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Maoist leader Bikash warns West Bengal Govt.

Posted by Admin on August 8, 2009

CPI Moaist Poster

CPI Maoist Poster

KOLKATA: “The joint operation of the security forces has failed as it was bound to. The West Bengal government should brace itself for further failures in near future,” Maoist leader Bikas said on Friday, a day after the government admitted that the security operation for flushing out the Maoists could not achieve expected results.

Speaking over the phone from his hideout somewhere in the Lalgarh region, Mr. Bikas told The Hindu that the State took “too much time” to admit that what the Maoists have been claiming form the start. Holding out a warning against any “misstep” by the State government, he said: “It will not be easy for the security forces to go back from here [Lalgarh]. We will see to it.”

Asked about the tactics that they intend to adopt given the fact that the State government has decided to take up “area-specific strategies” within the next 15-20 days, he said: “We do not create unnecessary hype about our tactics. The government talks tall about its plans only to fail afterwards.”

Referring to the local support as the foundation of their success so far, he said the forces will continue facing resistance from the people.

Regarding the two policemen who have gone missing since July 30 and remain untraced till date, Mr. Bikas said the Maoists are not responsible for the incident. He, however, pointed out to the possibility of the policemen facing public wrath for their involvement in alleged atrocities against local people.

He also refuted the Maoists’ role in the recent spate of killing of supporters of Jharkhand Party (Naren).

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Cops salute Maoists in Naxal heartland

Posted by Admin on August 4, 2009

CPI MaoistRaipur, Aug 4: It could well be dubbed the capital of India’s Maoist country. But thousands of policemen in Chhattisgarh who take on the AK-47-carrying rebels are armed with the humble ‘lathis’ or bamboo staves.

It is an unenviable battle, so loaded against the policemen that many are refusing to fight the insurgents, preferring instead to get suspended from service, police sources say. But the state’s police chief denies that his men are demoralised.

“You can say policemen are demoralised only when we are not going for operations in areas of Maoist control. The fact is that we have taken the battle to their (Maoist) zone and are killing them,” Director General of Police Vishwaranjan told IANS.

Another officer claimed that the Maoists were on the run in Chhattisgarh.

Other police officers narrate a different picture.

Some of them told IANS that a section of policemen posted in the thickly forested Maoist strongholds have made peace with the guerrillas in order to stay alive.

The result? Maoists rule supreme in vast areas of Chhattisgarh.

A senior police officer with over 15 years of posting in Maoist areas told IANS: “The government has the will to crush the insurgents, but it lacks vision and a strategy. This has left hundreds of policemen in forested interiors at the mercy of Maoists.

“Believe it or not, some of these policemen daily salute local Naxalite (Maoist) leaders to ensure they are alive. But in Raipur, the police brass claim that Maoists’ days are numbered!”

On July 12, Maoists ambushed a police convoy and killed 29 policemen in Rajnandgaon district. The massacre took to some 225 the number of security personnel and civilians killed in the state this year. Read the rest of this entry »

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Maoists surge, State dithers

Posted by Admin on August 3, 2009

It’s abysmal lack of development and injustice which have provided the Maoists a fertile ground to spread. But the State seems clueless
Rakhi Chakrabarty Delhi

The operation of the joint forces at Lalgarh in West Bengal to flush out the Maoists was hailed by the media. It was the first well-coordinated joint operation by central and state forces.

The success of this operation will determine if this will be tried out in other states reeling under Maoist violence. Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Bihar and Orissa account for 80 per cent of the violence caused by the Maoists. There are plans to launch joint operations in all states affected by the Maoist problem in October. A big hurdle is the paucity of security forces.

Political leaders and senior police officers in the know admit that the joint operation in Lalgarh happened at the “instigation” of Union home minister, P Chidambaram. “The HM called up Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee and proposed a joint action in Lalgarh. The Bengal CM immediately gave his nod, even before he consulted his cabinet colleagues or his party,” a senior MHA official told Hardnews. Read the rest of this entry »

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An article on Lalgarh

Posted by Admin on August 3, 2009


Forget Maoists, West Bengal’s Left Front has lost its social constituency through years of inaction

The situation in Lalgarh in West Bengal’s Midnapore district, still precariously poised, seems to have been overtaken by generous helpings of farce in nearby Kolkata and distant Delhi. Union Home Minister P Chidambaram kept urging West Bengal to ban Red ultras even as he completed the formality of notifying the cpi-Maoists as a proscribed organization countrywide. He might not have bothered had he been up to speed with the situation in the state.

Chief minister Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee has been talking about a political campaign against the Maoists for a while, especially since the attack on his convoy near Salboni (near Lalgarh) in November last year.

Now, in the wake of the ban, he has announced a three-pronged strategy: police action, political campaigning and development.

