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Lalgarh images

Tribal march


People with bows and arrows run to block state police in Goaltore, from where a road leads to Lalgarh on Friday.


lalgarh 454

Tribals_with_drums lalgarh


Lalgarh 1

lalgarh 123 4.j443


lalgarh 123 4






lalgarh 123.j67

lalgarh 123.jpg 32

lalgarh 1234


A procession of the tribals in Bankura’s Mejia. Picture by Gour Sharma




lalgarh1 (2)



UP IN ARMS : Tribal women hold bows and arrows and march during a rally in Esplanade area of Kolkata on Friday



India Violence







lalgarh 123.j.j43




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Police beat a villager

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A villager begs a policeman to spare him after his arrest near Lalgarh

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Police arrest a villager

A villager begs a policeman to spare him from being arrested at Pirakata

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18 Jun 2009, 1830 hrs IST

Maoist Kishan reacting on the crackdown of the police on the armed tribals said that thousands of villagers are with them in their fight agianst injustice and that at least 2000 villages are involved in the movement. He also said that it was unlike anyother gathering and that they were fighting against the atrocities of the government and the police.

The maoist also said that they were firmly entrenched in Nadigram and would continue to be so. He said police have committed unimaginable atrocities on the tribals there. The maoist further said that since Independence, the nation has not witnessed such a movement.

The central forces have begun their operations to flush out the Maoists from the villages in Lalgarh. Paramilitary forces whose advances were blocked by naxals by installing various roadblocks have now started engaging the naxals in a gunbattle.

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Security forces were able to negotiate varius roadblocks like felled trees and dug up roads to enter Lalgarh. The West Bengal government which was under pressure has asked the state police forces to lead the operations against the naxalites. The government fearing an indiscriminate use of force by the paramilitaries has asked the police to play a more pro-active role.




lalgarh 56567



Police, backed by CRPF personnel, chase supporters of the People’s Committee Against Police Atrocities near Pirakata, en route to Lalgarh, on Thursday.

The West Bengal police, backed by Central paramilitary forces, swung into action against lawlessness in Lalgarh on Thursday. In the photograph supporters of the Peoples Committee Against Police Atrocities


lalgarh 5656

lalgarh 565667

lalgarh charter


Residents of Lalgarh and its surroundings wait to collect rice at the Block Development Office of Lalgarh on Monday. Due to “Operation Lalgarh,





lalgarh 5656789





22 Responses to “Lalgarh images”

  1. […] from Lalgarh [two separate pages]   and   […]

  2. sudipta bose said

    good archive, but why the images of 100 poor peoples body, those are brutaly killed by maoists, not shown in this archive???????

    • the raining eye said

      they r noe poor my boy….they r paid by the govt for killing….

      • Nilavra Pathak said

        if Maoists are so liberal why do they then murder others who support other political parties. In a secular country like India it is our freedom to support any one unless they bring harm to our Motherland. Anyone can support any ideology . Then why have there been murders all these days. The train mishap was clearly a sabotage and all what few of our dear Intellectuals are saying is “Maoists have the honesty to claim that they have murdered !” . This is not sarcasm but a total outrage. The question is not who has started this first the question is who will end this first and if the Maoists have so much faith in them then they are welcome to take part in election.


  3. Raquel said

    Condenamos la intervencion del imperialismo yanqui sobre el pueblo indio que ha emprendido su lucha de liberacion bajo la direccion de un torrente de rio;
    Saludamos al pueblo indio por su invencible guerra popular y hagamos del s XXI un siglo de revoluciones bajo el maoismo. viva el pueblo indio.
    viva el pueblo peruano
    gloria alos heroes que entregaron su vida por un mundo mejor
    gloria a las mujeres que participan en las revoluciones.
    vivan las dirrecciones del oleaje rojo
    combatir al revisionismo en Nepal

  4. Lucio said

    COndenamos a la vil operacion de intervencion del imperialismo norteamericano sobre los pueblos indefensos de la India; gloria al pueblo indio por su accionar historico sobre su historia bajo el Maoismo; la lucha es larga pero se tiene que llegar a la meta final;
    El Imperilaismo es un tigre de papel; reaccionario bajo las mas descaradas intervenciones contra las masas y tendra que ser barrido de la faz de la tierra

  5. Ramkrishna said

    You Naxalite are RUBBISH People, Who involves and misguides Innocent People (Who ever don’t understand what they are doing, or what they are being shown). You are taking benefit of those who are illiterate.

    You are following way of Maosist China. But Mind that China is now Not maosist, They are following USA to make every citizen’s life prosporous and happy.

