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I’d rather not be Anna: Arundhati Roy

Posted by Admin on August 23, 2011

The Hindu

If what we’re watching on TV is indeed a revolution, then it has to be one of the more embarrassing and unintelligible ones of recent times. For now, whatever questions you may have about the Jan Lokpal Bill, here are the answers you’re likely to get: tick the box — (a) Vande Mataram (b) Bharat Mata ki Jai (c) India is Anna, Anna is India (d) Jai Hind.

For completely different reasons, and in completely different ways, you could say that the Maoists and the Jan Lokpal Bill have one thing in common — they both seek the overthrow of the Indian State. One working from the bottom up, by means of an armed struggle, waged by a largely adivasi army, made up of the poorest of the poor. The other, from the top down, by means of a bloodless Gandhian coup, led by a freshly minted saint, and an army of largely urban, and certainly better off people. (In this one, the Government collaborates by doing everything it possibly can to overthrow itself.)

In April 2011, a few days into Anna Hazare’s first “fast unto death,” searching for some way of distracting attention from the massive corruption scams which had battered its credibility, the Government invited Team Anna, the brand name chosen by this “civil society” group, to be part of a joint drafting committee for a new anti-corruption law. A few months down the line it abandoned that effort and tabled its own bill in Parliament, a bill so flawed that it was impossible to take seriously. Read the rest of this entry »


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Fact Finding Report: Sexual Violence on Women in the Context of Anti-Maoist Operations in Jharkhand

Posted by Admin on August 19, 2011

Fact Finding Report Sexual Violence on Women in the Context of Anti-Maoist Operations in JharkhandTo Download Fact finding Report click on the image

Sexual Violence on Women in the Context of Anti-Maoist  Operations in Jharkhand

A Fact Finding Report by Women Against Sexual Violence and State Repression (WSS)

May 2011

Suggested contribution: Rs. 25.00


Women against Sexual Violence and State Repression (WSS) is a non funded grassroots effort started in November 2009, to put an end to the violence being perpetrated upon our bodies and societies. We are a nationwide network of women from diverse political and social movements comprising of women’s organizations, mass organizations, civil liberty organizations, student and youth organizations, mass movements and individuals. We unequivocally condemn state repression and sexual violence on our women and girls by any perpetrator (s).




Introduction to the current investigation

I Arrest of three minor school girls in Khunti district, presenting them as women Maoists, and detention under UAPA, Arms Act, Explosives Act

II Kandrakuti and Raijama Village, Block Kharsawan, Saraikela Kharsawan

III The investigation of two teenage girls alleging rape by the Maoists

IV General Issues and Concerns regarding

situation of women in conflict areas



Jharkhand, carved out of Bihar, became the 28th State of India on 15th November 2000. Jharkhand means land of forests and true to its name, the State is replete with natural resources and is home to 30 scheduled tribal groups like Mundas, Oraons, Hos, Santhals, and 9 most vulnerable tribes, or as the official term goes Primitive Tribal Groups (PTGs). In fact, Jharkhand registers an Adivasi population of 26.3% and Dalit

population of 11.8%. It is however a tragedy that today only 20.4% of the total area of the state is under forest cover, and much of that too are secondary forests with only a miniscule area remaining as virgin forests.

The above denudation of forests and acquisition of vast tracts of fertile land is the result of speeding up of industrialization process initiated in colonial India and extended with great zeal in post-colonial India. This was further scaled up in a rampant manner with the advent of New Economic Policy in the 1990s. Every state opened its economy to

Indian and foreign industrial agencies whose only purpose was to engage in extractive industrialization without any regard to rights of the tribal population. Like in the states of Orissa and Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand launched a similar drive through its ‘Jharkhand Vision 2010’ and ‘Jharkhand Industrial Policy’. Since then the tribal people’s lands and

forests have been under attack from companies and their agents, for land, forests and the great mineral wealth lying under these. Between 2006 and 2008 the State Government has signed 66 Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) under which from the many companies vying for land and mines, Jindal Steel gets 3000 acres and Tata Steel 25,500 acres. According to Human Rights Law Network, as of 2011,

Jharkhand Government has pledged away 84,340 acres for mining and industrial units in 14 of its 24 districts (see Annexure I).While the Government has been facilitating acquisition of land for corporates, it has failed miserably to protect its people’s interests and rights. As a result in the last few years, Jharkhand has been a strong upsurge of tribal and peoples resistance movements against this.

A study1 of land acquisition drive in five sample districts of Jharkhand reveals that the land acquisition drive has left more than 8.2 lakh persons displaced of which 85% are tribals. Read the rest of this entry »

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CPI(Maoist) Press Release: Intensify Mass Struggles To Put An End To Institutionalized Corruption!

Posted by Admin on August 18, 2011



Press Release

13 April, 2011

Intensify Mass Struggles To Put An End To Institutionalized Corruption!

In recent times, corruption has once again come to the forefront as a main issue with the exposure of massive scams like 2G spectrum, Commonwealth games, Adarsh housing society, Karnataka land scams, S-Band spectrum scam. Workers, peasants, adivasis, dalits, women, and urban middle class – all classes and sections of the society are expressing their deep discontent and anguish. Recently we saw great support to the hunger strike of Anna Hazare, which is the direct consequence of the widespread discontent in the people against corruption, corrupt political parties and their leaders. Though the demand for hunger strike is Jan Lokpal Bill, the aspiration of the people is to completely wipe out corruption.

It would be innocence, if anyone feels that by setting up a committee to frame Lokpal bill and by selecting half of the committee members from civil society would itself finds a solution. In fact, lack of rules and laws is not the cause for endless and deep-ridden corruption. Way back from jeep scam, Lockheed’s airplane deal to late Rajiv Gandhi’s Bofors deals, our country has seen many a scams starting from a few million rupees to trillions of rupees. Not only main parliamentary parties like Congress and BJP, leaders and ministers of all other national and regional parliamentary parties like RJD, BSP, SP, DMK, AIADMK, TDP and hand in glove bureaucrats have a long history of corrupt practices. By proper implementation of the existing laws in the country and by the proper functioning of anti-corruption wings, scams like these can be prevented to a grate extent and those responsible for these can be severely punished. In the last 64 years history of ‘independent’ India, we don’t find a single incidence, where corrupt politicians, ministers, heads of corporate houses and bureaucrats have been punished. Due to pressure from people or opposition parties, even if arrested in some rare cases, by prolonging investigation and diluting of the charges, they get scot-free without any stringent punishment or with nominal punishment. This is because; the judiciary of this country is also an inseparable part of this exploitative state machinery. None can be under the illusion to end corruption through these laws and court rooms.