The fact, however, is that for at least a year Maoist sympathizers, not insurgents, have been the soft targets of the government and cpi(m) cadres. Several have been incarcerated on charges ranging from pasting posters to being in the possession of what is presumably ‘incendiary’ literature. The role of the party cadre and the highly irregular proceedings against people who can at best be described as propagandists was dramatically publicized when the police tried to barge into the accommodations of some students of Jadavpur University with no authorization soon after the Salboni attack. It was only concerted and immediate opposition from the student and teaching community of the university followed by a public outcry that scotched this proceeding. Read the rest of this entry »

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Peoples’ Truth, Voice of Indian Revolution Archive

Posted by Admin on August 1, 2009

Peoples Truth July 2009, Bulletin No.6

Peoples Truth July 2009, Bulletin No.6

Source : Banned Thought

People’s Truth — The successor to People’s March

In December 2007 the editor of People’s March, P. Govindan Kutty, was arrested and the magazine was suppressed and banned. After some time Govindan Kutty was released, and though still facing charges, in mid 2008 he began issuing a bulletin with the name People’s Truth, marked with the notation to be circulated privately. However, this bulletin has a lot of good information in it which will be of considerable interest to those following the development of the revolution in India. For this reason we are taking it on ourselves to make this new bulletin available to a wider audience. The newest issues available are listed first:

Related post: CPI (Maoist) Documents

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Janakeeyapatha, Malayalam Magazine: April – May issue

Posted by Admin on July 31, 2009

ജനകീയ പാത

Download April – May issue

Janakeeyapatha apr-may 200901 copy

Related post: Janakeeyapatha: Malayalam Maoist Magazine June- Aug Issue.

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37th anniversary of com. Charu Mazumdar’s Martyrdom

Posted by Admin on July 28, 2009

Born in a progressive landlord family in Siliguri in 1918, he not only dedicated his entire life to peasants’ cause but also authored the historic 1968 Naxalbari uprising.

Son of an active freedom fighter, Charu Majumdar or CM rebelled against social inequalities even as a teenager. Later,  he joined All Bengal Students Association affiliated to Anusilan group.Dropping out of college in 1937-38 he joined the Congress party and devoted himself in organising bidi workers. He later crossed over to CPI to work in its peasant front and soon won respect of the poor and downtrodden of Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling. Soon an arrest-warrant forced him to go underground for the first time as a Left activist.

Although the CPI was banned at the outbreak of the World War II, he continued his organizing activities among peasants and was elected to the CPI Jalpaiguri district committee in 1942.The promotion emboldened him to organise a ‘seizure of crops’ campaign in Jalpaiguri during the Great Famine of 1943, more or less successfully. In 1946, he joined the famous Tebhaga movement and embarked on a militant struggle in North Bengal. The stir shaped his vision of a revolutionary struggle. Later he worked among tea garden workers in Darjeeling.For taking the road of the intertwined revolution, the CPI was banned in 1948 and CM was put behind the bars for next three years.

CM’s growing ideological rift with the CPI came to fore after the party’s Palghat Congress in 1956. The ‘Great Debate’ across the communist world in the late 50s propelled him to mull a revolutionary philosophy suiting Indian conditions.He was again jailed during 1962 for criticising the Nehuru Government’s notorious attempt of Chinese expansion. Read the rest of this entry »

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Martyrs Week begins from today, Maoist posters & banners every where in Orissa

Posted by Admin on July 28, 2009

Chhattisgarh Naxal Report by Deba Prasad Dash; Malkangiri: The C.P.I(Maoist) has kicked off the martyrs week celebration here on Tuesday by triggering two blasts that damaged two mobile towers at Tandapalli and Padmagiri areas under Malkangiri police limits at the early hours today.

While,the damaged mobile tower at Tandapalli belongs to Airtel , the tower at Padmagiri belongs to Reliance communication. With the beginning of the week long celebration,Maoist posters & banners urging the people to join hands with them in their war against the police seems found every where in the district.

Organised in the memory of party founder late Charu Majumdar and their killed comrades,the Maoists have reportedly erected about 70-80 permanent and temporarymartyrs domes in their strong holds of Chitrakonda,Kalimela,Bhejangwada,Motu,M.V-79,Podia,Mathili and Govindpalli to commemorate the celebration.The nearest Martyrs dome has been erected at Kangrukonda some 15 km from the district headquarter town. The Maoist posters put up at the Chitrakonda market area.cpi maoist poster

The road communication between Kalimela-Motu was come to halt as the red rebels blocked the road at several places by felling trees.The vehicular traffic between Malkangiri and Jeypore was also affected as very few buses were seems plying on the route despite no road obstruction.

According to reports,many top Maoist cadres have arrived at Malkangiri and are moving from one village to the other to mobilize the support of the villagers to make the celebration sucessful. Keeping the possible Maoist violent activities during the week long celebration,red alert has been sounded in the district and armed and civil police personnel’s have been put on high alert across the district.Police sources here maintained that the cops are ready to prevent any untoward incident during the martyrs week.Police patrolling has further been intensified in the sensitive areas.

