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Communist Party of India Marxist Leninist (Naxalbari) Statement on Nepal

Posted by Admin on September 15, 2011

Socialist Platform

On the current situation in Nepal and the challenge before the Maoists

Participation in the Constitutional Assembly process, and in government, in Nepal has been used by the UCPN (Maoist) leadership to liquidate the revolutionary nature of the party and sink it in the morass of parliamentarism. For quite some time now, this has been the concrete political manifestation of revisionism, of the derailment of the party from the path of New Democratic Revolution. It has now been taken to a new depth with the recent appointment of Dr. Baburam Bhattarrai as the Prime Minister of Nepal through a deal with the Madheshi parties, known agents of the Indian expansionists. Following a script already given by the reactionaries and endorsed by the UCPN (Maoist) leadership, the new government promptly handed over the keys of the People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) stored weapons. Severely drained of its fighting qualities through the policies followed by the leadership of the UCPN(Maoist), it is now being prepared for formal elimination, to finish off the last remaining, and one of the most important, achievements of the 10 years of People’s War. Thus the people will have nothing to bank on and will be helplessly thrown back to the reactionary wolves.

10 years of heroic war of the masses and their immense sacrifices gave the tiny organisation CPN (Maoist) international fame and recognition. Once the emerging shining armour in the glorious history of the international communist movement, this party is now reduced to being ‘just another petty political party’, shamelessly bargaining for some space in the ruling class benches. Today the very leaders of this organisation are trading sacrifices and pains of the revolutionary masses for a few ministerial posts and recognition from the Indian expansionists, in the service of the imperialists. Every step taken by them is meant to prove to their aakkas (masters) that they are genuinely committed to abandoning the path of revolution.

When communists turn colour and rot the stench is far worse. The slogan ‘serve the masses’ is converted to ‘serve the imperialist-expansionist masters’. As the class nature of the party changes, it acquires the ‘most favoured status’ from the ruling classes. The veil of minimum bourgeois morality too is shorn off. Shameless degeneration, craving for consumer goods and luxuries replace communist plain living, revolutionary self-respect and modesty. Revisionists are the seeds of reactionaries and slaves of the imperialists in the revolutionary ranks. In no time they infect the whole organisation, decapitate its ideological strength and denude it of its revolutionary sheen. The first thing they do in order to liquidate a revolutionary organisation is by bringing in liberalism in place of firm and clear ideological position. They abhor Leninist party principles and convert the organisation into an open non-functional debating forum. Conspiracies and manipulations become the hallmark of functioning. All these features can now be seen in the UCPN (Maoist).

The Maoists had gained strategic advantage through the ten years of People’s War, which liberated vast regions of the country and established people’s power. The advance of revolution intensified the crisis within the ruling classes and pushed their imperialist, expansionist mentors into a quandary. This set the context for the Peace Accord of 2006 and the mass upheaval that eventually led to the ending of the hated Gyanendra monarchy. The Maoist party was propelled to a unique position of national leadership, gaining overwhelming support for the unfinished agenda of revolution. But instead of utilising these favourable factors and applying tactics suitable to the fulfilment of these aspirations of the people the leadership deviated from the strategic tasks of revolution. The ideological, political roots of this deviation, including the different trends contained in the turn to ‘peace tactics’, are already a matter of ideological struggle within the Nepalese and international Maoist movement. The views of our party on this matter, including correspondence with the UCPN (Maoist) leadership, can be seen in ‘Naxalbari’ No: 3 ( ).

This ideological struggle must be certainly deepened, most importantly by the Nepali Maoists themselves. But the immediate task before the Maoists and the revolutionary masses in Nepal is to raise the flag of open rebellion against the revisionist headquarters and thus initiate the reconstruction of the party on solid Marxist-Leninist-Maoist bases, firmly united with the masses. They must get out off the revisionist swamp of Constitutional Assembly politicking and retake the road of revolution. The revolutionary heritage of the Maoists in Nepal, much enriched by the heroic People’s War they led and the glorious sacrifices made by thousands of the valiant daughters and sons of Nepal, along with the boundless solidarity of people all over the world with the Nepali revolution provide the bedrock basis for taking up this challenge. As called for in the Political Resolution of the CCOMPOSA, “People all over the world look up to the Maoists in Nepal to break out of all domestic and external conspiracies and advance determinedly towards the completion of new democratic revolution.”