We have to first realize that corruption is not an issue confined to a handful of bad or greedy individuals. The root cause of all these corruptions and scams lies in the capitalist system whose sole motto is cut-throat profiteering. In spite of preaching liberty, freedom and democratic values, in pracitce it’s based on intense labor exploitation, bribery, commissions, kickbacks etc. Hence ending of corruptions and scams is an issue which is linked with the revolutionary transformation of present system. It would be illusionary to expect a complete solution to this by bringing in few fine laws while keeping this semi-feudal and semi-colonial system in our country intact.

In fact, the scams that have not surfaced are many times more compared to the ones that have surfaced. For example late chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, YS Rajasekhar Reddy, present chhattisgarh chief minister Raman Singh, Odisha chief minister Naveen Patnaik, chief ministers of Jharkhand Madhu Koda, Shibu Soren and Arjun Mundas, Karnataka chief minister Yediyurappa and likes, by signing agreements with mining mafia and big companies have amassed huge commissions amounting to tens of billions of rupees is being exposed even in the media. LPG policies being pursued by the governments have opened the floodgates for rampant corruption, huge scams and massive plunder of natural wealth of our country. Hence, without unequivocally opposing imperialist-dictated anti-people government policies and without focusing mass struggles against these, just speaking and hoping to wipe out corruption is to mislead people.

Anna Hazare ended his fast with the government’s decision to form a committee to frame Lokpal bill. But justice is not meted out to the people who are aspiring to put an end to corruption. In fact, government accepted this demand not in fear of Anna Hazare’s fast, but to pacify people’s anguish that came forth in support to his fast. It is noteworthy that ruling classes accepted to this demand only because any numbers of laws like these in no way affect the present system.

The Central Committee of the CPI (Maoist) welcomes countrywide response of the people against corruption. Our Party believes that only through the united, well-organized and militant mass struggles, corruption can be put to an end. Our Party calls upon the people of our country not to get satisfied by the namesake laws and forming new committees to frame such laws by the government and not to end these struggles, but to continue with firm conviction. We call upon workers, peasants, students, intellectuals, employees, pro-people Gandhians and all other patriotic forces to come forward and to form a broad alliance to fight against corruption which has affected our country. Our Party appeals to raise voice against all these thieves and dacoits who are involved in endless corruption, scams and plunder and who have stashed trillions of rupees of black money in Swiss banks, have no right to be in power even for a moment.



Central Committee,

CPI (Maoist)

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Now they have Maoist Communist Party, Manipur.

Posted by Admin on August 15, 2011

Posted by admin on August 14th, 2011 The Next Front

(It is a matter of pleasure  for us that the oppressed people of Manipur  have raised the flag of Marxism-Leninism and Maoism. We express our strong solidarity with them, who are fighting against the Indian reactionaries for their national sovereignty and liberation. Now they have their own party–Maoist Communist Party Manipur.  Recently  they have concluded the first political conference of the  party.

 We have the document of Maoist Communist Party, Manipur.  This document has focused on many issues regarding to the national as well as international communist movement. There are some questions to be discussed, but we appreciate the main spirit of this document. Thanks to making this Historical Document available. Here is an extract from the document:

Maoist Communist Party, Manipur


The first political conference of the Kangleipak Communist Party (Maoist) has concluded with a historical success. The Conference unanimously adopted the party program.

That, the 1st political conference resolved to change the name of the Party as Maoist Communist Party of Manipur. Maoist Communist Party, Manipur bases itself on Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism with the creative application of this universal truth to the concrete conditions of the Manipur revolution under the collective leadership of the Party.

Maoist Communist Party-Manipur will be the vanguard of the proletariat in Manipur, which is part of the world proletariat, sworn the basic principles:
•  The masses are the makers of history, and “It is right to rebel;”

•   Contradiction, the sole and fundamental law of the incessant transformation of eternal matter;

•   Class struggle, the dictatorship of the proletariat, and proletarian internationalism;
•   The necessity of a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Party which applies with firmness its independence, independent decision, and self reliance;
•   Smash Colonialism, imperialism, revisionism and reaction implacably and relentlessly;
•   Conquer and defend power through the People’s War;
•   Militarization of the Party and the concentric construction of the three instruments of the revolution;

•   Two-line struggle as the motive force of the Party’s development;
•   Constant ideological transformation and always putting politics in command;

•   Serve the people and the world proletarian revolution;

The Maoist Communist Party, Manipur is the consolidated political vanguard of the Manipur proletariat. Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is the ideological basis guiding its thinking in all the spheres of its activities. Immediate aim or program of the Party is to carry on and complete the new democratic revolution in Manipur as a part of the world proletarian revolution by overthrowing the colonial, semi-feudal system and the three targets of the revolution—Colonialism, imperialism and Comprador-Bureaucratic-Bourgeoisie (CBB). The ultimate aim of the party is the establishment of communist society. This New Democratic Revolution will be carried out and completed through armed agrarian revolutionary war i.e. the Protracted People’s War with area wise seizure of power remaining as its central task.

The Protracted People’s War will be carried out by encircling the cities from the countryside and thereby finally capturing them. Hence the countryside as well as the Protracted People’s War will remain as the center of gravity of the party’s work from the very beginning. During the whole process of this revolution the party, army and the united front will play the role of three magic weapons. The party will play the primary role; where as the army and the united front will be two important weapons in the hands of the party. Because the armed struggle will remain the highest and main form of struggle and army as the highest form of organization of this revolution, hence armed struggle will play a decisive role. Whereas the united front will be built in the course of advancing armed struggle and for armed struggle. Mass organizations and mass struggles are necessary and indispensable but their purpose is to serve the war. The immediate and most urgent task of the party is to establish full-fledged people’s Army (PA) and base areas by developing and transforming the guerilla zones and guerrilla bases.

