courier who led the SIB from AP and the Intelligence wing in Delhi to the appointment spot in Bhikaji Cama Place in South Delhi. The police claimed that he was arrested on the night of 20th September, but the actual arrest was made on 17th. The prompt reaction from various democratic and civil rights organizations foiled the plan of the Intelligence agencies and the police officials to torture and murder him as is their usual norm. The CC, CPI(Maoist) hails the efforts made by the various democratic forces in defending the life of comrade Kobad Ghandy and appeals to them to fight against the heinous attempts of the reactionary rulers to implicate him in false cases, to conduct Narco tests and to mentally harass him.

Comrade Kobad Ghandy, who hails from a rich, elitist background, had abandoned everything and mingled with the oppressed masses serving them selflessly for almost four decades. He lived with the unorganized workers, adivasi peasants, and the urban poor and became popular among the oppressed sections of the Indian people. He organized revolutionary activity in Maharashtra during the 1970s and became a member of the Central Committee of erstwhile CPI(ML)[PW] in 1981. He continued as a member of the CC of the merged CPI(Maoist) in 2004 and was elected to the Polit Bureau after the Unity Congress—9th Congress in February 2007. He played a crucial role in bringing out the Party publications in English and was also looking after the subcommittee on Mass Organisations set up by the CC besides other works. The arrest of comrade Kobad Ghandy is a great loss to the CPI(Maoist) and the Indian revolution. Read the rest of this entry »

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Press Release

September 29, 2009
Source: Peoples March Nov 2009

Regd. with the RNI No.: KER ENG/2000/2051


The Sonia-Manmohan-Chidambaram (SMC) fascist clique has stepped up its cruel war against the people in the areas of armed struggle led by the Maoists. It launched its biggest-ever armed onslaught on the adivasis and the CPI(Maoist) leading them from the second half of September this year. Having turned mad and desperate after the dismal failure of their four-yearlong state-sponsored counter-revolutionary terrorist campaign of mass murder of adivasis, mass rapes of adivasi women, and destruction of adivasi villages and property in the name of salwa judum, the Congress-BJP fascist combine had begun the biggest-ever state terrorist offensive in the vast adivasi-inhabited hinterland in order to pave way for the unbridled plunder of the region by imperialist MNCs and comprador big business houses.

The SMC fascist clique had drawn up an elaborate conspiratorial plan under the guidance of the US imperialists to carry out mass extermination of the adivasis so as to loot the enormous mineral and forest wealth in the region. Several thousand crores of rupees are paid to the faithful brokers like Chidambaram, Raman Singh, Naveen Patnaik and others by the MNCs and the Indian big business houses to suppress the armed uprisings of the adivasi masses in the region stretching from Paschimi Midnapur-Purulia-Bankura to North Andhra and North Telengana. Chidambaram, the Indian avatar of Adolf Hitler had finalized the plan during his trip to Washington last fortnight.

The hideous plan includes aerial bombardment of some Maoist-held areas even at the cost of heavy civilian casualties, destruction of several clusters of villages and resettling the inhabitants in Vietnam-type “strategic hamlets” which they had already tried through the salwa judum with limited success, setting up permanent heavily-fortified police camps in the interior regions after clearing up the region of Maoists and adivasi peasantry, and carrying out propaganda campaign against the Maoists through cultural performances, media ads, and so on. On September 25th at least a dozen adivasis were murdered by the CRPF and other repressive forces of the state in the district of Bijapur. A week prior to this at least 30 adivasis were murdered in Singanamadugu in the Palachalma forest in Dantewada district by Chidambaram’s Cobras after they were beaten
back by the Maoist guerrillas and losing six of their men.

In a move that reminds us of the desperate morale-boosting trips to Iraq and Afghanistan by Donald Rumsfeld, George Bush and Co, the US imperialist agent Chidambaram too rushed to Raipur and Ranchi on September 25 to boost up the morale of the central forces deployed in these states and assured the state governments of all assistance in suppressing the Maoists. It is clear that the SMC clique is all set to carry out a blood-bath in vast parts of the country where the people’s war is surging ahead. And to justify this hideous plan these Indian offspring of Goebbels have intensified the psychological war through media ads against the Maoists. The photos of police agents and Special Police Officers punished by the Maoists are prominently published in the ads in a vain attempt to prove that revolutionary violence by the Maoists is senseless. This cheap trick cannot fool the people who are witness to the daily violence perpetrated by the reactionary rulers and their lawless armed gangs called the security forces. Thousands of Maoist revolutionaries and even a greater number of innocent civilians were murdered by these repressive forces in the past four decades. In just four years of the bloody salwa judum campaign since June 2005, over 500 adivasis were brutally murdered by the combined forces of salwa judumn goondas, police and central forces in two districts of Chhattisgarh alone. Can Chidambaram succeed in fooling the people through his Goebbels’ propaganda? Such cheap propaganda is certain to ultimately back-fire on his face.

The CC, CPI(Maoist) appeals to all revolutionary, democratic and peace-loving forces to unite to resist this fascist countrywide offensive by the Central and state governments, build a mass movement to force the reactionary rulers to stop this mass murder of the adivasi people, and extend solidarity and all kinds of help to the victims of this bloody state terrorist violence. It calls upon the entire rank and file of the Party, the brave PLGA fighters, and the revolutionary masses to rise up courageously to confront the brutal offensive unleashed by the imperialist agents ruling our country, to prepare for immense sacrifices in this war of resistance, and by displaying exemplary steadfastness and courage to inflict severe blows on the mercenary CoBRAs and other state-hired forces that are causing havoc in the areas of armed struggle.

Central Committee, CPI(Maoist)

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Centre should write proposal for talks: Top Maoist leader

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maoist gathering 0112Asserting that they were ready for a ceasefire, the Maoists Tuesday night said the central government should come out with a written proposal for dialogue, and rebutted the government’s demand for end to violence as a pre-requisite for talks.

Regretting that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and union Home Minister P. Chidambaram have not responded to an open letter written by him, Communist Party of India-Maoist (CPI-Maoist) politburo member Koteswar Rao alias Kishenji told IANS that the joint forces combating the rebels must be withdrawn first.

“The joint forces (of the centre and the respective states) perpetrating atrocities on the people in tribal areas and jungles must be withdrawn. Thegovernment should also set free the people arrested in connection with our agitation,” the top Maoist leader said over phone from an undisclosed destination.

Responding to union Home Secretary G.K. Pillai’s statement that the Maoists should shun violence to pave the way for talks, Kishenji said: “We are opposed to violence. We don’t indulge in violence on our own. It’s the government which lets lose violence on us.”

“Look at the way the security forces torture our people, the poorer sections fighting for their rights. The government should stop violence first and declare a ceasefire.”

“I have written to the prime minister and the home minister. But they have not replied. They should. And if the government is serious about a dialogue with us, it should write to our general secretary with a concrete proposal,” he said. Prokerala

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