6th September 2011

4 Responses to “Communist Party of India Marxist Leninist (Naxalbari) Statement on Nepal”

  1. […] Source Share this:Like this:LikeBe the first to like this post. Filed under Capitalism, Communism, India, Nepal | Leave a comment […]

  2. Ramesh Berry said

    Corrupts Are Just Ordinary Criminals

    The bomb-blast outside the court in Delhi was something that no one can justify but I heard some people, out of utter frustration, saying that the blast should have taken place right inside the courtroom. This is a bad trend of thinking, developing on account of corruption of the courts. Whatsoever, such negative thinking is highly dangerous. It never serves any purpose except helping the corrupt ruling class. On account of this reason, Marx and Engel fought anarchism; before fighting Tsar, Lenin fought the Narodniks. When Mumbai was attacked (26/11) the Maoists condemned it. Lawlessness and meaningless violence is the biggest enemy of the people’s revolution. Therefore Maoists first of all try to annihilate the criminals and mafias.

    At the same time, such negative thinking is also a warning for the judges and their blue-eyed boys who are selling and buying the judgments and eroding the confidence of the people in judiciary. The way the land mafias, with the help of some unscrupulous lawyers, judges, bureaucrats, politicians, police and criminals are playing havoc, is an open invitation for retaliation and revolution. Our government is the biggest land-grab government of the world. It has ruined the peasantry; it has looted the people, hand-in-glove with the mafias. Our whole system is criminalized. Corruption is also a crime, an out right offence under the law. We have large number of corrupt people in every institution and department all over India. We have corrupt criminals in legislative assemblies, parliament, ministry, judiciary, police, military and political parties. And they are so powerful as a class that they have gripped the whole country. During Anna Hazare’s anti-corruption movement, they openly supported corruption. Since they have armed forces, we can fight only with the collective might of the people for our own safety, safety of our families, women, children and motherland. Fighting against corruption means fighting against the criminals in self-defense. It is also our fundamental duty as enshrined in Article 51-A of the constitution. By fighting I do not mean fighting with arms. It is wrong to think that revolutionary is a person who always carries dragger in his teeth. Revolution means revolutionary policy, programme, strategy and tactics.

    Our election system based on money and muscle power is sham. We have no choice except to vote for corrupt politicians or the criminals. Our parliament or state assemblies are by-products of corrupt system of elections. The government formed by such elected members of parliament or appointments of judicial officers or officers of different institutions and departments are legally wrong. They spring out on the basis of bogus election conducted under an undemocratic system based on money and muscle power. It is all sham, hoaxes. They all are befooling the people with slogans of reforms. It is our fundamental duty (under Article 51-A of the constitution) to oppose it in our own defense. This is what the Maoists are doing and our state government as off-shoot of sham elections calls them terrorists. In fact they are forced to fight in self-defense and in the defense of the people against this corrupt socio-political system ruled by the unscrupulous politicians, bureaucrats and judicial officers, looting and plundering the masses, forcing them to live under ever increasing poverty line. Corruption is the greatest internal threat for our country. But for Manmohan Singh not corruption but Maoists are the greatest internal threat because they are fighting corruption which Manmohan Singh wants to defend and protect with tooth and nail.

    In the end, as a common man I plead to both the sides to give up violence, although I do not understand how it is possible when government use peace-talks as a pretext to trap to kill Maoist

  3. Green Red said

    Liquidation, sell out, whatever it may be called is a heartache bringing happenstance beyond words to describe.
    Che said it well that dying in a standing position is better than living on knees.
    Anywhere in the world, don’t let it happen to your movement.
    Do not let the Prachanda Path’s failure corrupt your revolutionary struggle.
    While size of India makes its revolutionary path beyond any comparison with say, Nepal but, Andhra Pradesh’s past experience and, the process through which the world lost Azad and the revolutionary journalist has taught us enough. No mercy for the fascist Hindu state. Victory to the blazing trail until its every single centimeter!

  4. Now I am a short man, I have had little past with Naxalbari following politics. I was associate with Dr. Kotnis Memorial comity, I was founder hole timer with C R L I (Now may be folded), And I was also member of C O I (ML) leaded by Late Kanu Sanyal. After observe and study of the dishonesty and corruption of the so called political party and group I withdrawn myself from all political activities. Not only that, I am coming from poor of the poor family, and i had been taken my family socio-economy responsibility. I had try to extend my support to my two elder brother family. Four nephew now established after receiving all socio- economy support from me. Apart from this past 3 decade I had been tortured by so called left friends and my Idol left friend also.Now I am tired.
    I respect Your sacrifice. Being a journalist and column writer I have some limitation but if you want to send your documents you are well come. I will try to documentation as per market media guideline because now I believed Indian parliamentary Democracy. However, this also true that I am self educated person. I have had boycotted my higher qualification.

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