Just after completing the NDR the party will advance towards establishing socialism without any delay or interception. Because the NDR will already lay the basis for socialism and hence there will be no pause. Thereafter, the party will continue to advance towards realizing communism by continuing the revolution under the dictatorship of the proletariat.

Socialist society covers a considerable long historical period. Throughout this historical period, there will be classes, class contradictions and class struggle. The struggle between socialist road and capitalist road will also continue to exist. Only depending on and carrying forward the theory of continuing the revolution under the dictatorship of the proletariat can correctly resolve all these contradictions. In this context the GPCR initiated and led by Mao Tse-tung was a great political revolution carried out under the conditions of socialism by the proletariat against the bourgeoisie and all other exploiting classes to consolidate the dictatorship of the proletariat and there by fighting against the danger of capitalist restoration.

Party will also continue to hold high the proletarian internationalism and will continue to firmly contribute more forcefully in uniting the genuine M-L-M forces at the international level. While uniting the M-L-M forces, it will also establish unity with oppressed people and nations of the whole world and continue its fight together with them in advancing towards completing the world proletarian revolution against imperialism and all reaction, thereby paving the way towards realizing communism on a world scale.
To this end we proclaim the following objectives:

1.   Destruction of the colonial Manipur State which rule by the Indian colonialist.
2.   Demolitions of the present State apparatus, the dictatorship of the exploiters led by the Manipur Comprador bureaucrat bourgeoisie that make sustain and develop the Indian colonialism in Manipur.

3.   Sweep away colonial oppression, general confiscation of its monopolies, banks and all forms of its property.

4.   Destroy bureaucratic capitalism, both private and state; confiscate all of its economic properties, possessions and rights, along with those of imperialism, for the benefit of the new state.

5.   Liquidation of semi-feudal property and all of its subsistent modes, confiscating it to give the lands to the peasantry, primarily the poor peasantry, applying the principle of “Land to those who work it.”

6.   Fight to establish the People’s Republic of Manipur as a united front of classes based on the alliance of the working class and peasantry led its Communist Party; this is the formation of the New Democracy which will carry forward a new economy, a new politics, and a new culture.

7. Develop the people’s war which, through a revolutionary army of a new type under the absolute leadership of the Party, destroys part by part the old power, principally its armed and repressive forces, and serves to construct the new power for the proletariat and people.

8. Foster the development of the Manipur proletariat as part of the world proletarian class, the formation and strengthening of communist parties and their unification in a revived international communist movement guided by Marxism-Leninism-Maoism; all of this so that the proletariat can fulfill its great and historic mission as the final class.

9. Defend the liberties, rights, benefits and conquests that the working class and masses have achieved at the cost of their own blood, recognizing these and guaranteeing that they are really in force through a “Declaration of the Rights of the People.” Respect particularly the right to religious conscience, but in its exact dimensions, to believe as well as not to believe.
10.   Real equality for women; a better future for the youth; protection for mothers and children; respect and support for the aged.

11.   A new culture as a fighting weapon to concretize the new nationality that serves the popular masses and is guided by the scientific ideology of the proletariat. Give special importance to education.

12.  Support the struggles of the international proletariat, of the oppressed nations and peoples of the world; fighting against the superpowers, the United States and imperialism in general, international reaction and revisionism of every form; understanding the Manipuri revolution as part of the world proletarian revolution.

13.  Struggle tenaciously and heroically for the full and complete victory of the democratic revolution throughout the country, and, this stage completed, immediately and without any transition period, go over to the socialist revolution in order to, together with the international proletariat, the oppressed nations and the peoples of the world, through cultural revolutions, continue humanity’s march to its final goal, communism.

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The Polyester Prince-The Real Story of Dhirubhai Ambani(Banned in India)

Posted by Admin on August 12, 2011 READ Click on the Image

Dheerubhai Ambani, the most popular name of modern Indian business, is still in the minds of Indians despite his physical demise. Hamish MC Donald has made a critical interpretation of Ambani’s transition of normal man into a Business Tycoon who allegedly influenced mainstream politicians for the commercial benefits of his business unethically. This book was written in 1998 and has been banned in India due to the heavy pressure from Ambanis.You can find this books at bombay streets for nominal cost which are smuggled. Maniratnam has been inspired by this book for making of “GURU” with Abishek Abhachan . Mani Ratnam also depicted numerous scenes from the source of this book. This book also highlighted the rivalry between Dheerubhai Ambani and Nusli Wadia(grandson of Mahamad Ali Khan Jinna) who were allegedly tried to assassinate each other. Their rivalry remained as a black spot of Indian corporate history. In the film Guru, Mithun Chakravarthy played Ramanth goenka role while Madhavan played Journalist Guru Murthi role. Interesting aspect is Guru Murthy was hugely suffered by Ambani on the various charges and even jailed unlike the ‘GURU” movie description where Abishak Bachan didn’t touch Madhavan. Mani Ratnam must have been pampered by Ambanis. Though this book is mandatory for the people who aspiring a career in corporate sector and entrepreneurship,but special kind of fiction has been added by author to sensationalize the book and his name. Readers should be very cautious while reading the book and to make conclusions on Dheerubhai’s character.

The Polyester Prince is a balanced book on India’s own robber baron. Mr. McDonald pays tribute to Gujarati traders/ Banias in the first few chapters by acknowledging their exuberance of speech, inventiveness, and commercial drive. Dhirubhai first displayed his diplomatic and negotiating skills during the Junagadh freedom struggle. At Yemen, he exploits the fact that silver content in rial was higher than the pound. There he also learned the fundamentals of business by taking position in rice, sugar, and other commodities. At India, Dhirubhai progressed to trading in REP licenses and later textile manufacturing. One of Dhirubhai’s greatest attributes was that he networked and lobbied furiously. He cultivated several journalists, politicians, and bureaucrats including Girilal Jain, Murli Deora, Yashpal Kapur, T.A. Pai, R.K. Dhawan, P.C. Sethi, Pramod Mahajan, and Pranab Mukherjee. Several policies such as the High Unit Value Scheme were introduced for the sole benefit of Reliance and tariffs mostly for the detriment of competitors like Kapal Mehra (Orkay Silk Mills) and Nusli Wadia (Bombay Dyeing). Reliance was the first to recognize the most important external environment- Government of India. Dhirubhai used the government to destroy Indian Express and Bombay Dyeing. Wadia, Mehra and the journalist Gurumurthy were arrested on fake charges. He is alleged to have tried to get Wadia assassinated through Kirti Ambani and contract killers. Reliance also resorted to envelope journalism and later buying out a newspaper to unfairly cast DMT as inferior to PTA. Dhirubhai is rightly called father of Indian equity cult as he patronized convertible debentures. One out of every four investors in India is a Reliance shareholder. The Ambanis used loopholes, shell investment companies/ tax havens in Isle of Man, duplicate shares, insider trading, and financial engineering tricks to ensure that Reliance was the largest zero-tax company and a pure cash flow operation. Though correctly described as ruthless and daring, Mr. McDonald overlooks that Dhirubhai was an innovative financier, brand builder (Only Vimal etc.), and an industrialist way ahead of his times (vertical integration, GDR etc.).Source: Prakash Shenoys Diary

