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Peoples March: April-May-June 2011

Posted by Admin on July 23, 2011

Peoples March 2011- April May June 01 copy

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Peoples March: January – March 2011

Posted by Admin on May 6, 2011

Peoples March - 01 january- March 2011

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Peoples March May-June 2010

Posted by Admin on July 11, 2010

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Peoples March 2010 March-April

Posted by Admin on April 29, 2010

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Peoples March January-February 2010

Posted by Admin on March 7, 2010

Peoples march january- february 2010

peoples march january - february 2010

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Peoples March, November 2009

Posted by Admin on November 3, 2009

Pm Nove 2009 Issue 1101 copy

Previous Issues

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Press and Registration Appellate Board lifted ban order on the Maoist Magazine

Posted by Admin on September 12, 2009

Jan-cover-in 2006KOZHIKODE: The Press and Registration Appellate Board, New Delhi, has quashed the Ernakulam District Collector’s order banning the publication of ‘People’s March’, the unofficial mouthpiece of the CPI (Maoist).The PRAB, in its August 7 ruling, set aside the Collector’s order and held that “the magazine regains its force and becomes operative with immediate effect.” The Collector banned the publication on January 15 on the ground that it indulged in “publishing seditious matters, exhorting the general public to take up arms for violent struggle and promoting divisive tendencies in the country.”

The PRAB, comprising chairman Justice K N Ray and member Ramesh Gupta, said that as per Section 8(b) of the Press and Registration of Books Act, no publication could be banned on these grounds. “Seditious offences may be taken cognizance of under the IPC or other relevant laws,” it said.‘Peoples March’ editor P Govindan Kutty was arrested after the Andhra police picked up CPI (Maoist) central committee member Malla Raju Reddy at Angamaly on December 17, 2008. Read the rest of this entry »

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India:Ban on Maoist magazine lifted, People’s March October 2009 issue released

Posted by Admin on September 12, 2009

People's March October 2009

People's March October 2009

[This is the first issue of the resumed publication. It seems tohave identical content to People’s Truth #8, (Oct. 2009).]

People’s March is an interesting and informative publication about the Maoist revolutionary movement in India. It has (or has had) web sites at and   During 2007 the Indian government banned the online version of the magazine and has tried to close down or sabotage these and other web sites associated with People’s March as well as other web sites reporting on Maoist ideas or activities in India. Then, on December 19, 2007, this suppression campaign was carried a step further with the arrest of the editor and publisher of People’s March, P. Govindan Kutty. See the statement demanding the release of Govindan Kutty by the Revolutionary Democratic Front in India for further information. Finally, after much outrage about this arrest both in India and internationally, Govindan Kutty was released on Feb. 24, 2008, and made a statement at that time. Unfortunately the charges were still pending against him and he was not able to resume publication of People’s March for over a year and a half.

We were completely opposed to these blatantly fascist measures which attempt to forcibly suppress progressive ideas and which are in gross violation of freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Consequently we are also making copies of People’s March available here and urge others who value freedom of thought to do the same.

We also have been able to post all the earlier issues of People’s March in this Complete Archive, which also contains much other information from the suppressed People’s March web site. (Some of this information is still being organized for systematic presentation on BANNEDTHOUGHT.NET.)

We now also have a Subject Index available for the issues through 2005

The Return of People’s March!

In August 2009 we heard from Govindan Kutty that after a long appeal process the order suppressing People’s March had been lifted. This is great news! Here, in MS Word format, is Kutty’s letter with this announcement. The first issue of the post-suppression magazine, labeled vol. 10, #10, and dated October 2009, is now available below. While the magazine will no longer be officially banned, it will very likely still be quite difficult for many in India and elsewhere to obtain. For that reason the magazine will continue to be made available here on this web site.

The recent issues are in PDF format unless otherwise stated, and the most recently published issue is at the top of the list.

Vol. 10, #10 (October, 2009) [PDF: 1,425 KB]
[This is the first issue of the resumed publication. It seems to have identical content to People’s Truth #8, (Oct. 2009).]

Vol. 8, #12 (December, 2007) [PDF: 2,555 KB]
Vol. 8, #11 (November, 2007) [PDF: 3,356 KB]
Vol. 8, #10 (October, 2007) [PDF: 1,640 KB]
Vol. 8, #9 (September, 2007) [PDF: 3,759 KB]
Vol. 8, #8 (August, 2007) [PDF: 2,924 KB]
Vol. 8, #7 (July, 2007) [PDF: 377 KB]
Vol. 8, #7 (July, 2007): Special Supplement on Dandakaranya [PDF: 577 KB]
Vol. 8, #4 (May-June, 2007) [PDF: 682 KB]
Vol. 8, #3 (April, 2007) [Labeled on cover as Vol. 8, #4; PDF: 1,582 KB]
[There was no March 2007 issue.]
Vol. 8, #2 (February, 2007) [PDF: 277 KB]
Vol. 8, #1 (January, 2007) [PDF: 552 KB]

Vol. 7, #12 (December, 2006) [PDF: 307 KB]
Vol. 7, #8-9 (August/September, 2006) [PDF: 1,007 KB]
Vol. 7, #6-7 (June/July, 2006) [PDF: 356 KB]
Vol. 7, #5 (May, 2006) (Cover page partly missing.) [PDF: 430 KB]
Vol. 7, #4 (April, 2006) [PDF: 309 KB]
Vol. 7, #3 (March, 2006) [PDF: 355 KB]
Vol. 7, #2 (February, 2006) [PDF: 992 KB]
Vol. 7, #1 (January, 2006) [PDF: 681 KB]

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Banned Maoist Magazine People’s March is Coming Back

Posted by Admin on August 31, 2009

cover-mainOn 7th August 2009 the Hon’ble Press & Registration Appellate Board, New Delhi set aside the order dated 15-01-2009 of the District Collector, Ernakulam canceling the Declaration furnished by People’s March which was forwarded to The Registrar of Newspapers for India, Delhi. It showed the utter vindictiveness of the Government/ State to suppress the views hostile to it. People’s march has uncompromisingly stood on the side of the oppressed, exploited masses and the middle classes of our country who comprise an overwhelming 90% of our population.