Orissa Diary

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Orissa to recruit 3000 more tribals as SPOs & 4000 Homeguards to fight Maoists

Posted by Admin on July 25, 2009


BHUBANESWAR: Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik today made several announcements in the Assembly to tackle the growing activities of the Naxalites in the State.The State Government has decided to recruit 3,000 more special police officers (SPOs) from the tribal and Naxalite affected districts of the State to combat Naxalism, Naveen said replying to the discussion on the Home Department budget. At present the State has 2,100 SPOs.Besides, the State Government will engage 4,000 more home guards in the affected districts.

The duty call allowance of the home guards will be increased from Rs 90 per day now to Rs 110. A decision has also been taken to enhance the maximum period of engaging the home guards in a year from 220 to 300 days, he said. At present, the State Government engages 15,708 home guards.

Naveen announced that special steps are being taken to open at least one ITI in every block.He said that the Government has plans to open 100 more ITIs in different parts of the State during the next two years. This will improve the employability of youths in tribal areas, he said. Read the rest of this entry »

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U.S. Involvement in Nepal Army Integration?

Posted by Admin on July 24, 2009

maoist_pla_nepal_UCPNThis article was published on eKantipur.

US Congress gets tough on aid to Nepal Army
KATHMANDU, July 21 – The US Congress has imposed conditions on the military assistance it provides to Nepal.

These conditions, made in the S.1434 bill, approved by the US Senate Committee on Appropriations on July 9, states that American military aid to Nepal will be contingent on Nepal Army’s (NA’s) cooperation with civilian judicial authorities into investigations of human rights violations, the progress made by the NA in redefining its mission, undergoing reform to strengthen civilian control and facilitation of the integration of Maoist combatants into the NA.

The S.1434 bill lists planned expenditures for the US Department of State, foreign operations and related programmes for the fiscal year ending Sept. 30, 2010. The bill says that all funding provided to Nepal under the heading “Foreign Military Financing Programme” will be provided if the US Secretary of State certifies to the Committee on Appropriations that the Nepali armed forces are cooperating fully with investigations and prosecutions by civilian judicial authorities of violations of internationally recognised human rights. The bill also requires the armed forces to be working constructively to redefine its mission, implement reforms including establishment of a civilian ministry of defence to su-pport budget transparency and accountability, and facilitate the assimilation of former rebel combatants into the forces consistent with the goals of reconciliation, peace and stability. Read the rest of this entry »

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India, don’t supply weapons to the Nepal Army!

Posted by Admin on July 24, 2009


Dahal warns of new round of confrontation if India resumes weapons supply

Unified CPN (Maoist) Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal has reportedly warned Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal that the government’s plan to import weapons from India will derail the fragile peace process.

According to reports, the Maoist Chairman called PM Nepal Wednesday morning and expressed serious objection of his party to Defense Minister Bidhya Bhandari’s request to India to resume weapons supply to Nepal.

Dahal also said that import of any weapons while the peace process is still on is against the Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA) and will completely jeopardize the peace process, leading to resumption of violence and more bloodshed in the country.

India stopped supplying lethal weapons to Nepal following the royal takeover in February 2005, but continued to provide non-lethal military hardware.

On Tuesday, Defense Minister Bhandari met her Indian counterpart A.K Antony and Foreign Minister S.M Krishna in New Delhi and asked for resumption of military assistance to Nepal. She later told the media that India was positive on resuming the stalled military assistance and that details of the support would be finalised by a meeting of a bi-national committee. Read the rest of this entry »

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Get ready for a long and bitter battle, Maoists tell their cadres

Posted by Admin on July 24, 2009

cpi-maoistWith the Centre and states working on a strategy to crack down on Maoists, the CPI (Maoist) politburo has asked its armed cadres to prepare for a “long-drawn and bitter” fight against “the marauders and mercenaries sent by the Sonia-Manmohan-Chidambaram combine”.

In a 14-page resolution dated June 12 — a copy of which is with The Indian Express ( Click here for the CPI Maoist Document, Post Election Situation- Our tasks ) — the Maoist leadership has instructed its guerrilla army to counter the “enemy” plan to descend on Maad (Abujmaad in Chhattisgarh) in huge numbers by “aggravating the situation by expanding the guerrilla war… intensifying mass resistance… to disperse the enemy over a sufficiently large area and stepping up tactical counter-offensives and taking it up in new areas… to divert a section of the enemy from attacking our guerrilla bases and organs of political power.”

Behind the plan is the Maoist belief that “in the immediate context, it is quite difficult for the Centre to send the forces required by each state to control our movement.”

The Maoist resolution, while expressing solidarity with the Palestinian Hamas, jihadi forces in Pakistan and Hezbollah in Lebanon who are “showing enormous courage against imperialists”, notes that the “killing of Prabhakaran and setback to LTTE” will have a “negative effect on the revolutionary movement in India and the world at large.”

It describes the global economic meltdown as an “excellent condition for advancing people’s struggles and revolutions everywhere… let’s utilise the excellent situation arising out of the ever-deepening crisis and overcome negative factors like the setback in Sri Lanka, lull in Nepal and massive offensive on Islamic jihadi forces in Pakistan.” Read the rest of this entry »

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