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मुम्बई में हुए बीभत्सपूर्ण बम हमलों की भर ्त्सना करो! मक्का मस्जिद, मालेगांव, समझौता एक ्सप्रेस समेत बम विस्फोट की सभी घटनाओं की निष् पक्ष और स्वतंत्र जांच करवाकर दोषियों को कड़ी से कड़ी सजा देने की मांग करो!!

Posted by Admin on August 11, 2011

भारतकीकम्युनिस्टपार्टी (माओवादी)



17 जुलाई 2011


मक्कामस्जिद, मालेगांव, समझौताएक्सप्रेससमेतबमविस्फोटकीसभीघटनाओंकी


भारत की कम्युनिस्ट पार्टी (माओवादी) मुम्बई में 13 जुलाई 2011 को हुए बम हमलों की तीव्र निंदा करती है। इन सिलसिलेवार विस्फोटों को, जिसमें लगभग 20 आम लोगों की मौत हुई और 80 से ज्यादा लोग घायल हो गए, हमारी पार्टी अमानवीय मानती है। किन लोगों ने इन बम विस्फोटों को अंजाम दिया होगा यह स्पष्ट होने से पहले ही और जांच की प्रक्रिया तक शुरू होने से पहले ही लुटेरे शासक वर्गों और उनके पुलिस/खुफिया संगठनों ने हमारी पार्टी पर षड़यंत्रकारी व बेबुनियाद ढंग से आरोप लगाए हैं कि इसमें माओवादी पार्टी का भी हाथ हो सकता है। इसका हमारी पार्टी पुरजोर खण्डन करती है। देश की उत्पीडि़त जनता को साफ तौर पर मालूम है कि शोषित जनता की मुक्ति के लिए लड़ने वाली हमारी पार्टी आम लोगों को निशाना बनाने और उनकी जान को जोखिम में डालने वाले हमले कभी नहीं करती। लुटेरे शासक वर्ग और उनके सुर में सुर मिलाने वाला काॅर्पोरेट मीडिया अपने बुरे मंसूबों के साथ हम पर जानबूझकर इसलिए झूठे आरोप मढ़ रहे हैं ताकि हमारी पार्टी को आतंकवादी संगठन के रूप में तथा हमारे जायज जन आंदोलन को आतंकवादी आंदोलन के रूप में चित्रित किया जा सके जिससे कि उनकी दमनकारी नीतियों तथा जनता पर जारी युद्ध – आॅपरेशन ग्रीन हंट के दूसरे चरण के तहत शुरू हुई सेना की तैनाती को वैधता हासिल की जा सके।

हमारे देश में अब तक हुए बम विस्फोटों का जायज़ा लिया जाए, तो ज्यादातर घटनाओं में यह बात साफ हो ही नहीं पाई कि उनके असली दोषी कौन थे और दोषियों के रूप में दिखाए जा रहे लोगों के पीछे छिपे असली गुनाहगार कौन थे। यह रिवाज सा बना है कि विस्फोट की कोई भी घटना घटती है तो हिंदू धर्म की पक्षपाती भारतीय राज्यसत्ता और उसके खुफिया/जांच संस्थाएं व कार्पोरेट मीडिया तुरंत ही और बिना किसी आधार के मुसलमानों और तथाकथित इस्लामिक आतंकी संगठनों को जिम्मेदार ठहराते हैं। इस तरह के तमाम हमलों के लिए मुस्लिम समाज को गुनाहगार निरूपित करने हेतु भारतीय राज्यसत्ता और कांग्रेस, भाजपा जैसी शासक वर्गीय पार्टियों के नेताओं द्वारा रची गई साजिश के तहत आईबी ने खुद ही इंडियन मुजाहिद्दीन नामक एक छद्म संगठन खड़ा किया जिसे हाल में हुए हर बम विस्फोट के लिए जिम्मेदार बताकर प्रचारित किया जा रहा है। ऐसे आरोपों की सत्यता को लेकर प्रश्न उठाने वालों और उन पर समग्र व निष्पक्ष जांच की मांग करने वालों पर एकायक देशद्रोही का ठप्पा लगाकर कार्पोरेट मीडिया के सम्राट और शासक वर्गों के तलवे चाटने वाले बुद्धिजीवी उन पर बेतुके, आवेशपूर्ण और आक्रामक ढंग से टूट पड़ रहे हैं। इससे बहुसंख्यक जनता को यह जानने का मौका ही नहीं मिल रहा है कि सच्चाई क्या है। दुनिया का सबसे बड़ा लोकतंत्र कहलाने वाले हमारे देश में सबसे बड़ी विडम्बना यह है कि सच्चाइयों का पता लगाने की मांग नहीं करना देशभक्ति की और करना देशद्रोह की कसौटी बन गई है!