    If you all have courage to fight then fight with front of our Armed forces. You will be shown who is real Brave.

    Jay Hind, Jay Bharat, Jay Jawan, Jay Kisaan.
    I support my country to wipe out any enemy who is danger to my country.

    • kartikey said

      well said ramakrishna,i am with you

    • the raining eye said

      be neutral….try to analyse that these people in the whole forest r not they are fighting against the least they dont have a position to sit before a PC and make good moral comments like u and me.try to make out what a war is and why these people are struggling there.your beautiful india is nothing bt a beautiful farce and illusion.

      • Nilavra Pathak said

        Then the solution is simple . Renounce the path of violence and win the election DEMOCRATICALLY and amend whats wrong.

        And if you say democracy is a farce then the motive is clear, the Maoists are seeking total power by arm movement which is not acceptable.

  6. the raining eye said

    long live revolution…. long live chairman

  7. rito said

    To Ramkrishna/kartikey,
    You don’t know, and you you can’t feel that, what these advasis people are suffering from that Govt. They are just fighting for their rights, their food, their shelter.
    If anyone will attack to your own home, then what should you do, and if they are criminals.
    You first go to police station, and then court. But these all systems are belonging to govt. so, these people did not have any other choice. They are just doing their job, what should we all do . So, we have to support those people, these are all our poor people, so, they needs our help for survive from that. Naxals, are doing right thing, and we should support them.

  8. rito said

    Long live our fight, we are are all standing always besides those Adivasi people.

  9. babu bhai said

    aap jitne log idhar likte hain i doubt kisine kabhi na koi goli se mara huya lash ke pass ja ke dekha kitna brutal kiling hota hai maoist ka ye pura game jo aap log mao mao bolte ho

    i have 3 qustion to them

    1: lodhasuli ka ek sponge iron factory jise kabhi mao aag lagaye the woh aaj kal apna hafta settle karke khule aam bandh main bhi gari chalata hai kabhi yeh log(mao)ise bandh karne ke
    liye (pollution issue)bole the ab pollution kahan gaya paisa main sab chup kara diya kya ek bhi area jahan mao ko hafta jata ho udhar sab chalta hai baki sab cholche na cholbe na (ha ha) really its a big game boss but

    ek thela wala ek minibus ka driver ka gari nikalnese threaten kiya jata hai

    main har bar ranchi se kolkata jab aata hoon rat ko lodasuli padta hai udhar ekdin mere samne ek din 40aadmi aake udhar dacoity kiya rape kiya tab kahan the aap logo ka comred sab

    bhai khali phone karke media ka footage mat lo aur people war mat sunao apna people logo ko bhi dekho
    aap log sidha bolte ho ki aap logo ne train nahin udaya
    yeh cpim ka kam hai

    honestly batao tum logo ke udhar rahne ke baad kisiska dum
    woh cpi(m)bole khud ko ( goli khana hai kya )
    aur mann bhi liya yeh unka kaam hai
    to tumhara to network bahut strong hai
    tumne people save kyun nahin kiya
    350 ke upar log mar gaye tum tab phone main khud ko justify kar rahate kya
    we beleive in ur theory
    but please itna raat main likhne ka value dena boss
    atleast justify karo khud ko aUR BAKI SABHI READER KO

  10. Antonio said

    Los comunistas en Colombia apoyamos el avance de la revolución de Nueva Democracia en la India.

    Viva la justa lucha del pueblo de Lalgarh !


  11. esther huaman said

    Gloria a las luchas historicas del pueblo indio; gloria a la obediencia historica para sentenciar el derrumbe del imperialismo y del revisionismo y del oportunismo gloria de quienes apuestan por la muerte del peso de una montaña

  12. Syam said

    Iske bare mein ‘Sunil Irshaad’ ka ‘Lalgarh’ Book mein kuch padne keliye hein.

  13. PHOENIX said

    If the maoists have so much support from the adivasis, poor people who make up over 70% of our population , why dont they come and join p.arliamentry elections ??

    Aagar itna hi daam hai toh samne aa k laaro.

    And if you are so brave lets see you fighting in the open with the armed forces of india.

    What you people do is that you lure young people into your groups misinforming them and then you kill innocent people

    In a democratic country everyone has the right to support any political party, then why kill poor CPIM supporters ??

    You are just another spineless organisation stirring up violence in india with support from foreign nations


  14. Manjeet said

    lal Slaam v r with you………….

  15. Ratul said

    Proletarians of all countries, unite! Long Live Revolution!

  16. nyara said

    Comrade ,you fought hand in hand with fascists,your death is lighter than feather.

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