The Government/State represents the mere microscopic moneybags of this country and their agents and hangers-on who comprise barely 5% of the population. Both stand in direct conflict to each other. But the interests of the country must and always be the interests of its bulk population. Before the Appelate Board stood a lawyer paid by the Government. On the other side stood me the Editor without any lawyer. The Government/State has no answer for the arguments and grounds put forth by me in my appeal as to under which clause under Section 8 B of the Press and Registration of Books Act 1867 the Declaration furnished by me was cancelled. After a few minutes ofsilence by the Government advocate

The Press & Registration appellate Board set aside the order of theCollector, Ernakulam. A copy of the order is awaited.Likewise after my illegal & arbitrary arrest and release on baileven after 21 months the Government/ State charge sheets were not filed. Butthe cases foisted on me are pending as a form of threat.It is clear that both the arrest and the banning of the non publishing magazine while I was under custodytogether with the earlier banning of the website was nothing but a crude attempt by the Government/State to stifle the freedom of speech in this fake democratic setup. Read the rest of this entry »

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Release Govindan kutty

Posted by Admin on January 5, 2008

Protest program held in kochi on 1st january


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Maoists vow to carry forward People’s March mission

Posted by Admin on December 28, 2007

Thursday December 27 2007 09:29 IST


KOZHIKODE: Maoists have vowed to carry forward the ‘mission’ of People’s March editor P. Govindan Kutty, who is in judicial custody after he was picked up by the Ernakulam police.

Govindan Kutty is on an hunger strike ever since he was arrested alleging that the police action is an infringement on the freedom of the press.

In a post on December 23, the blogspot maoistmovementinindia. com says, “People’s March will never die. It will continue and work against all oppressions.”

It gives a chilling warning: “Prisons will break, chains will break same as what happened in Dantewada, Jehanabad, Patna.”

Maoistsresistance, another pro-Maoists blog, demands immediate release of Govindan Kutty. “The so-called largest democracy in the world, with a gigantic army, para-military force and police, feels threatened by a monthly magazine with a limited circulation of few thousands.”

The Maoists are planning to raise the arrest as a human rights issue. The Revolutionary People’s Front (RPF), the frontal organisation of the CPI (Maoist), will stage agitations demanding Govindan Kutty’s release.

Ajayan Mannur, RPF state secretary, says the Maoists have their presence in 12 districts in the state. “The RPF is the right hand of the CPI (Maoist), engaged in propagating the ideology of the party among the masses.

It is the state unit of the Revolutionary Democratic Movement (RDF) led by G.N. Saibaba. We will continue to organise people in various agitations” he told this website’s newspaper .

He said the Maoist leader Malli Raja Reddy has come to the state for party work. Andhra Police had tried to kidnap him. It was spoiled after our intervention. We have sent fax messages to the Chief Minister and the Home Minister,” Ajayan said.

There are indications that the Maoists will throw up resistance if the Andhra Police tried to pick up their comrades from Kerala in future.

“Andhra Police has worst track record in human rights violations. It is second only to the Assam Rifles in this regard,” he said.

The Maoists believe that the CPM is nurturing a strong hatred towards them as a fallout of the Nandigram issue.

They say the CPM is settling scores using the arrest of Malli Raja Reddy as a cover. “The Kerala Government wants to nip the bud and stifle all voices of dissent.”

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Demand Immediate and Unconditional Release of People’s March Editor, Com. Govindan Kutty

Posted by Admin on December 26, 2007

Save Live of Govindan Kutty who is on the 8th Day of a Hunger Fast

On December 19th the Kerala Police, under the orders of Ernakulum Police Commissioner, raided the room of Com. Govindan Kutty; confiscated all his literature and Hard disk and arrested him under a number of fake cases. He was harassed and interrogated for a day and and then sent to judicial custody. Since then he has been on a hunger strike which has entered the 8th day demanding his unconditional release. Given his age his life is in serious threat.

People’s March is an independent revolutionary paper. It supports all revolutionary movements including the Maoist movements in India, Nepal and elsewhere. It is a fully legal publication registered by the Government of India with the RNI number KER ENG/2000/2051 and the postal registration number: KL/EKM/614/2007-09. Th magazine has been coming out for over 7 years meeting all the requirements of the government.

The arrest of the editor and the foisting of fake charges against him are nothing but an attempt of the GOI of India to further stiffle freedom of speech in the country. The so-called largest democracy in the world with a gigantic army, para-military and police force feels threatend by a mere monthly mgazine with a limited cirulation of a few thousands. It dispays the fascist character of the governemnet and the cowardly action of the Keralam police.

We demand the immediate and unconditional release of Com Govindan Kutty and allow the continued publication of People’s March. We hold the governmnet entirely responsible in the face of any damage to his health or threat to his life due to huger strike within jail.

Secretary, Kerala state committee,

R.P.F (Revolutionary Peoples Front)
Dec.26th 2007

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