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Poverty forces youngsters to join Naxal Movement, says Maoist commander

Posted by Admin on September 21, 2009

A senior Naxalite commander known as Comrade Kosa addresses about 5,000 tribal militiamen and supporters at an April rally near Bastar, India

A senior Naxalite commander known as Comrade Kosa addresses about 5,000 tribal militiamen and supporters at an April rally near Bastar, India

Gaya, Sept 20 – ANI: A Maoist commander has said that poverty is forcing the poor to turn to become naxalites. Paramjit, a platoon commander of Maoists in Bihar, said until the Indian Government becomes pro-poor they would continue their fight against the state.

He said utter poverty and illiteracy forced the Maoists to take up arms. “We never used to get bread, cloth and house. We had no money for treatment. There is no education for the poor,” said Paramjit. Paramjit claimed that the Maoists are fighting for the rights of poor farmers and landless labourers and in turn the rural people give their support to the cause of rebels.

“We like the locals. They are everything for us,” added Paramjit. Paramjit further said that rebels who have been denied their basic rights are taking them by force. He accused the Indian security forces for carrying atrocities against the ‘poor’ and ‘helpless’ people.

“The three Indian forces, including Air force, Navy and the Army… They don’t respect the poor but only the rich. Though they say India is free and the army is pro-poor. But it’s a mirage. If they were pro-poor why don’t they come to the poor and talk to them and take care of them’ Only ten per cent of the population is rich and capitalist. Security forces guard rich and big people but beat poor people,” said Paramjit.

Bihar is one of the five states grappled with Maoists who force poor people to join their ranks and train them in carrying out hit-and-run attacks.

They even try to carry it forward as a family tradition by teaching their children the same tactics. – ANI

34 Responses to “Poverty forces youngsters to join Naxal Movement, says Maoist commander”

  1. […] article was posted on Indian Vanguard. Thanks to Ka Frank for pointing it […]

  2. dhani ram said

    i want to join naxal

    • hrithik said

      I don’t feel like a part of this society.. completely alienated… what type of inclusive growth is this? Its just for the name of inclusion ,otherwise only exclusion to keep themselves happy…it’s a big questionmarkfor me … what to do now…. Is this system fair… since my childhood I have been thinking, who has given a right to execute a person to a judge who is living comfortably…. No , no one has this right, especially in india…. I feel like exploited…. I feel like re volting…. But what way, violent or nonviolent, that’s the problem only………

  3. dhani ram said

    call me now 9939987480

  4. rajesh said

    I want to join naxal, can any one help me?

  5. Raj Kumar Chomal said

    I can understand why people raise arms against the corrupt system. Because they are cornered, pushed to the wall. They are not left with any other positive option but to rebel against the corrupt & manipulated system skewed to favour a few powerful people.

    At times I too feel strong urge to join such movement to promote fairness, equality & justice in the society at large.

  6. anopsingh said

    I want to join naxal, can any one help me?

  7. Niimo said

    Those who want to join the Movement Truly and Honestly–must at first prepare themselves Educationally. Naxals Are Communists-Socialists, which are the Teachings and Propagations of Karl Marx and after his death which was further developed by Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin and Mao ZeDong.

    Without any sound basis on Ideology, Philosophy based upon Practical Reality, one cannot be a Communist and therefore a Naxalbaadee.

    Educate and prepare yourself Comrades if you really want to join, As respected Chairman Mao had said Revolution can never be a Picnic or Tea Party.

    The Movement of 1967, failed after 1970 because, major majority of those who joined it were not Educated in Communism and Socialism, nor were they interested to learn Practically from the prevalent Time and Situation

    Let that Never Never Happen again.