विगत में हुए मक्का मस्जिद, मालेगांव, समझौता एक्सप्रेस आदि बम विस्फोट के मामलों में पुलिस ने सैकड़ों निर्दोष मुसलमानों, खासकर नौजवानों को गिरफ्तार कर, अमानवीय यातनाएं देकर जेलों में बंद कर दिया। कई लोगों को फर्जी मुठभेड़ों में मार डाला। बाद में यह सबूत मिलने के बावजूद भी कि संघ गिरोह (आरएसएस) से जुड़े हिंदू कट्टरवादी संगठनों ने इन जघन्य करतूतों को अंजाम दिया था, पीडि़त मुसलमानों को इंसाफ नहीं मिल सका। अभिनव भारत, हिंदू डिफेंस फोर्स, राष्ट्रीय जागरण मंच, बजरंग दल, विश्व हिंदू परिषद आदि हिंदू आतंकी संगठनों के एक भी नेता को आज तक सजा नहीं मिली। वहीं दूसरी ओर संसद पर हमले के मामले में अफ्जल गुरू को, गोधरा रेल जलाने के मामले में 11 मुसलमानों को पिछले 1 मार्च को सुनाई गई फांसी की सजाएं राज्यसत्ता की मुस्लिम विरोधिता और हिंदू कट्टरवाद की पक्षधरता को समझने के लिए चंद उदाहरण भर हैं। जब दो हजार से ज्यादा मुसलमानों के कत्लेआम के लिए जिम्मेदार नरेंद्र मोदी जैसे हत्यारे सीना तानकर घूम रहे हों, वहीं बेतुके और आधे-अधूरे सबूतों से मुसलमानों को सजाएं सुनाकर राज्यसत्ता ने मुसलमानों को बेहद नाराज और आक्रोशित किया।

एक सच्चाई यह है कि मुस्लिम समाज, खासकर नौजवानों का एक बड़ा तबका बाबरी मस्जिद की तबाही, गुजरात नरसंहार आदि के चलते भारत के शासक वर्गों से बेहद असंतुष्ट है। एक और अकाट्य सच्चाई यह है कि इस असंतोष ने कुछ इस्लामिक संगठनों को पैदा किया। इस परिस्थिति का फायदा उठाकर, इस तरह के संगठनों को अपने प्रभाव में लेकर या फिर उन्हें षड़यंत्रकारी ढंग से गुमराह कर, कुछ नए संगठनों को पैदा कर दोनों भारत और पाकिस्तान की आरएडब्ल्यू (राॅ), आईबी, आईएसआई जैसी संस्थाएं अपने स्वार्थ राजनीतिक हितों के मद्देनजर दोनों ही देशों में इस तरह के बम विस्फोट और हमले करवा रही हैं। कई असंतुष्ट और आक्रोशित मुस्लिम नौजवान इस जाल में फंसकर, यह नहीं समझते हुए कि उनके असल दुश्मन कौन हैं, इस तरह की अविवेकपूर्ण हिंसात्मक कार्रवाइयों में शिरकत कर रहे हैं। और आम लोगों की मौत के लिए जिम्मेदार बन रहे हैं। यह इस तरह का जहरीला दुष्चक्र है कि उन्हें पता ही नहीं होता कि कौन लोग परदे के पीछे से उन्हें चला रहे हैं और इस किस्म के हमलों से किन वर्गों के हित पूरे हो रहे हैं।

दूसरी ओर, इस बात के ठोस सबूत मिलने के बाद कि मक्का मस्जिद, मालेगांव और समझौता एक्सप्रेस विस्फोटों के लिए ‘अभिनव भारत’ नामक संघ गिरोह (आरएसएस) से जुड़ा संगठन जिम्मेदार है, देश की जनता ने भगवा आतंकवाद को एक खतरनाक रुझान के रूप में पहचानना शुरू किया। बाद में जब यह पता चला कि अजमेर शेरीफ में हुए बम विस्फोट के लिए भी भगवा आतंकी ही जिम्मेदार हैं, यह मांग उभरकर आई कि देश में विभिन्न जगहों पर हुए तमम बम विस्फोटों की घटनाओं पर हुई जांचों की समीक्षा की जाए। पुलिस अत्याचारों से पीडि़त मालेगांव और हैदराबाद के मुसलमान नौजवानों ने यह मांग की सरकार उनसे माफी मांग ले। कांग्रेस नेतृत्व वाली यूपीए सरकार ऊपर से चाहे कुछ भी कहे, अपने स्वार्थपूर्ण राजनीतिक हितों के मद्देनजर भगवा आतंकवाद को शह देते हुए इन मांगों को अनसुना करती आ रही है। आम तौर पर हिंदू धार्मिक कट्टरवाद का समर्थन करने वाला काॅर्पोरेट मीडिया जहां एक तरफ बिना किसी सबूत के ही मुसलमानों और इस्लामिक संगठनों पर आक्रामक ढंग से टूट पड़ता है, वहीं दूसरी ओर बम विस्फोट की विभिन्न घटनाओं में भगवा आतंकी संगठनों का हाथ होने का साफ सबूत मिल जाने के बावजूद भी वह या तो उस पर कम से कम रिपोर्टिंग करता है या फिर दबा देता है।

इस पृष्ठभूमि में, 13 जुलाई के मुम्बई बम विस्फोटों के लिए दक्षिणपंथी भगवा आतंकी संगठन या फिर आईबी, राॅ जैसी खुफिया संस्थाओं द्वारा प्रायोजित तथाकथित इस्लामिक मिलिटेंट संगठन जिम्मेदार होने की संभवना ज्यादा है। या फिर पुलिस अधिकारियों और शासक वर्गीय राजनेताओं से सांठगांठ करने वाले माफिया गिरोह भी इन हमलों के लिए जिम्मेदार हो सकते हैं। इन हमलों को चाहे किसी ने भी अंजाम दिया हो, इस तरह की अविवेकपूर्ण हिंसात्मक कार्रवाइयों का फायदा शासक वर्गों को ही मिलेगा। पहला, वर्तमान में ज्वलंत समस्यओं के रूप में मौजूद महंगाई, भ्रष्टाचार, घोटाले, काला धन, स्विस बैंक खाते आदि से जनता का ध्यान बंटाना। दूसरा, आतंकवाद को बहुत बड़े खतरे के रूप में दिखाकर और ज्यादा क्रूरतापूर्ण कानूनों को तैयार करना तथा लाखों करोड़ का जन धन का दुरुपयोग करते हुए साम्राज्यवादी देशों से बड़े पैमाने पर हथियार और तकनीक की खरीद कर दमनकारी मशीनरी के दांतों को और ज्यादा धारदार बनाना। तीसरा, ‘आतंक के खिलाफ युद्ध’ के नाम पर अमेरिकी साम्राज्यवाद द्वारा छेड़े गए दुराक्रमणकारी युद्धों, हमलों और धौंस का प्रत्यक्ष या परोक्ष समर्थन करते हुए दक्षिण एशिया में उसके कनिष्ठ भागीदार की भूमिका निभा रहे भारतीय राज्य का होमलैण्ड सेक्यूरिटी, नागरिक परमाणु समझौता आदि देशद्रोहपूर्ण समझौतों से देश को साम्राज्यवाद के आगे पूरी बेशर्मी से घुटने टेक देना। चैथा, सरकारों द्वारा लागू जन विरोधी और साम्राज्यवादपरस्त नव उदार नीतियों के खिलाफ सुलग रहे जन आंदोलनों और बढ़ते माओवादी क्रांतिकारी आंदोलन का सैनिक रूप से दमन करने के पक्ष में आतंकवाद का डर दिखाकर जनमत को तैयार कर लेना। और सबूतों के बिना ही हर बार इस तरह के विस्फोटों के लिए मुसलमानों और इस्लामिक संगठनों को जिम्मेदार बताकर हिंदू वोट बैंक को मजबूत बनाना तथा रोटी, कपड़ा, मकान, महंगाई, बेरोजगारी, गरीबी, भुखमरी, विस्थापन जैसी बुनियादी समस्याओं से देश की जनता का ध्यान बंटाकर अपने शोषणकारी शासन को बेरोकटोक जारी रखना कांग्रेस और भाजपा दोनों के लिए तथा सामंती व दलाल नौकरशाह पूंजीपति वर्गों के लिए, जिनका वे प्रतिनिधित्व करती हैं, जरूरी है।

इसलिए, भारत की कम्युनिस्ट पार्टी (माओवादी) यह मानती है कि एक निष्पक्ष और स्वतंत्र जांच से ही यह पता लगाना संभव है कि मुम्बई विस्फोटों के लिए जिम्मेदार कौन हैं। हमारी पार्टी देश की जनता और जनवादियों से यह अपील करती है कि वे शासक वर्गों, उनके खुफिया संगठनों और काॅर्पोरेट मीडिया द्वारा जारी उन्मादपूर्ण प्रचार, गलतफहमियों और पूर्वाग्रहों का शिकार न बनें। हमारी पार्टी मांग करती है कि इन विस्फोटों के लिए जिम्मेदार लोगों को ढूंढ़ निकालकर कड़ी से कड़ी सजा दी जाए। साथ ही, हमारी पार्टी देशवासियों का यह आह्वान करती है कि वे सरकारों से यह मांग करें कि 1992 से लेकर अभी तक हुए बम विस्फोट की तमाम घटनाओं पर निष्पक्ष और स्वतंत्र जांच की जाए तथा जेलों में बंद मुसलमानों और ईसाइयों को बिना शर्त रिहा किया जाए। देश की तमाम जनता से हमारा आग्रह है कि वह बाबरी मस्जिद का विध्वंस, गुजरात नरसंहार, कंधमाल (ओडि़शा) हमलों समेत देश में धार्मिक अल्पसंख्यकों पर हुए तमाम हमलों के लिए जिम्मेदार भगवा आतंकी सरगनाओं को कड़ी सजा देने की मांग करे तथा हिंदू धार्मिक कट्टरवाद और सभी किस्म के धार्मिक अधराष्ट्रवाद का खण्डन करे।



केन्द्रीय कमेटी

भारत की कम्युनिस्ट पार्टी (माओवादी)

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CPI(Maoist) Press Release on Mumbai Bomb Blast

Posted by Admin on August 10, 2011

Source: Press release received by Email



Press Release

July 17, 2011

Condemn Gruesome Mumbai Bomb Blasts!

Demand for an impartial and independent probe into
all the incidents of bomb blasts including Mecca Masjid, Malegaon and Samjhauta Express blasts!

Communist Party of India (Maoist) severely condemns the bomb blasts took place in Mumbai on July 13, 2011. These incidents of serial blasts are inhuman in which at least 20 innocent people have lost their lives and nearly 80 people were injured. Our Party also strongly condemns the devious and baseless allegations of exploitative ruling classes and their police/intelligence agencies who are trying to blame our Party without any clue of who might be responsible for these bomb blasts and even before the investigation is started. The oppressed people of India know very well that our Party which is fighting for the emancipation of people would never commit such attacks aimed at innocent people putting their lives at peril. Murderous ruling classes and their corporate media are deliberately blaming us so as to depict our Party as a terrorist organization and our just people’s movement as terrorist one, and thus to justify their brutal suppression campaign and the Army deployment in the second phase of ongoing Operation Green Hunt — the War On People.

If we retrospect into the earlier incidents of bomb blasts took place till this day in our country, we would never know the real culprits hidden behind those who are being shown as offenders. It’s become a norm now that whenever such incidents of bomb blasts take place, the pro-Hindu fundamentalist Indian state, its intelligence/investigative wings and the corporate media immediately claim that Muslims and so-called Islamic terrorist organizations are responsible. In fact, as part of a conspiracy and collusion of the Indian state which always try to blame Muslim society for every attack of this kind and the top leaders of the ruling class parties like Congress and BJP, the IB itself created an illusionary organization named Indian Mujahiddin which is being held responsible for every incident of bomb blast by the authorities. Corporate media barons and bankrupt intellectuals servile to the ruling classes are branding all those who ask for proof of these allegations and who demand for comprehensive and impartial probe as outright traitors and attacking them belligerently, irrationally and frantically. Thus people are being kept at bay from knowing the truth. In our so-called biggest democracy on the earth, the big joke is not asking for incisive probe has become the touchstone for patriotism and the person who asks for any probe is branded as traitor!

In earlier instances of bomb blasts in Mecca Masjid, Malegaon, Samjhauta Express etc. hundreds of innocent Muslims, particularly the youths were arrested, tortured inhumanly and sent to jails. Many were killed in fake encounters. Even after the obvious evidences came forth that the Hindu fanatics belonging to the right-wing RSS gang were responsible for those ghastly incidents, no justice was done to the Muslims. No leader of the Hindu terrorist organizations like Abhinav Bharat, Hindu defence force, Rashtriya Jagaran Manch, Bajrang Dal, Viswa Hindu Parishad has been punished until this day. At the same time, death sentence given to Afzal Guru in the case of attack on Parliament and to 11 Muslims in Godhra train carnage case recently on March 1 are some examples of the anti-Muslim and pro-Hindutva character of the Indian State. While the butchers like Narendra Modi whose hands have stained with the blood of over 2,000 innocent Muslims are freely wandering in the corridors of power, Muslims are being meted out stringent punishments by virtue of bizarre and inadequate evidences. And this has been spreading the feeling of severe frustration and fury among the Muslim masses.