  8. Sameer said

    I have sympathy with naxalist as it is only movement which fight agaist corruption.
    Call me at 09929852426. I can guide any naxaly in rightway or email me

  9. Prasenjit Maity said

    I want to join NAXAL and I belong from Purba Medinipur. Please, tell me to the process and my contact details as phone no.09593058138 and Email is

  10. guru said

    i want to join naxallite ? how can i join please tell me ? i like to join from gaya district its near my district?……i like to fight with the corrupt officers………and politicians please contact me?……ph no:====9911919121


      The situation is hopeless. The mighty have grabbed all the resources on the earth.
      People like Baba Ramdev & Anna Hazare are fighting & mobilizing masses against corrupt people & corrupt system. But they are not able to achieve the target.
      Therefore, what is the solution?
      The only solution left is that people take arms against the nexus formed by the corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, industrialists, criminals & corrupt police force.
      I strongly feel that the only solution left is armed struggle. In any case the general masses will never be at loss. They are already loosing their right for a dignified life. But surely the mighty, who are enjoying the goodies on this earth, will loose as they would be forced to abandon these resources for the people. I too wish to take arms against such corrupt people.

  11. alok prakash pandey said

    revolution is nothing else than to fight for food and shelter,,,,,,,if government of india start taking action against poverty seriously than no naxal will prevail…..and IAS officers will determine their job responsibilities …….it can be curtained off……..or other wise people will do anti state activities and will be claimed as naxalites……..

  12. ganapathy said

    i wan to join naxal 8747034904

  13. fg said

    Look……this isnt gud….we communists must come out democratically sir….i dont want stalinism in india….freedom must b restored…i m pretry sure we can b true communists whom.ppl ll vote for……i hv read abt communism..and my views are clear…after a lot f research…i finally clarified tat …in a democratic country its uselesss to take arms and fight…we cn stand on elections fr ppl…nt like an idiot fightin againt the rule….if we tk abt soviet union we ll find tat the country only bcm communist bcz the common man supported thm….same qith mao zedong and same with fidel castro.

  14. govindkumar said

    i want join naxli

  15. rohit said

    call me 7870209145

  16. Rupesh Kumar Singh said

    Hi l salut our movement. But the large number of innocent poor people lost their life and also they are ladies and children how can we save there life . Please think

  17. abhimanyu singh said

    my names abhimanyu singh from jharkhand state, i’m also very much hurted of the corrupt system of india and the politicians & heigher status of peoples, there are too much diffrences in my country among the citizens, some peoples are earning too much money from the illigal way, and most of the peoples are helpless to pass out their life through out a little bit of money, these are the really a great factors of revolutions, the government must think about it that most of the poor people are very needy of the basic requiremants of the life, they have not such a money or foods to survive. the india’s systems are really very corrupt. nobody is here to listen the pain & helplessness of the poor peoples. this country runs upon the mediators, and we have to finish the corrupt mediators, as much as scheems comes from the government for the poor people, most of the benifits consumes the mediators but the poor peoples gets no advantages, there are extremly diffreces bitween the rich & poor people, some body earning too much money & most of the poor people are pennurios for a little bit of money. this diffrences must be finished so that every poor peoples can pass out their life betterly because everyone has right to live……. please send me some comments & reply from such a person who are the member of naxals, i want to be inspired from him, i need a comrade of naxal, please connect me through my email id. i need a naxal comrade to be a friend…. awaiting replyment

  18. RAJAN said


  19. abhimanyu singh said

    i need a naxal comrade to inspired me please connect ne…….. abhimanyu singh from jharkhand


    i am joint this group

  21. Sumit vaidya said

    Please contact me 8796342057 sir

  22. Sunil said

    Officers of Odisha Govt are Corrupted. So I want to fight. Can naxal group help me ?

  23. shyam said

    i want to fight againest the curraption in india if any body intrested join with us

  24. Tirupati said

    I want to join naxallite? How can i join please tell me

  25. Tirupati said

    I want to join naxallite? How can i join please tell me

  26. alok Joshi said

    I want to join naxalite I want to fight corruption

  27. Prince said

    How can i join in Naxel I want to join naxal, can any one help me?

  28. richa said

    I want to join in naxal but how to get please hlep me and i think this is right way to going in this way.

  29. can i join u.please add me

  30. I’ll meet you in Naxalite.
    ….. (joining).
    ….. Please invite me …..

    pleas can any one help….me…..9912161286

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