It’s an obvious fact that because of the grisly incidents like the destruction of the Babri Masjid and Gujarat genocide, the Muslim community in general, a large section of Muslim youth in particular, has become furious and outrageous against the Indian ruling classes. Another irrefutable fact is that this situation has given birth to some Islamic organizations. Exploiting this situation and by taking organizations of this sort into their grip or by misleading them in a deceitful manner or by even creating some new organizations of this kind, both India’s and Pakistan’s intelligence agencies like RAW, IB, ISI are engineering bomb blasts and other attacks in both countries as part of serving their vested political interests. Failing to identify their real enemies many a frustrated Muslim youths are stuck in this lattice and taking part in acts of mindless violence of this kind. Thus they are taking of the lives of innocent people. This is such a vicious cycle where these youths don’t even know in whose hands are they acting and whose vested interests are being fulfilled with such attacks in deed.

On the other hand, after it was clearly exposed that an organization called Abhinav Bharat belonged to the Sangh gang (i.e. RSS) was responsible for bomb blasts of Malegaon, Mecca Masjid and Samjhauta Express, people of India have started seeing Saffron terrorism as a dangerous trend. When it became obvious that the Saffron terrorists are responsible for Ajmer Sherif bomb blast also, the demand for a review of all investigations done into the incidents of bomb blasts in various places of our country has come forth. The Muslim youths of Malegaon and Hyderabad have demanded that the government should apologize for the police atrocities inflicted on them. Despite of all its rhetoric, the Congress-led UPA government has been instigating Saffron terrorism as a part of promoting its wicked political motives. The corporate media which act hand in glove with Hindu fundamentalism in general, on the one hand, attack Muslims and Islamic organizations aggressively without any clear evidence and on the other hand, report as less as possible even when there is evident proof is available that the Saffron terrorist organizations were responsible for various incidents of bomb blasts.

If we see in this backdrop, we could arrive at the conclusion that Saffron terrorist organizations or so-called Islamic militant organizations sponsored by the very intelligence agencies like IB, RAW might have committed these heinous acts of July 13 Mumbai bomb blasts. It’s also likely that the mafia gangs hand in glove with police top brass and ruling class political leaders could have committed these attacks. Whoever else has done this, only the interests of ruling classes would be served with such acts of mindless violence. Firstly, people’s attention could be diverted from the issues like price rise, corruption, scams, black money, Swiss banks accounts which have become burning issues in the country now. Secondly, by posing terrorism as biggest danger, even more draconian laws could be prepared and the teeth of State’s suppressive machinery could be sharpened by importing arms and technology from imperialist countries on a massive scale misusing trillions of rupees of hard earned people’s money. Thirdly, by supporting directly or indirectly all invasive wars, attacks and intimidations of US imperialism going on in the name of ‘Global War on Terror’ and thus by acting as its junior partner in south Asia region, the Indian State could go ahead reducing the country more servile to it by signing the treacherous treaties like Homeland security, civil nuclear deal etc. Fourthly, using the pretext of terrorism, public consent could be built for crushing the people’s movements and growing Maoist revolutionary movement militarily which are surging against anti-people and pro-imperialist neo-liberal policies of the governments. Apart from this, consolidating Hindu vote bank by blaming Muslims and Islamic organizations every time without any proof and diverting the people’s attention from the basic problems of our country like food, clothing, shelter, price rise, unemployment, poverty, starvation, displacement etc. are necessary for both Congress and BJP and for the feudal and comprador bourgeoisie classes whom they represent, so that their exploitative rule can be carried on unchecked.

However, Communist Party of India (Maoist) believes that the real perpetrators of Mumbai blasts could be traced only through an impartial and independent probe. Our Party humbly appeals the masses and democrats of the country to not to sway away with the malicious propaganda, falsehood and prejudices unleashed by the ruling classes, their intelligence agencies and the corporate media in a mad, one-sided and irrational manner. Our Party demands to uncover the culprits responsible for these blasts and punish them severely. At the same time, our Party calls upon entire people of the country to demand the governments for impartial and independent probes into all incidents of bomb blasts that took place since 1992 and for unconditional release of Muslims and Christians who are languishing in various jails with false cases. Our Party also calls upon the people of the country to demand to punish all those Saffron terrorist leaders who are responsible for all the attacks perpetrated on religious minorities including the Babri Masjid destruction, Gujarat genocide, Kandhamal (Odisha) attacks and to condemn Hindu religious fundamentalism and all other religious chauvinisms.



Central Committee,

CPI (Maoist)

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Com.Ganti Subrahmanyam @Ramesh @Rajanna,

Posted by Admin on August 10, 2011

Source: Face book
Com.Ganti Subrahmanyam @Ramesh @Rajanna, who was East Region Committee Secretary of earstwhile People’s War now CPI (Maoist) encountered in Kopardang Area in Odissa on August 9th,1998 along with 13 members.. Hugest loss to the people movement in this region..Long Live the Martyrs Ambition…their Martyrdom..

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Com.Ambati Erranna @ Bhumanna

Posted by Admin on August 10, 2011

Source: Facebook
Com.Ambati Erranna @ Bhumanna..Srikakulam Divisional Committee Member killed in Kopardang Encounter by the SIB on August 9th 1998..Bhumanna is also a Guerilla poet..Long Live his Martyrdom..

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Understanding Exploitation in Rural Bihar: A Note

Posted by Admin on July 28, 2011

June 23, 2011, Source:Sanhati

By Anirban Kar


Even in this era of finance and globalization rural land ownership still occupies a central position in political economy of India. Peoples’ resistance, be it in Sompeta or in Narayanpatna, has revolved around similar aspirations; that of secured ownership of land. On the other hand, opposition to tenancy reform in Bihar and disbanding of Amir Das commission investigating Laxmanpur Bathe massacre show how desperate big landowners are to hold on to their privileges.

Since 60 percent of Indian population live in rural areas and about 60 percent of the total Indian labour force is engaged in agricultural activities, it is perhaps obvious that one cannot ignore the land question while ascertaining the structure and dynamics of Indian political economy. However the broader question which has occupied academics and activists since the 70s is: what is the nature of exploitation in rural India? In particular, to what extent capitalist mode of exploitation has replaced semi-feudal exploitation that India inherited from colonial period. Change in the structure of exploitation is a real possibility because Indian rural economy has got increasingly integrated with the global circuit of capital over the last forty years. The first major wave came in the 70s through ‘green revolution’ and later a bigger one in the 90s through ‘liberalization, privatization and globalization’. There is now enough evidence (see for instance, [KW] and [AC] especially in the context of rural Bihar) to show that the former failed to change the fabric of exploitation in Indian hinterland. But what can we say about the second wave of ‘reforms’? Has it really brought significant changes in the structure of exploitation in the rural landscape?

Two caveats are called for. First, this note does not aspire to answer the above question, which requires, among other things, extensive as well as intensive macroeconomic analyses well as case studies (see for instance, [BB] and [AS] respectively; both argue in favour of capitalist mode of exploitation). While some facts about land ownership has been discussed widely in the recent past (see [BB] and [VKR]), such as, increasing fragmentation of land, decreasing surplus from agriculture and a stagnant workforce locked in agriculture; some others have escaped our attention. In this small note, I shall try to highlight a few such factors. Second, this note will be primarily based on evidence from Bihar and considering the uneven development of India I shall not claim any universality for my propositions. Read the rest of this entry »

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Peoples March: April-May-June 2011

Posted by Admin on July 23, 2011

Peoples March 2011- April May June 01 copy

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Encounter deaths or cold blooded murders ?

Posted by Admin on July 20, 2011

Sidhu Soren, CC Member of PCPA, CPI Maoist leader

Sidhu Soren, CC Member of PCPA Martyred on 26-07-2010, Goaltore – Lalgarh

July 18, 2011 by Ranjit Sur

The Supreme court of India ordered a CBI enquiry into the death of CPI( Maoist) leader Azad (Cherakuri Rajkumar), following allegations by his party and several civil rights organizations that Azad was murdered in a fake encounter by the Andhra Police. Even Ms Mamata Banerjee, the new Chief Minister of West Bengal, raised her voice in protest and demanded a proper enquiry, while addressing a public meeting in Jangalmahal before the Assembly election.

In West Bengal, except Chatrodhar Mahato, almost all the important leaders of the Adivasi Uprising of Jangalmahal (or the Lalgarh movement as it is popularly called) have faced the same fate as that of Azad. According to the previous Left Front government’s statements, all of them died during “encounters” in the jungles.

Lalmohan Tudu was picked up from his house by the West Bengal police and shot dead on 22.2.2010The legendary leaders like Lalmohan Tudu, Sidhu Soren, Umakanta Mahato, Shoshodhar Mahato and many more died in “encounters” with the joint forces in West Medinipur’s Lalgarh region. People’s Committee Against Police Atrocities (PCPA), in a written statement, complained that Lalmohan Tudu, their President, while returning from home after meeting his daughter (who was due to appear in the Madhyamik exams) was killed by the joint forces from point blank range. Sidhu Soren was killed along with four more militia activists while sleeping in the jungles at Metala. Umakanta Mahato was captured by the CPI(M) activists and handed over to the joint forces who eventually killed him. Seven young CPI(Maoist) squad members were killed at night in the jungles at Ranjja while they were asleep – their bodies were carried hanging in bamboos which created huge resentment.

Lalmohan Tudu, President of thePCPA was picked up from his house by the West Bengal police and shot dead on 22.2.2010

The last “encounter death” in Lalgarh, just before the election process began, was that of Shoshodhar Mahato’s. He was the younger brother of Chatradhar Mahato – jailed PCPA spokesperson. After identifing the body of Shoshodhar Mahato, Chatrodhar issued a statement and claimed that his brother was killed in a fake encounter. He claimed that he was killed by the joint forces after being captured from a hideout. An Association for Protection of Democratice Rights (APDR) fact finding also claimed that bullet injuries and position of his body and arms etc proved that there was no encounter at all and he was killed in a fake encounter. Police authorities and Government of West Bengal as usual claimed that he was killed in an encounter and they refused to order any enquiry.

Actually, the Left Front Government of West Bengal never ordered any enquiry for any of the “encounter” deaths. PCPA has published a list of martyrs of the Lalgarh movement and there were 94 names on that list, counted till August 2010. Out of these 94 persons, 45 persons were shown as murdered in fake encounters by joint forces or Bengal police. Not a single encounter has been investigated by the Government of West Bengal, nor any enquiry has been ordered.

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRzG_-oX2PXe1aEeNayoYHq1ma7GaqMy_cGHdGab5RUxCVraGFdEIRFrgUmakant Mahato, PCPA Leader was captured by the CPI(M) activists and handed over to the joint forces, later killed on 27th August 2010.

National Human Rights Commission has ordered that every ‘encounter death’ should be reported to them within 48 hrs and every ‘encounter death’ should be investigated by an independent organisation. Our IPC, CrPC and Article 21 of Indian constitution also demand full and impartial investigation in case of each and every ‘encounter death’. Yet none of that has happened in West Bengal. The most heinous crime is that in most of these cases, the families were deprived of the bodies of their dear ones. The Government claimed that the families did not demand the bodies. But APDR investigation revealed that they were strongly threatened of facing the same fate if they were to go for collecting the bodies. Even the post mortem reports were not provided to most of the families of the victims.
Sasadhar Mahato, Maoist leader Killed in a fake encounter on March 10, 2011

West Bengal has a new government now. But the new Chief Minister ,Ms Mamata Banerjee, is still maintaining a calculated silence over the issue. Not a single Police personnel has been punished for torturing people during the previous regime. But the people of Jangalmahal and rights activists across the state expect and demand that the new government announce a thorough investigation into all the cases of encounter deaths in West Bengal and give exemplary punishments to the culprits and due compensation to the families of the victims.

(The author a Secretariat member of APDR. But the opinions expressed here are his own.) Source: Sanhati

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